James Bond 007: The Duel

You`re no longer just watching Bond. You are Bond – jumping into fast and furious action on your TV screen! And so begins the classic Sega Genesis Bond adventure, originally released in 1992! James Bond 007: The Duel, pits you against your worst enemy, a mad professor with the power to clone your past villains! What`s worse, this villain is planning to take over the world from his secret Caribbean island base.

This is where you come in. As Timothy Dalton`s 007, you pit yourself against five increasingly difficult levels in an effort to stop world domination. You`ll have your trustworthy PPK, as well as the occasional hand grenade, to carve your way through the Professor`s guards, and OddJob and Jaws! The game plays in the classic Genesis side-scrolling environment. You run, gun, and jump your way to victory, working towards your final confrontation inside a boiling volcano. Along the way, you`ll rescue several female hostages, all giving a gracious yelp when you save them.

This game is extremely difficult, making Goldeneye look like a game of solitaire. It`s not a matter of control (you can shoot in every direction), the bad guys are just really good! You face Jaws in the first level, and while he`s not difficult, it`s a big jolt to see his steel teeth in your face! The game supports one player, with MIDI music used thoroughly. The graphics are pretty standard, however I thought the ship level was outstanding. The game uses innovative features such as hand-over-hand climbing, full directional shooting, and ducking, which weren`t featured in a lot of games until around 1995.

The price of this game was $38.96 when it originally was released. However, I picked up a copy for $15.00, and I`m sure you could find one for even less. While this game wasn`t a real hot seller, it still manages to capture 00-Flair for a 16-bit gamer. This is a great game for a rainy Saturday afternoon, just haul out your dusty Sega and have some friends over for some 007 action!

Review by Ben Zimmerman

James Bond 007 For Game Boy/Super Game Boy

Look out! 007 is back for the Game Boy and Super Game Boy systems in James Bond 007. Similar to the Legend of Zelda, the game uses the unique bird`s-eye perspective to bring the game a powerful mix of puzzling secrets and fighting. A battery-backed memory allows you to save 3 games so you can start playing where you left off. Throughout the game you`ll travel to various locations such as the Sahara desert, the Tibetan Mountains, and even a secret military base.

Your Mission: to prevent a secret arms smuggling ring from turning the world into a tyranny ruled by terrorism and havoc. But it won`t be easy. You`ll have to fight enemies such as the infamous Odd Job and the steal toothed Jaws, not to mention a whole slew of new enemies who wish to kill you. For every situation you will have to choose from a variety of weapons including machetes, guns, grenades, missile launchers and more!

And of course you can`t forget Q-branch which will provide you with high tech gadgets such as a laser watch for cutting locks, a powerful stun key chain, and the famous exploding pen. Overall James Bond 007 is an excellent game with a mix of everything. You will really have to use your head to uncover all the secrets and challenges of the game and fully win it.

James Bond 007 also includes a casino feature. You can play 3 excellent card games from the Marrakech Casino (in the game) by just entering these codes. For example: By entering REDOG as your name in the beginning, you can play Red dog. By entering BJACK you can play a game of Black Jack. By entering BACCR as your name you can play Baccarat. In each of these games you will start with $1,000 and you can change the bet from $10 to everything you have. Don`t worry if you run out of money, you can start over.

Review by: Jake Haisley

Gigantic Goldeneye007 Guide With Hidden Mission And Cheats

Your name is Bond, James Bond. The Goldeneye team at Rare Ltd. have been squeezing everything they can out of the Nintendo 64 system to make a first person, cinematic experience that puts you into the action of the thriller.

Goldeneye 007 features action from Russia to Cuba, the likenesses of virtually all of the Goldeneye characters, and universally known Bond signatures such as the theme music, wild chase scenes and heart thumping escapes. As the British super agent, players will use a host of weapons to stop the Janus Corporation`s plot of nuclear extortion. That`s about all you have to worry about for plot. As in the movie itself, the plot is simply a means to cool action scenes.

From a detailed first person perspective, players look out on a world taken directly from the movie. In most areas, Bond has to think on his feet, avoid shooting enemies, penetrating installations and blowing up everything that looks expensive. But Bond is also the most versatile man on earth. Put him in a Russian tank and he will charge through bustling city traffic with no more concern than a hungry weasel in a chicken coop. Other vehicles will come into play, as well, but the flashy BMW didn`t make the cut. The designers also hope to maintain a sense of reality in the character of Bond. For instance you can`t carry an arsenal around with you. At most, you`ll be able to pack two weapons at one time. And Bond doesn`t magically heal himself using medical kits found scattered randomly about. When he`s hit, it reduces the effectiveness of his body armor.

Goldeneye explores many of the key areas in the movie, including the high dam, the nerve gas plant, the Russian base at Severnaya, the Soviet statue park, the military archives, the chase in St.Petersburg, the depot and missle train, and the antenna complex in Cuba.

Other areas that are merely glossed over in the film are also used as major levels in the game. You`ll be able to explore the destroyer, infiltrate a missle silo, dodge troops in the Cuban jungle and descend into the drainage caverns beneath the huge flooded antenna. The developers used actual blue prints of the set designs from the film and made numerous trips to the studios near London during the production of the movie.

The game designers spent much time thinking about their license to kill. The biggest advance in game play is that you will be able to shoot up, down, and all around at any angle. Movement through the game world has also been improved over most 3-D, first person games. Bond doesn`t just stand, walk and run. He (or rather you) will be able to kneel, climb ladders, walk up stairs realistically and move forward at a variable rate due to the Control Stick of the Nintendo 64 controller. Even more intriguing, you can control the volume of Bond`s footsteps by slowing down or speeding up, which may be just the trick you need to sneak past a wary guard.

Over the decades, James Bond has tracked down some of the most colorful villains in movies: Blofeld, Jaws, Goldfinger, Dr.No, and Scaramanga. In Goldeneye, you`ll face the treacherous Trevelyan (006), the cruel General Ourumov, and the twisted Onatopp. Digitalized texture maps of the actors` faces have been painted on the polygon figures to give an added sense of reality. But the developers went beyond using the latest villains. They also plan to include hidden areas featuring characters out of Bond`s past such as those mentioned above. Bond himself might even be shaken if not stirred by this high tech adventure of his illustrious career.

Characters Goldeneye007 is shown from the perspective of James Bond. Along the way, you`ll encounter characters from the film such as Natalya Simonova, Xenia Onatopp, Alec Trevelyan, Valentin Zukovsky, General Arkady Ourumov and Boris Greshenko.

On multiplayer level you`ll be able to choose from a wide assortment of different characters to be. They include Moonraker tecnicians, May Day, Baron Samedi, Jaws, Russian Helicopter Pilots and more.


There are 8 multiplayer scenarios for you to choose from: Competitive Shootout, free-for-all, two on two and two on one. Special match themes are based on other Bond films:

The Man With The Golden Gun– The player with the Golden Gun can defeat enemies with a single shot.

You Only Live Twice– you only have two lives in this round.

