Premiere Party Visited by Goldfinger

The “big ball of TWINE” in Jefferson City, Missouri, was a hit with the fans on December 5. Host Bryan Forbis hooked up fans in attendance with a celebratory extravaganza featuring the “consumption of mass quantities” of food and beverage by all.

Special guests who visited the premiere included “Austin Powers” with a delightful `droid “Fembot” in tow, Goldfinger (literally a golden finger), “Q”, several James Bonds in full regalia and a young, diminutive “Mini-Bond”, assorted Bondian ladies and gentlemen in fashion finery and all the rest.

Mini-Bond won the Bondly trivia contest. After the party the group descended on a local theater for their private showing of The World Is Not Enough. Host Bryan Forbis said, “You [Bond fans] would have felt right at home. I`m already planning the next one; I certainly hope Brosnan won`t make us wait for six years again this time as I have MI-6 and guests expectations to fulfill.”

Congratulations, Bryan and his fellow 007s. Let us know about your upcoming Bond events by writing to 007Forever at Bond Fan Events.

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