Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Ride With 007!

Aerospatiale HH-65A Dolphin
Bond used this helicopter, with help from CIA/DEA agent Felix Leiter, to reel in drug lord Franz Sanchez` light airplane in License To Kill. Background on the Dolphin: –Uses the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System as its primary long range navigational aid. –Powered by 2 Lycoming LTS101-750A-1 turbo shafts, its maximum speed is 257 kph and has an endurance of 4 hours –Length 13.46 meters, rotor diameter 11.93 meters and height 3.51 meters –7.62mm M60 machine guns can be mounted in the doors for suppressing fire in hostile areas, but most missions are flown without armament to save weight and increase endurance

Aston Martin DB-V
The classic. The one car that all others are inevitably compared to. It has appeared in Goldfinger, Thunderball and GoldenEye. It comes equipped from Q Branch with machine guns, smoke screen, oil spray, ejector seat, radar tracking, rear bulletproof screen, Level 3 armor, retractable tire shredders and a small wine chiller underneath the arm rest. It seats 2 people (at times) is 190 inches long, 4000 pounds (2 tons), generates 375 horsepower, and can go from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds.

Aston Martin Volante
The Aston Martin made a triumphant, updated, modernized return during 007`s “The Living Daylights” mission. 007 and Kara used it to escape from Czech soldiers. Refinements, courtesy of Q Branch, include: lasers that emit from the hubcaps, rocket turbo booster, outriggers, stinger missiles from the headlights and a self destruct mechanism. Other specifications include: –Front Engine / RWD –15 foot in length –6 foot width –Nearly 5 ft. in height –5 speed manual transmission –Top Speed 255 kph / 159 mph –0-60 (mph) in 6.0 sec –355 Horsepower @ 5300 rpm

Bede Ministar Acrojet
This lightweight, one person mini-jet is able to reach top speeds of 250 mph and perform maneuvers in spaces with a width of less than four feet. Bond used this jet to escape the heat seeking missile Colonel Toro launched against 007 in “Octopussy”, and instead, turned the situation against the Colonel that eventually led to his death. There are only two of these jets in the world. Bond first wanted to use these jets for himself and Holly Goodhead on their “Moonraker” mission, but circumstances negated that possibility.

The C-130 Hercules
The Hercules was used in The Living Daylights even though the producers tried to disguise it is as a Russian transport plane. In the film, Necros and 007 fight to the death on a bale of heroin that dangles precariously outside of the airplane. Later, 007 and Kara jettison the plane via a parachute rigged jeep found in the cargo hold. A little background info on the C-130: It can accommodate 92 combat troops or 64 fully equipped paratroopers. Paratroopers exit the aircraft through two doors on either side of the aircraft behind the landing-gear fairings or off the rear ramp for airdrops. It contains four engines, each capable of 4,300 horsepower. It`s 97 feet (29.3 meters) in length; 38 feet and 3 inches in height (11.4 meters); its wingspan is 132 feet and 7 inches (39.7 meters); top speeds reach 374 mph at 20,000 feet; maximum altitude is 33,000 ft and holds a crew of 5.

The C-141 Starlifter
The Starlifter was used by Anton Murik as a command post to initiate Operation: Meltdown in the John Gardner 007 thriller “License Renewed”. It was here, in the cargo bay doors, that 007 and Caber had a fight to the death. A few features of the C-141 Starlifter include in-flight refueling capability and 2,171 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The C-141 has a changeable cargo compartment and can transition itself from rollers on the floor for palletized cargo to a smooth floor for wheeled vehicles, aft facing seats found in commercialized airplanes or sidewall canvas seating for passengers. More characteristics include 20,250 pounds of thrust in each of its four engines; a wingspan of 160 feet (48.7 meters); a length of 168 feet and 4 inches (51 meters); a height of 139 feet and 3 inches (11.9 meters); achievable speeds of nearly 500 mph. (Mach .66) at 25,000 ft. altitude; unlimited range with in-flight refueling; can hold up to 200 troops; has a crew of 2 pilots, 2 flight engineers, and 1 loadmaster.

Citroen 2CV
After having his own car rendered useless in “For Your Eyes Only”, 007 hitches a ride with Melina Havelock in her Citroën 2CV. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have, and 007 certainly made the best of a bad situation. The Citroën 2CV is not Lotus Turbo Esprit, but it gets the job done.

Jaguar XK8
The Jaguar normally has a V8 four-valve-per-cylinder engine with an output of 290 horsepower. Q Branch and its Special Vehicles Operations Unit improved upon the Jag`s performance and added a few, actually a lot, of extra goodies. Those extra modifications include: –Chobam armor plating; a “reactive skin”. If the car is shot at, the bullet is deflected back at an opposite and equal force. –Self-healing metal via vicious fluids. –Electrically sensitive pigments in the paint that can change colors like a chameleon; also comes with interchangeable license plates for use in foreign countries as well. –GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) navigation with a self driving mechanism. –Heat seeking rockets and cruise missiles –A flying scout that is launched from underneath the car, flies up and over the car, surveys the territory, and sends back pictures and data of targets ahead of you Can emit holographic projections from the headlights and taillights, as well as inside the car, giving the impression someone is in the car when they are not. James Bond used this car to escape danger in the novel “The Facts Of Death”.