License To Kill— where every hit is fatal.

The Living Daylights—the winner is the player who carries the flag the longest.

Each mission level comes with a full debriefing. With each debriefing, you`ll receive six or seven pages in a dossier filled with confidential information from MI6. The first file always outlines the primary objective. You cannot continue to the next mission until you complete the objectives of the current mission level and get out alive. M, Q, and Moneypenny will also provide brief summaries to you as the game proceeds.

The number of objectives for each level increases with the difficulty level you choose. The most common objective for each level is to minimize civilian casualties. This is NOT Doom!


Sure, you`ve got lots of nifty gadgets, courtesy of Q, and weapons. But, the trick is to know how and when to use them. Don`t rely on them as a crutch. For Goldeneye007, Bond will carry covert modems, door decoders, automatic bomb defusers and high speed copying devices.

There are other special weapons hidden in crates and alcoves throughout the game. The savvy player will look for these extra special devices. The really resourceful player will figure out how to get multiple uses from each gadget. HINT HINT!

As a player, you are automatically fitted with handguns, automatic weapons and explosives. With the handguns you can use silencers, and some of these handguns have the potential to blow through doors. The automatics will hold off large contingents of enemies, BUT with the recoil your aim will be thrown off if you fire repeatedly.

1.) PP7: Has silencer capabilities with minimal stopping power. Low recoil. Magazine of 7, with a max of 800 bullets.

2.) DD44 Dostovei: VERY loud. Not recommended for enclosed area(Facility for example). Low recoil. Magazine of 8, with a max of 800 bullets.

3.) Golden Gun: Possibly the strongest of all the hand-guns. One shot SHOULD kill. Low recoil. Magazine of 1, with a max of 100.

4.) KF7 Soviet: Zoom capabilities. The Russian guard gun of choice. Medium Recoil. Magazine of 30, with a max of 400.

5.) Remote Mine: May not be a gun, but it is one very effective explosive. Best for out- door use :-). No recoil. Magazine of 1, with a max of 10.

6.) Timed Mine: Possibly the weirdest explosive because of its abilities. Takes about 3-5 seconds to go off. NOT recommended for any use whatsoever. Magazine of 1, with a max of 10.

7.) Proximity Mine: The very best of explosives. When a guard comes by, it will automatically explode. Doesn`t no the difference between friend or foe. Be careful! Magazine of 1, with a max of 10.

8.) Grenades: Toss a grenade; hope for the best. That`s all there is. Just be careful because like the timed mine, it takes about 3 seconds to explode. Magazine of 1, max of 10.

9.) Sniper Rifle: Zoom and silencer capabilities. The best gun for long-range killing. Useful for stages like Dam with the open areas. Magazine of 8, with a max of 400.

10.) D5K Deutsche: Maximum stopping power. Magazine of 30, with a max of 800.

11.) ZMG(9MM): Fast-Firing Sub-machine Gun. Very effective. Magazine of 32, with a max of 800.

12.) Klobb: worst recoil. Recommended to you 2 to make up for the sluggishness of just one. Magazine of 20, with a max of 800.

13.) Phantom: Very Good. Almost identical to the D5K Deutsche in terms of sound and stopping power. Magazine of 50, with a max of 800.

14.) US AR33 Assault Rife: Zoom capabilities. Has less recoil than the KF7 Soviet. Great with 2 at one time! Magazine of 30, with a max of 400.

15.) RC-P90: The best gun out of the entire Bond Arsenal. Truly one of the best guns out there, and just imagine with 2 at one time! Almost an endless Magazine of 80, with a max of 800!!!!!!!!

16.) Laser: Possibly one of the most useful guns because of its endless magazine of 0!! That`s right, there is an infinite amount of the “bullets” to go around, so have fun! It can also shoot through doors just incase some person is about to kill you.

17.) Watch Laser: Not exactly a weapon, but more of a gadget. This has an important use in the “Train” level of Golden Eye 007. It can be modified for a weapon IF USED UP CLOSE. Magazine of 1-300, with a max of 300.

18.) Rocket Launcher. This behemoth has the most effect stopping power. It releases a missile to anyone who wants to die instantly. Just don`t get to close, cause you will die too! Magazine of 1, with a max of 3.

19.) Grenade Launcher: With this weapon, you can just about destroy everything just like the Rocket Launcher. Alittle bit less accuracy, though. Magazine of 6, with a max of 12.

20.) Automatic Shot-Gun: This gun/rifle can clearly hurt an enemy. Has the ability to totally destroy certain objects as well. Magazine of 5, with a max of 100.

21.) Shot-Gun: Not exactly the “prettiest” thing you have, but just like the Automatic Shot-Gun, it does have an effect towards enemies as well as certain objects. Magazine of 5, with a max of 100.

22.) Throwing-Knife: Take a stab at chucking these bad-boys at bad guys and see what it does. “Re-defines stealth”. Magazine of 1-10, with a max of 10.

23.) Tank: I don`t like to consider this a weapon, but with the All-Guns mode, it is. This is 3 times more effect then the Rocket Launcher, therefore 3 times more likely that you will be killed by the explosion. Magazine of 1, with a max of 50.

24.) Tazer Boy: One of the most secret weapons. Can only be used in All-Guns mode. Little is known about such a weapon, except that you can mainly only use it up close to get the “full effect”.

25.) Your Hand: When all-else fails, this is your only means of survival. It obviously has an infinite amount of “bullets”.


1.) Plastic: A bomb that with kill. Enough said. C-4 explosives. Watch out………

2.) Bungee Rope: Automatically activated as you throw yourself off the dam in Byelemorye Dam. Also known as the Arkangelsk Dam.

3.) Bomb Defuser: Used for when Bond, James Bond, needs to defuse 2 bombs on the Frigate, the “La Fayette” in Monte Carlo. Just go up to the bomb and press A or B or Z.

4.) Key Analyzer: Useful in Severnaya when you need to copy the infamous Golden Eye key. Has been modified by “Q” and is now said to be quite easy to use: just walk up to it and press “Z”.

5.) Covert Modem: Used in the Arkangelsk Dam. Just press “Z” and aim it with “R”.

6.) Camera: The 007 camera used in many Bond movies. Just press “R” to aim the camera and take pictures!

7.) Door Decoder: This is extremely useful in the Facility because you need it to fulfill all of your missions. Dr. Doak will give it to you, but first you must find him………

8.) Detonator: You will automatically have it once you get any of the mines. Just press “Z” to blow mines up.

9.) Tracker Bug: The Janus Syndicate can run, but it surely cannot hide. That is because you have the tracker bug which you must use it in the Frigate, the La Fayette. Just press “R” to aim and Z to throw.

10.) Data Thief: Used to hack the passwords in Severnaya Bunker. Just go up to a mainframe and press “Z”.

11.) Watch Magnet: Also useful in the Severnaya bunker because with out it, you would be stuck in your jail cell. Just aim “R” and press “Z” to activate.


