Pierce Brosnan is James Bond

Pierce Brosnan was born May 16, 1953 in Navan, County Meath, Ireland. He moved to London as a boy; in a cosmic coincidence, he has said it was on August 12, 1964-the day Ian Fleming died. The first film he saw in a London cinema was “Goldfinger”, and it obviously left a lasting impression.

Like one of his predecessors as 007, Roger Moore, he studied art and worked as a commercial artist before acting, and worked for a time on the British stage. One of his early roles was in Tennessee Williams` play “The Red Devil Battery Sign”, for which Williams himself selected Brosnan. It was during his early days as an actor that he met actress Cassandra Harris, whom he would marry in 1977. He moved into films with roles in “The Mirror Crack`d” and”The Long Good Friday” in 1980. He accompanied Cassandra to Greece as she filmed her role as Countess Lisl in “For Your Eyes Only”. According to legend, someone spotted Brosnan hanging around the set and asked Cubby Broccoli who he was. Broccoli is said to have responded, “I don`t know, but if he can act and speak with an English accent, he`s our next James Bond.”

After a featured role in the miniseries “The Manions Of America”, his first widespread popularity came with the “Remington Steele” TV series, and it was the “Steele” producers who cost him his first shot at 007 when they resurrected the cancelled show in 1986 hoping to cash in on the publicity of his being cast in “The Living Daylights”. Eon withdrew their offer to Pierce,and Timothy Dalton accepted the Walther PPK for two assignments.

Brosnan has since starred in “The Fourth Protocol”, “The Lawnmower Man”, and “Mrs.Doubtfire”, among other films, but during that time had put his acting career second for awhile, as he attended to Cassandra`s needs during her battle with ovarian cancer-a battle she tragically lost after four years on December 28, 1991. Brosnan threw himself back into his work, juggling it with the now daunting task of being a single parent to Christopher and Charlotte, Harris` children from a previous marriage, and Sean, the child they`d had together.

Along with”The Deceivers”, “Mister Johnson”, “The Lawnmower Man”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”, he did several TV films, including a dynamite against-type role in “Don`tTalk To Strangers”, and an adaptation of “Robinson Crusoe” which, although shot before “GoldenEye”, has yet to see release (his recent success has prompted Miramax to consider releasing it to theaters instead-at this rate it may suffer the fate of Dalton`s “Brenda Starr”, which was filmed before Dalton began work on “The Living Daylights”).

In the wake of Timothy Dalton`s resignation in April 1994, Pierce Brosnan was announced to the world as James Bond No. 5 in London on June 7, 1994.

Although contracted for two more Bond films (with an option for a fourth), Brosnan has refused to rest on his “GoldenEye” laurels, diversifying into roles in Tim Burton`s “Mars Attacks”, and as the ironically named volcanologist Harry Dalton in the blockbuster “Dante`s Peak”. He has expressed a desire to direct and produce his own films in the future. Oil painting remains a major hobby, and some of his works have been sold to benefit the battle against ovarian cancer, for which he is an active spokesman and fundraiser. His links to Greenpeace have been a little more controversial, and a flap ensued when he boycotted the French premiere of “GoldenEye” in protest of that country`s nuclear testing policies.

In January 1997, Brosnan became a father yet again when his lady love, Keely Shaye-Smith, presented him with a son, Dylan Thomas. The couple are now engaged but have not set a wedding date.

Born: 5/16/1953
Navan County, Meath Ireland

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