Lotus Turbo Esprit
Possibly the second most famous 007 car after the Aston Martin DB5. It has been seen in The Spy Who Loved Me, and For Your Eyes Only. It comes equipped with rear oil slick spray, surface to air missile, and can be converted into an underwater submersible capable of depths not greater than 16 feet. It`s submarine capabilities are only good for up to 15 miles before the batteries need to be recharged. The Esprit is 130 inches long, with the engine in the middle, thereby cutting down the length of the car. It can reach 160 horsepower, go from 0 to 60 in 8.4 seconds and seats 2. It also contains a self-destruct anti theft device: if anyone unauthorized tries to break into it, it will automatically explode. Take that, would be carjackers!

Lunar Roving Vehicle
Initial contractor the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) was Boeing with GM Delco making the electronics. Whyte Technology made improvements on the LRV design that was first used on the Apollo 15 mission. 007 stole the LRV during a training session at the White Technology Center on his “Diamonds Are Forever” mission. Other LRV facts: –The chassis was made of aluminum. –It can carry equipment, astronauts, and a payload of up to 1100 lbs , more than twice its own weight. –Power is supplied by 2 silver-zinc batteries, each 36v, 121 amp-hours per battery, encased in magnesium, then enclosed by thermal blankets and dust covers. –The LRV had an inertial navigation device that always pointed toward the LEM (bearing and distance), so the astronauts would not have to guess where they were in the lunar environment Lunar rover data and quotes are from “The Lunar Roving Vehicle: A Historical Perspective” by Saverio F. Morea, Director, Research and Technology Office, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama.

Moonraker Shuttles
This shuttle can transport cargo and humans into near Earth orbit 100 to 217 miles above the Earth. The cargo — or payload — is carried in a bay 15 feet in diameter and 60 ft long. The orbiter and the two solid rocket boosters are reusable. Other features of the Moonraker: –Can carry a total of 10 persons –Launched from an upright position, with thrust provided by the three Moonraker engines and the two Solid Rocket Boosters. –After 2 minutes, the two boosters are spent and are separated from the external tank. They fall into the ocean at predetermined points and are recovered for reuse. –The Moonraker`s main engines continue firing for about 8 minutes. They shut down just before the craft goes into orbit. The external tank is then separated from the orbiter. It follows a predetermined trajectory into a remote area of the ocean but is not recovered. James Bond and Holly Goodhead used Moonraker 6 to get to Drax`s space station, and then used Drax’s personal Moonraker shuttle to escape.

The Neptune
The Neptune is a two person, “wet sub”, which means that it becomes partially filled with water. Melina Havelock and James Bond used the Neptune to recover the ATAC and fend off Kristatos’ men on Bond`s “For Your Eyes Only”

Polaris Indy 600
Seen only in A View To A Kill. The Polaris has front and rear suspension, liquid cooled disc brakes, and can reach speeds in excess of 100 mph. It seats two.

Riva 2000 Boat Glider
Bond`s most technologically advanced speedboat ever. He used this boat to escape Jaws on the Tapuraki River, in Brazil, during his “Moonraker” mission. The boat comes equipped with, courtesy of Q Branch: Self guiding torpedoes that are launched from the taillights and follow the wake of the target’s boat floating mines launched from a retractable tray Rear bulletproof shield Roof converts into a hang glider for quick and easy getaways.

Rocket Belt
Originally designed in 1953 by Bell Aerosystems Engineer Wendell F. Moore, the rocket belt was part of an American Army project to create a “small rocket lifting device” that could improve soldier mobility and maneuverability. Q Branch improved upon the idea with a version that included fuel tanks, handlebars, a control throttle and a pair of rocket nozzles. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) fuel was fed over silver mesh, which in turn produced 1,400-degree steam. The steam , then forced through nozzles, unleashed 330 pounds of thrust and 135 decibels of sound. The biggest obstacle to overcome was limited fuel capacity. The belt’s oxygen tanks could only hold enough H2O2 for a 23-second flight. 007 used this device to escape from Jack Bouvard`s French Chateau in Thunderball.

T-55 Battle Tank
The Battle Tank was used by 007 to escape from a Russian interrogation center and to chase down Ourumov, who had kidnapped Natalya, in GoldenEye. The tank holds up to 4 crew members and is armed with the following: 100 mm Main Gun; 7.62 mm Coaxial Machine Gun; 7.62 mm Machine Gun. Ammunition includes 34 -100 mm shells, 500-12.7mm shells, and 3000-7.62 mm shells. It`s 6.45 meters long, 3.27 meters wide, 2.4 meters in height and weighs nearly 5 tons.. It has a 520 horsepower, V-12 Water Cooled Diesel Engine that can run at top speeds of 48 kph. It`s protected by 203 mm of Steel Armor and comes with Infra-Red Night Scopes.

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