A:) The “A” is the Control Stick. This allows for 3D Movement in the 3D “terrain”. To move Bond, press “up” on the control stick to move Bond forward; press “down” to move Bond backward. The same goes for right and left.

B.) The “B” is the “B” Button. In GoldenEye 007, this is used as the “action” button. To open doors, just go up to one and press “B”. It will open. Also, you can use it to reload your magazine clip. While after firing your weapon, you can press “B” and it will reload.

C.) The “C” is the “A” button. This button is only used for scrolling forwards through your weapons. To scroll through backwards, just press “Z” and “A” simultaneously.

D.) The “D” is the “C-Buttons”. The “C” buttons are used to look up, down, strafe left and strafe right.

E.) The “E” is the Control pad. It acts just like the “C-Buttons”.

F.) The “F” is the start button. The start button is used to look at your deluxe “Q” Watch. This is the options screen where you can select between Aborting the mission, Sound options, weapons, or controlling.

G.) The “G” is the “Z” Button. The “Z” button, also known as the trigger button, is used to fire your weapon, and use any items that you have selected using the start option(s).

H.) The “H” is the “R” button. The “R” button is used for targeting. Just press “R” and the cross-hair will appear. Aim the cross-hair by holding the “R” button and moving the cross-hair using the control stick. It can also be used to throw objects like the tracker bug or the covert modem.

I.) The “I” is the “L” button. The “L” button is used just like the “R” button.

Character Backgrounds

1.) James Bond (007): The main character and hero of GoldenEye 007. You are 007, assigned to save the MI6 as well as the world from a Russian Space Weapons Facility. With a license to kill, you are forced to go to places like the Arkangelsk Dam, to Severnaya and even St. Petersburg.

2.) Natalya Simonova: Who James Bond rescues while trying to save himself in Severnaya. She is an Assistant Programmer at the Severnaya Space Station Facility in Russia, who almost gets killed by Russian guards in the second bunker.

3.) Alec Trevelyan: Friend of Foe? That is the question that you must decide for youself in GoldenEye as you and Alec Trevelyan try to save the world from the Chemical Weapons Facility in Byelomorye. He is later identified as a Lienz Cossack and Janus.

4.) Boris Grishenko: A brilliant Russian Programmer who likes to”spike” the FBI and the CIA. Was the only surviver at the Severnaya Incident along with Xenia Onatopp and General Arkady Ourumov(and Natalya Simonova). Is a serious threat to the entire world. He could even be the deadliest person alive…..

5.) Defense Minister Mishkin: This Russian Politburo Member intends on finding out exactly what happened at Severnaya. Even though he suspects General Ourumov, he still must lead out an investigation at the St. Petersburg Archives.

6.) Xenia Onatopp: She has theighs of steel, so you better stay out of their grasp. Was a former pilot of the Soviet Air Force, now is a Janus Operative. She is waiting in the Cuban Jungle……….

7.) General Arkady Ourumov: Was formally the head of the Soviet Space Weapons Divison until the Politburo suspected him of the Severnaya incident. Was not aware that Natayla Simonova witnessed the incedent, he is now out to find and kill her. He is the traitor of the Soviet Space Weapons Division and of the entire country of Russia.

8.) Valentin Zukosky: During the cold war in the early 60`s through the 70`s, he was a member of the KGB. He now operates an arms business near St. Petersburg, but has a permanent limp as a result to a past encounter with James Bond. He doesn`t want to have another limp with the other leg(I think), so he agrees to work with Bond. He claims “I like to see my compitition out of business”, but I think the opposite.

9.) May Day: Not much is known about this character except that she is in the multiplayer mode, NOT the main game. I repeat, she is NOT in the main game prior to previous belief.

10.) Jaws: This huge character will not bark, just bite! He has jaws of steel, literally, and can only be found in Aztec Complex in the Main Game and as a character in Mutliplayer mode. He isn`t exactly the best choice for multiplayer because since he is so big, he is an easy target to hit.

11.) Odd-Job: This little-man is quite odd. He is the smallest of all the characters, and he CANNOT be found in the main game. I highly recommend him in multiplayer because he is so small, it is hard to kill him.

12.) Baron Samedi: He, too, is very odd. Not much is known about his witch-craft or himself, except that he can be found in the Temple in the main game.

13.) Russian Soldier: The most common of all the Russian bad-guys.

14.) Russian Infantry

15.) Scientist 1: Can be found in the Facility stage.(Male)

16.) Scientist 2: Can also be found in the Facility stage.(Female)

17.) Russian Commander: Can be found in the Bunker and the Dam stages.

18.) Janus Marine: A Janus Operative. Can be found in Statue and possibly the Depot and Train stages.

19.) Naval Officer: Can be found in the Frigate stage(La Fayette).

20.) Helicopter Pilot. Cannot be found in the main game.

21.) St. Petersburg Guard: Can be found in the Statue level.

22.) Civilian 1: Can be found in the streets stage.

23.) Civilian 2: Can be found in the streets stage.

24.) Civilian 3: Can be found in the streets stage.

25.) Civilian 4: Can be found in the streets stage.

26.) Siberian Guard 1: Can be found in the Dam stage.

27.) Artic Commando

28.) Siberian Guard 2: Can be found in the Dam stage.

29.) Siberian Special Forces: Can be found in the Surface stage.

30.) Jungle Commando: Can be found in the Jungle stage.

31.) Janus Special Forces

32.) Moonraker Elite 1: Can be found in the Aztec Complex stage.

33.) Moonraker Elite 2: Can be found in the Aztec Complex stage.

There are more, about 31 more, however you will need the 64 characters code which can be found in the codes section.

Goldeneye Mission #1

Goldeneye007 Mission #1 begins in Arkangelsk and is divided into 3 subsections: the dam; the facility; and the runway. Within each subsection you`ll find various goals that must be achieved and a wide range of obstacles and enemies to overcome.

The Dam: Agent Level

OBJECTIVE: Bungee jump from platform.

At the first guard tower you`ll find a sniper rifle . Grab it. It`s useful for long range firing. At the second guard tower you`ll find body armor lying on the floor. Grab it. Most of the box crates contain weaponry or ammo. Take it. You cannot get enough. To activate the security walls, walk up to the control panel and hit the green button on your controller. To move through the fence(s) do the same. You`ll need to shoot the lock off the last fence in order to get to the dam.

You should now be on the dam. You`ll have to pass two guard towers to get to the launching pad for the bungee jump. It will be on your left.

The Dam: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1–Neutralize all alarms
Objective #2–Bunjee jump from platform

Repeat the same steps you took in Agent Level, but now you must also destroy the 4 alarm boxes. One is located before you get to the dam, and the other three are located in the guard towers.

The Dam: `00 Agent` Level

Objective #1–Neutralize all alarms
Objective #2–Install covert modem
Objective #3–Intercept data backup
Objective #4–Bungee jump from platform

The Facility: Agent Level

Objective #1–Gain entry to laboratory area
Objective #2– Contact double agent
Objective #3–Renevous with 006
Objective #4– Destroy the bottling tanks
Objective #5–Minimize Scientist Casualties

Leave the bathroom and begin your search of the lower lobby area. Pick up body armor and more weaponry. One soldier will have a security card that you`ll need. Look for him to drop it and then you will have to scoop it up. After about 10 minutes of running around…if you go back up to the bathroom and check the stalls, you`ll find a frightened scientist who drops his security level card. You`ll need that one also. With both security cards you can now access the rusty iron doors that will take you into the bottling areas. There, look for Dr. Doak. (Only on Secret Agent and `00` Agent levels is this necessary) He`s a scientist doubling for the good guys. He`ll give you a door decoder. It will help you gain access to the bottling plant. Once inside the bottling plant, plant your remote mines on the tanks. Only detonate them when Alec is far away from them. If you accidentally blow him up you fail the mission. Escape on the conveyor belt.

The Runway: Agent Level

On AGENT level you`ll have just two objectives: find the plane`s ignition key and escape in the light aircraft. It`s possible to escape the runway without destroying the bunkers from which the soldiers will be shooting at you. Here`s a step by step guide on what to do:

Carefully look to your right. There will be a guard directly to your right or hiding in an inlet. He`ll have grenades to pick off, plus a box of timed mines are sitting on the floor. Grab them.

You then need to leave the facility. You can slide down the ramp like in the movie or you can open a bay door. The noise of opening the bay door will definitely attract more soldiers. I suggest sliding down the ramp.

The airplane ignition key is in the building directly on your left. There`s a guard patroling outside the building and two inside. Be careful. The key is lying on the table.

Unless you`re prepared to shoot it out, there just happens to be a tank located at the far end of the bottling plant. Run to it and jump in.

Use the “A” button (blue) to change your firing mechanism from your gun hand to the cannon mounted on the tank. From here you will encounter heavy opposition. The plane is located halfway down the runway.

You can simply fire at the soldiers with the cannon, or still drive the tank while firing from any weapon you have handy. Don`t be afraid of these soldiers. You can run over them with your tank. Oh, they make a squishing sound when you run over them. Ugh!

Drive the tank up carefully next to the plane and get out. Run up to the door and press the “B” button. The plane will then take off. For Secret and 00 Agent levels you may need to knock out the firing bunkers first or they`ll shoot the plane down.

Runway: Secret Agent

Repeat steps from Agent Level, but now you must take out the two missle batteries

Objective #1–Find the plane`s ignition key
Objective #2–Eliminate missle battery
Objective #3– Escape in plane

Runway: `00` Agent Level

Repeat previous steps, but now you must eliminate the three firing trenches.

Objective #1–Find the plane`s ignition key
Objective #2– Destroy the heavy guns
Objective #3–Eliminate missle battery
Objective #4– Escape in plane

Goldeneye Mission #2

Mission #2 begins in Severnaya. The Severnaya level is divided into two subsections: Surface and Bunker.

Surface: Agent Level

Objective #1– Power down the communications dish
Objective#2- Enter the base via the ventilation tower

Surface: Secret Agent and 00 Agent

Objective #1– Power down the communications dish
Objective#2 – Obtain the safe key
Objective#3 – Steal the building plans
Objective#4 – Enter the base via the ventilation tower

Bunker: Agent Level

Objective 1 — Copy Goldeneye key; leave the original
Objective #2 — Photograph main video screen

Bunker: Secret Agent

Objective#1 Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Objective#2 Copy Goldeneye key; leave original
Objective#3 Photograph main video screen

Bunker: `00` Agent

Objective#1 Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Objective#2 Copy Goldeneye key and leave original
Objective#3 Get personnel to activate the computer
Objective#4 Download data from the computer
Objective#5 Photograph main video screen

Goldeneye Mission #3

Mission #3 takes place in Kirghizstan at a missle launch silo.

Silo: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Photograph the satellite
Objective #2 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Silo: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1 – Photograph the satellite
Objective #2 – Retreive Telemetric Data
Objective #3 – Retreive Satellite Circuitry
Objective #4 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Silo: `00` Agent

Objective #1–Plant bombs in fuel room
Objective #2–Photopgraph satellite
Objective #3–Obtain telemetric data
Objective #4–Retrieve satellite circuitry
Objective #5- Minimize Scientist Casulties

From the start, bear off to your left. Open door. Take out guard. Grab weapon. Follow the path up the stairs to the first labaratory. You`ll be met with heavy resistance along the way. Once inside Lab #1 get a keycard from one of the scientists to go to the next level of the silo. They`ll drop one in fear of being shot. Also, in the far left hand corner are two circuit boards. Pick them up.

With keycard in hand, go up the stairs and open the door. At interesection turn right and open door. You`re now in the missle silo.Take out guards and open door. Follow path up to the second laboratory. In the laboratory you`ll find body armor in the far left corner. Grab it. Also get a keycard from one of the scientists to get through the door and on to the next corridor.

At intersection hang right. Cross gangway, and proceed into labarotory. You`ll get yet another key card here, but peek around for a scientist hiding in a corner. He`s got a DAT that will prove vital for missions other than AGENT level.

Repeat the previous movements. At lab 4 you`ll find the Goldeneye satellite suspended in a blue harness. Pull out your camera and photograh it. Move up the stairs to the door. Open it. Ourumov will be with guards in the hallway. You can`t kill Orumov at this stage of the game, but you can shoot his briefcase away from him which may prove useful on missions of more dangerous levels.

At the intersection, turn left. Orumov should`ve fled that way. At Lab #5 all you need to do is manuever around the computers. In a side passage there will be an elevator. Get to it. That`s your escape route from this mission.

Goldeneye007 Mission #4

Mission #4 takes place in Monte Carlo aboard the LaFayette Frigate.

Frigate: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Rescue Hostages
Objective #2 – Plant tracking device on helicopter

Frigate: Secret and 00 Agent

Objective #1 Resuce the Hostages Objective #2 Disarm the bridge bomb Disarm the engine room bomb Plant the tracking device on the helicopter

Miscellaneous Tips

Learn to differentiate between a hostage and a captor. If you kill a hostage your mission is a failure. If you allow too many hostages to be killed by the guards your mission could also be a failure. When you see a gaurd aiming at a hostage you must act quickly, decisively and with good aim. These guards will shoot hostages so act fast!

You`ll automatically be armed with a tracking device on this mission. The Pirate Helicopter is on the bow of the ship. Come up close to it, choose the tracking device from the menu found in your laser watch, and plant it on the helicopter. Your mission will be a success when you`ve rescued at least one hostage and gotten back on the boat you got out of.

Goldeneye007 Mission #5

Mission #5 takes you back to Severnaya. This mission is again divided into two subsections: Bunker and Surface.

Surface: Agent Level

Objective #1–Break bunker communications link
Objective #2–Gain entry into the bunker

Surface: Secret Agent

Objective #1 – Break bunker communications link
Objective #2 – Disable support helicopter
Objective #3 – Gain entry into the bunker

Surface: 00 Agent

Objective #1 – Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Objective #2 – Break bunker communications link
Objective #3 – Disable support helicopter
Objective #4 – Gain entry into the bunker

How do you disrupt the surveillance equipment? Shoot the cameras! It`ll help cut down on the amount of guards that are able to find you.

How do you break the communications link? Go into the satelite dish control center (but do this only after you`ve gotten a security key card off a soldier), shoot up the equipment and leave. Sounds easy enough? Wrong. If you don`t shoot the computer and radio console before it comes on then it means you`ve been spotted and at that point, no matter how much you shoot the console to pieces, you will not be able to break the link.

Disable the helicopter? There`ll be a helicopter ready to take off. Pick a timed mine and latch it onto the helicopter, then run for cover into the bunker.Once inside the bunker you will be put in a jail cell next to Natalya.

Bunker: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Get CCTV Tape
Objective #2 – Escape with Natalya

Bunker: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1 – Compare Staff/Casualty List
Objective #2 – Recover the CCTV Tape
Objective #3 – Disable security cameras
Objective #4 – Escape with Natalya

Bunker: 00 Agent Level

Objective #1 Compare Staff/Casualty List Objective #2 – Recover the CCTV Tape Objective #3 – Disable Security Cameras Objective #4 – Recover the Goldeneye Operations Manual Objective #5 – Escape With Natalya

In your jail cell…go over and talk to Natalya. Then call the guard over to your cell. Pick your magetic watch from the menu. It`ll stealthily pull away the jail cell key from his body. Open your cell, but before you do, get yourself ready for hand to hand combat. You have no gun and the guard does. So, after opening the jail cell the guard will fire upon you. Run towards him and karate chop him. Grab his gun. Leave Natalya in the cell until you accomplish getting the CCTV tapes. She`ll just get in the way and get shot to death and then you`ll fail the mission.

Once you`ve busted Natalya out (with the key to her cell, not yours) your escape route should take you back to the Operations Center where they activate the Goldeneye. Natalya, who should be right behind you, will make a beeline for the computer console. Don`t bother trying to stop her. Why? Two reasons. The game designers programmed the scenario to go this way and also she`s a woman and is going to do whatever she wants anyway. Natalya will head over to the console and realize Ourumov activated the Goldeneye to fire upon Severnaya in 1 minute. You both have to escape. Stay in front of or behind Natalya depending upon where the shots are coming from. You`ve got body armor and she doesn`t, so you`ll need to provide cover for her. Open the glass doors, head down the corridor and up the stairs out into the night.

Goldeneye007 Mission #6

Mission #6 takes you to St. Petersburg. This misison is divided into five subsections. They are Statue Park, Military Archives, Streets, Depot, and Train.

Statue Park: Agent, Secret and 00 Agent Levels

Objective #1 – Contact Valentin
Objective #2 – Confront and unmask Janus
Objective #3 – Locate the Pirate Helicopter
Objective #4 – Resuce Natalya
Objective #5 – Locate Flight Recoder

Statue Park is very disorienting. Sort of moody or spooky and a virtual maze to go through. But here goes:

Valentine will be hiding inside of an opened, reddish colored box car. He`ll tell you where to meet Janus. Janus won`t meet you there until you`ve spoken with Valentine.

Use Lenin`s statue for cover, but you`ll have to drop your weapon, or else Janus won`t reveal his true identity to you. Once he has, then you can take up a defensive stance.

The helicopter is back at the park gates. You`ll need to memorize your route in order to get back to the helicopter in under 3 minutes(that`s when the helicopter is set to detonate).

A proximity mine is attached to the helicopter, so even if you make it to the helicopter with time to spare, the countdown clock will automatically reset to 15 seconds. Wake up Natalya and hide behind a statue.

After the helicopter explodes, you`ll need to get the flight recording data. The explosion will have thrown the data box (orange, with handles) clear away from the helicopter and somewhere at the bottom of the hill. Check around statues and poles. It`s there.

Once you`ve gotten the box, head back up to the gates to get Natalya. She will be held at gunpoint. DO NOT SHOOT! These are Mishkin`s guards who just want to talk to you. Lower your weapon and walk through the park gates. Mission Accomplished!

Military Archives: Agent Level

Objective #1–Escape from Interrogation room
Objective #2–Find Natalya
Objective #3–Escape with Natalya

Military Archives: Secret and 00 Agent Level

Objective #1–Escape from Interrogation room
Objective #2–Find Natalya
Objective #3–Recover the Helicopter Flight Recorder Data
Objective #4–Escape With Natalya

Unlike the movie, the two guards monitoring you in the interrogation room are not friendly, nor aligned with Mishkin. So, grab the weapon, dispatch the guards, and TRY to escape.

There will be a ton of guards in this corridor on you like fireflies. Better be prepared for a fight. In the room directly across the hall is some body armor. Get in there and grab it!

During several run throughs of this mission, i`ve run to the end of the corridor and hid under the stairwell. From that vantage point you can get guards coming down the stairs, plus use them to protect yourself from other guards at the far end of the hall from where you`ve just come. In a last ditch emergency only would I suggest hiding underneath the stairs. It seems to get the game in a rut, and a non stop continous line of soldiers run down it trying to kill you.
Natalya is in a room, behind an iron door, being held hostage. She`s at gunpoint, so you`ll need to get her guard first.

Once you`ve taken care of the guards, you and Natalya can shoot out the windows and jump to safety

Before leaving the archives you can find Mishkin and talk to him but it`s not necessary to accomplish this (Agent) mission.

Streets: Agent Level

Objective #1–Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
Objective #2–Minimize Civilian Casualties

Streets: Secret and 00 Agent

Objective #1 – Contact Valentin
Objective #2 – Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
Objective #3 – Minimize Civilian Casualties

After taking out several guards, you may want to get into the tank. You`ll have under 5 minutes to locate Ourumov and Natalya.

The path you`ll need to take is complicated, but here goes. Once onto the street, turn right. Keep following the streets. Make a left at the first street where you have a left hand turn option. Follow that path and turn right when you come to your first right hand turn option. At your very next first right hand turn option you`ll come across the train depot. Drive to the end. Mission Accomplished!

If for some reason you get a late start and lose large amounts of time…. Valentine is hiding in a building. Get out of the tank (or drive in the alleys for the more adventurous) and pull up to a building that looks like a theater. Valentine is inside and will call his people to delay Ourumov. That will reset your game time back to 5 more minutes.

Where exactly is Valentine located? Well, if you are coming just out of the archives building and onto the street, hang left and run (or drive) in between the buildings. He`ll be about a quarter mile down on the left.

Try not to run over civilians or land mines (the blue discs on the ground) The noise that sounds like Roman Candles going off are surface to air missles being aimed at the tank. Too many direct hits and your dead.

Depot: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Locate Trevelyan`s Train

Depot: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1 – Destroy the Computer Network
Objective #2 – Obtain the Safe Key
Objective #3 – Recover the Helicopter Blueprints
Objective #4 – Locate Trevelyan`s train

Depot: 00 Agent Level

Objective #1 – Destroy the Illegal Arms Cache
Objective #2 – Destroy the Computer Network
Objective #3 – Obtain the Safe Key
Objective #4 – Recover the Helicopter Blueprints
Objective #5 – Locate Trevelyan`s train

For 00 Agents and the Truly Daring: You`ve tracked down the Janus Base, including Natalya and Ourumov. They, plus Alec and Onatopp have boarded a train somewhere around the disused depot.

You`ll have five things to do in 00 Agent Difficulty. Destroy Illegal Arms Cache, Destroy Janus Computer Network, Find Safe Key, Recover Helicopter Blueprints, and Find Trevelyan`s Train. No problem; it`ll just give you more time to listen to this level`s music!

First, after eliminating the Janus Marines in the first compartment, leave by way of the gates and turn right. Keep going until you get to the second supply warehouse. In here is the Arms Cache (Did I mention it`s illegal?) Eliminate any lingering Marines inside and pick up the Rocket Launcher w/ Three Rockets. Walk back to a safe distance and blow up the brown ammo boxes with your D5K Deutsche. Remember to blow up ALL of the boxes or you won`t complete the mission.

Objective A: Complete.

Oh, by the way, don`t bother picking up the KF7 Soviets on the other three tables, okay? They don`t have any bullets in them. Open the door and be prepared to shoot. Janus Marines know your whereabouts, and will be waiting right at the door. After eliminating everyone in the vicinity, turn left and go straight to the last supply warehouse. Inside, Janus`s Computer Network is hacking from MI6 and will know all of their weaponry. Kill the Marines, then use your Rocket Launcher to destroy the turret gun. Then blow up the computer screen with the world map on it, and then the two Mainframes.

Objective B: Complete.

Then walk over to one of the computer desks and pick up the Safe Key.

Objective C: Complete.

Run back to where you found the Arms Cache, but this time, turn left. Enter the large empty building and go upstairs. Instead of entering the nearest door, turn left from it and open the safe. Turns out Janus is planning to build a bigger and better Pirate Helicopter. Grab the Blueprints for it.

Objective D: Complete.

Now enter the door, go down the stairs and open the door to reveal Trevelyan`s Covert Missile Train. It won`t leave without you.

Objective E: Complete.

Kill the guards inside and walk into the train. Now straighten your tie, loosen your cuffs, and you`re on your way!

Train: Agent Level

Objective #1–Disable the brake units
Objective #2–Rescue Natalya
Objective #3–Escape from the train

Train: Secret Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the brake units
Objective #2 – Resuce Natalya
Objective #3 – Locate Janus`s secret base
Objective #4 – Escape to safety

Train: 00 Agent Level

Objective #1 Destroy the brake units
Objective #2 – Rescue Natalya
Objective #3 – Locate Janus`s secret base
Objective #4 – Crack Boris`s password
Objective #5 – Escape to safety

Each of the 6 train cars has a handbrake unit. You must destroy all 6 units in order to stop the train.

Natalya will be held at gunpoint by Ourumov. When Ourumov warns you to stop moving, STOP MOVING. Take aim at him and fire. Then fire at Xenia. If you hit her, you`ll gain extra time in escaping from the train. And you`ll need every second you can get.

Natalya will crack Boris` passwords. You just concentrate on opening that white square hatch in the corner. It`s locked down tight by nearly a dozen hinges. Use your laser wrist watch to burn off the hinges. Wait for Natalya to say she has Boris` password and then make a run for it!

Goldeneye007 Mission #7

Jungle: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Destroy the Drone Guns
Objective #2 – Eliminate Xenia
Objective #3 – Escort Natalya to Janus Base

Jungle: Secret and 00 Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the Drone Guns
Objective #2 – Eliminate Xenia
Objective #3 – Blow up Ammo Dump
Objective #4 – Escort Natalya to Janus Base

There are multiple drone guns you must destroy. Run for cover once you hear incessant firing and look for where it is being fired from. Shoot all drone guns to complete Objective A.

The Janus Syndicate has a dangerous Assault Rifle– It would be perfect to use. Loud, but effective. Halfway across the bridge, Xenia Onatopp will call out to you. She hides behind a tree and will uncover herself. Use your automatic to fire on her, until she is fallen dead. That will complete Objective B.

Xenia is a devastating charcter. Even more deadly than in the film, and she`s virtually impossible to take on straight away. But Xenia has one weakness that can be exploited to your advantage: she won`t shoot diagonally across the bridge. Stand at the end of bridge and wait for Xenia to appear. Move to the left or right of the bridge and use the AR33 as Xenia tries to cross. She won`t return fire from the bridge unless you stand directly in front of her.

If your can kill her before she crosses over to your side, you can pick up her grendade launcher. Otherwise, you may have to get creative with your remote mines to destroy her. On Secret Agent level i`ve placed a remote mine at the end of the bridge, then ran backwards. I detonate the mine right as she crosses over it. That may help weaken her some. She`ll still survive it. From there you need to use the AR33 to keep firing away at her. I`ve found it effective to hide behind trees and let them take the full brunt of her assault. With a few shots from Natalya, Xenia usually goes down.

As soon as you cross the bridge, directly on your left there will be a drone gun hiding behind a tree. Take it out. Move forward and then on your right will be the cove where the ammo dump is. There is a drone gun inside the cove deeply hidden in the darkest parts of the cove. If you have your rocket launcher with you it may be wise to fire off as many rounds as possible here to help clear out any obstacles.

Walk up the pathway but be careful. On SECRET AGENT level there are two guards at the top. There`s also a step ladder. Climb it, but just as you reach the top, peek over. Don`t fully expose your presence. There`s a drone gun aimed right at you (on SECRET AGENT level) and another one behind and to the right of this one (on AGENT level). Also on SECRET AGENT level, there will be rectangular shaped boxes lying on the ground in the same area as the two drone guns. Destroy these boxes to complete objective C (on AGENT level). Finally, to complete the mission, run to the end of the jungle and enter the elevator.

Control Center: Agent, Secret and 00 Agent Levels

On SECRET AGENT level secure the area by shooting all the guards when out of the elevator. There will be 6 guards outside of the elevator, plus 3 drone guns suspended from the ceiling in hard to see areas. Once you take care of them, go back to the elevator and get Natalya. She won`t leave until you have secured the area.

Natalya will open a security blast door, so follow her orders and get to the control center of the base. She`ll stay behind. Natalya can only open one blast door. The rest will open only after you have completed certain tasks.

On the way, multiple guards will hide behind boxes, holding hand grenades. Defeat them and take the grenades. When you go through the security door Natalya has opened for you, there will be a long hall with a box of remote mines at the end. You`ll need them, and to get them you`ll have to take on a half dozen or more guards.

Boris will be there and try to shoot you, but he isn`t skilled at firearms and will drop the gun. Drop your guard and he will run away. Chase him and he`ll uncover body armor for you. Don`t kill him, or Natalya will refuse to help you.

There will be 6 armored mainframes you`ll need to destroy. Only 5 of them can be destroyed before Natalya comes back into play. Two are on the middle floor and two are on the bottom floor. One is behind the only security door that you`ll be able to access. Watch out! There are drone guns suspended from the ceiling! Mainframe number 5 is inside this room.

My next suggestion would be to prepare yourself for Natalya`s arrival. This part of the game is one of THE HARDEST stages you`re likely to encounter. You see, Natalya is the only one capable of destroying the Goldeneye, and she`ll be on the computer the whole time.

Guards will come from all angles to shoot her, so your best bet is to prepare the area to maximize every angle to your advantage. Blow up all the legs from underneath the computer tables except for the front/center computer console. This is where Natalya will work, and it will give you a clearer shot as all the guards start pouring in to kill you. Once you`ve got the computer area ready, go up the right hand staircase( if you are looking at the giant video screen) and open the security door. Natalya will exclaim: James, i`m coming!

Find where Natalya is and she will automatically open the door. She will make sure the GoldenEye is realigned to burn up in Earth`s atmosphere. She will activate the security systems. Protect her from any guards until she cracks the GoldenEye`s code and leaves. This completes Objectives A and B. Once she has realigned the satellite, she`ll take off, unharmed, and you`ll have to blow up the last mainframe. It`s on the bottom floor, behind a door previously inaccessible. Take your grenades or remote mines to blow up the Mainframes. This completes Objective C.

Leave by going through one of the blast doors and go across the room. Once Trevelyan says, “Too Slow, 007!”, go back to the other end of the room and escape through the elevator.

Water Caverns: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Water Caverns: Secret Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the Inlet Pump Controls
Objective #2 – Destroy the Outlet Pump Controls
Objective #3 – Destroy the Master Control Console
Objective #4 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Water Caverns: `00` Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the Inlet Pump Controls
Objective #2 – Destroy the Outlet Pump Controls
Objective #3 – Destroy the Master Conrol Console
Objective #4 – Use the radio to contact Jack Wade
Objective #5 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Antenna Cradle: Agent, Secret, and 00 Agent Levels

Objective #1 – Destroy the Control Console
Objective #2 – Settle the score with Trevelyan

Immediately beginning this phase, there is some body armor directly behind you. Grab it! Once you reach the top of the cradle, Alec will activate the Goldeneye to go off in 3 minutes. The computer console is located inside one of two sheds. It`s protected by two drone guns suspended from the ceiling. Knockout the drone guns and destroy the computer console. Objective A completed.

There is body armor on the floor of the other shed. Grab it!

Only shots fired at close range will affect Trevelyan. They won`t kill him, but it will take several attempts at this before Trevelyan finally initiates the final part of the game: the ladder.

He`ll drop down several hundred feet while hanging onto the ladder. Follow him. But you better have your guns ready, because you`ll have only one chance to pick him off on the antenna or he`ll blow you off.

Goldeneye007 Aztec Mission (Bonus)

This secret mission opens up after beating all regular GoldenEye levels on Secret Agent Difficulty.The Drax Corperation is still operating, and they`ve got the best of the Moonraker Elite on this one– they`re armed with AR33s and they`re not afraid to use them.

Plus the best weapon, second only to the Golden Gun,is available in this mission. The Moonraker Laser can kill a regular trooper in one or two shots. You`re great with them, but the Elite are extremely deadly.

As soon as eliminating the Elite in the first two rooms, go across the stone board on the large hole and open up the wall on the other side. Eliminate the troops in the computer room and go into the mainframe by firing a few shots into it to attract attention.

Destroy the computer on the left in the room under the NASA Shuttle and run into the grating. Destroy the turrets on either side and watch out for the Moonraker Elite. Turn right to find some body armor.

Go to the left and enter the shuttle room, destroy the turrets, and defeat the Moonraker Elite. Go up the ladder and activate the computer to close the exhaust bay. Go down the ladder, and into the grating on the opposite side of the room.

Go down the stairs and you`ll find your good pal Jaws. Shoot him once with the laser and back into the shadows you go. As soon as he comes to get you, get close and start firing. His arms are too long, so it`ll be easier that way.

After eliminating Jaws, a silent alarm is activated and multiple guards with lasers will come after you. Grab the Smart Card from Jaws and run back to the computer room and place the Guidance Data Floppy Disk in the disk compartment.

Objective A: Complete.

Grab the Launch Protocol DAT from the computer desk and run back to the shuttle room. Go up the ladder, activate the computer to open the exhaust bay, and run across the room to the mainframe. Put in the DAT and run into a grating. The shuttle will blast off in thirty seconds. Guards will be a lot more abundant now, and be aware you still can die during this period, so be careful and fast.

There is no exit to this mission, but you will complete and exit the mission once the shuttle timer reaches zero.

Objective B: Complete.

Goldeneye007 Cheats

Cradle level with Gameshark: Turn on the code “Have all objectives done.” Also, turn on slow motion. Invisibility helps a lot, too. What you do is go to the control console in the room and destroy it. After you are done with that, you follow Trevelyan down the ramp and kill him. If he won`t die, the “All Weapons” Cheat will help. After you have successfully killed him, meet where the helicopter would pick you up. What should happen is Bond will be walking in slow motion to the helicopter and the helicopter should take off without him and you should still beat the level —-sent in by ???

Invisible mines: When you find an ammo crate, throw a mine on it. After you have completed that, get the crate(you won`t be getting the mine).Now, look around and see if you can find it. If you did everything right, the mine shoud appear to not be there. Just step back,and let her blow!

Flying mines: Throw a mine on a window. Then shoot the window out. The mine should not blow up, and should be floating in the air. Step back and blow it up!

Take a gun, find a scientist, shoot him in the leg twice, he pulls out a gun kill him take his gun, which is a DD4D and repeat with another scientist, if the second one is not dead, he takes out grenades. Of course this only works in Secret agent or 00 agent.–sent in by MadCat. Thanks.

If you beat the Aztec Temple on 00 agent and have completed all others on 00 agent, You go to the Egyptian Temple ,Home of the Golden Gun and of Baron Scaramanga!! He has 3 lives and ends up in 3 differents spots! —sent in by Roxanne Mundt.

If you have a gun that youcan hold 2 of, switch weapons superfast then fire. If it fires while you are switching, the weapons will lock, giving you a different weapon in each hand!—sent in Roxanne Mundt.

if you`re in Multiplayer, shoot ammo boxes (not explosives in boxes) in may split into two!—sent in by Roxanne Mundt.

2x weapon code: To do it, you`ll have to have two sets of double weapons such as two Automatic Shotguns and two Sniper Rifles.This is a difficult trick to perform, so if you cant git it to work the first time, try it again and make some subtle changes to your timing. First, activate the second set of weapons you`d like to have and then press the A button. But beforethe gun rotates away press the Z trigger twice then release the A button but as soon and again AS SOON as you take your finger off the A buttn tap it again and then press the Z trigger until both weapons lock. If your timing is perfect you should have twop different sets of weapons.—sent in by Kid Comet!

Facility: Invincibility: Skip the intro movies and run straight for the hole in the ventilation system. As you are falling, open the door, and run out of the bathroom. Run straight down the stairs, strafing around the boxes on the left and right into the room below. Kill the guard with the keycard as soon as you can, making sure not to put a bullet in the wall. Otherwise, guards from the bathroom will run downstairs to kill you. After getting the keycard, run straight into the room with the security door switch, ignoring the guards inside completely. When you get to the small room with the lockers and two guards, ignore them and get out your mines. Open the door leading to the hall with three guards and throw a mine. While the mine is in mid-air and close to them, press A, B, and R at the same time to detonate the mine. Run into the room with the intersection, and take a left down that hall. Kill the guard in the corner, pull out your KF7 Soviet, and shoot the glass near the door. This will alert a guard on the other side. He will open the door. Cycle backwards (A and Z) with your weapons to the silenced PP7 and shoot the guard while he opens the door. Run upstairs into the lab, killing all but the scientists with your PP7. If you don`t find Dr. Doak, you have to start the level over again. If he is there (he can be in one of two glass rooms, or in the hall), the minute you get the decoder run straight for the decoder door. When you meet Trevelyan, start setting mines on the floor inbetween four gas tanks until you run out of mines. You need to lure Trevelyan away from the gas tanks before you detonate them, otherwise. . . well, you know. Start backing up to the conveyor belt exit, and when objective C is complete, blow the mines and bolt out.

Facility: Another Point of View

1. You will Start off in the vent. Take your first left and then a right to fall into the bathroom. open the stall door as you fall and ignore the gaurds completely.

2. (Be sure that as you leave the bathroom you have your mines equiped). Run out of the bathroom and down the stairway.

3. When you get to the bottom of the stairway look/aim downward and throw a mine. (Don`t throw the mine to close to the computer room door or the remote door opener will blow up). If the mine skips make sure that it is not to close too the computer room door. Take your time to ensure that the mine lands safely, but try not to get shot.

4. At the bottom of the stairs after dropping the mine, turn around to your left and go into the door under the stairway. At the same time you should be switching to PP7 silenced or if you find it easier you may use “unarmed”. (Note: You will find it useful in this level to change weapons by using your “change weopon” & “fire button” to cycle through your weopons backwards). After Entering the door kill the guard (preferably before he shoots) and take his keycard and gun.

5. For best results, wait a few seconds and then (with your detonator) blow up the mine killing all gaurds in the computer room and maybe one in the hall. Switch to your silenced PP7.

6. Run back out into the hall and then into the computer room (the door may or may not be open). Assuming that the computer is still working tag it and run back out into the hall. (Note: you may also find it nessecary to pick up droped ammo) Turn left and shoot any guards in the way as you run down the hall (try to kill but don`t worry if you just injure). Turn left as soon as you can and enter then immediatly exit the room with the remote door. Pass the locker room ignoring the guards and at the same time switch to your KF7 Soviet.

7. This next room is likely to be a drain for your health. Try to stand in the doorway and kill the gaurds as quickly as possible (this is a skill that good players/00Agents aquire). You may run in after killing one or two and take out the remaining opposition. Run to the next door and, to preserve health, instead of opening the door when it is right in front of you, turn to the right or left and tag it there.

8. Inside you should do the same thing to avoid being shot (get to one side of the room). Run out and turn left shooting the guards in your area (if the place is allready flooded with guards try your best to avoid the ones behind you). The noise of the KF7 Soviet should alert the guard on the other side of the security door and convince him to open it for you.

9. Once the door is opened, kill the guard and run into the lab area ignoring the gaurd in front of you. Turn to your right and run up the stairs (positioning this may be difficult). Kill the gaurds at the top as you make your way through the hall. (Long distance shooting may be nessecary to take out far away gaurds). After turning right from the long stretch of hallway, you should be able to see the glass windows of the laboratory.

10. Continue down the hall until you get to the area with two gaurds behind a pilar. Turn right when you get there and look for Doctor Doak. Should he not be there, quickly check the glassed in laboratories for him (you may not survive this task unless it is done quickly and your health is OK). If he is not in any of them your luck has run out and you must restart and try again. If you find Doctor Doak immediatly run up and talk to him. As soon as you say “Time to leave Doctor Doak”, run back to the hall (if you are not already there), and continue along (a left turn from where you originally came from). There will be a few guards in your way and it will be very important to kill them. Your health may be low (mine was). When you get to the bottling room door press “start” and equip your door decoder. Use it by pressing “Z” (Solitare).

11. Now the real pressure begins. As soon as the door is open, go down the stairs and over to the tanks. Begin talking to Alec Trevelyen. There are 10 tanks you must destroy, but only four mines. Place mines on the floor so that they land between four tanks. Then quickly run away from the tanks and try to avoid gunfire if it is there. You should run towards the conveyor belt exit which will be ahead at your right. Wait until Alec says “For England James” and make sure that he is far enough away from the tanks so that the explosions won`t kill him. Don`t worry, you should still have enough time. As soon as he is out of the way, Blow up the tanks with your detonator completing the objective and then run out of the facility on the conveyor belt.

Archives: Invisibility: When the level begins, slap the guard with the key and run out of the room before the other guy gets a chance to shoot at you. Remember that you should NEVER fire any weapon on this level. Run out of the interrogation room straight into the large room with two guards. Ignore them and run through the room and upstairs. When you open the door, chances are you will see a guard with twin Klobbs at the end of the hall. If you don`t run down the left hall fast enough, the bullets will knock you back and put your chances of getting invisibility in jeopardy. Ignore the guy with the soviet and run out of the door at the end of the hall. Take a left through the double doors, and find Natalya. Simply open the door, and when she screams “James!” turn around and run out of the double doors you came in by. Take a left down the straightaway to the stairs. Don`t worry if you get hit by bullets–they propell you forward faster more than they do damage. Also, don`t worry if you can`t see Natalya. When you get down the stairs, go right and into a room with bookshelves. The second you enter the room, run left. You should see another door in front of you. Take it, and then go left into the room with Dimitri Mishkin. Wait close to the door, and let him walk to you. While he`s talking, walk to the safe. You should walk to the closest left corner, so when he gives you the key you can open the safe and take the box even before the door opens completely. After taking the box, go right from the safe. The door there will put you into a short hall; pull out your DD4D and open the door at the end of the hall. It will put you into a room with windows and books–blow the windows and run outside. Both of these cheats take several tries, so don`t get discouraged if you don`t make it the first few times.

Disappearing Mines In Multiplayer select remote mines ane when you get them keep piling on top of each other. After about 30 mines they will start to disappear.

The Golden Gun and Baron Samedi in Egypt For the true 00 agents who were able to acquire Egyptian, but can`t seem to reach the Golden Gun, here`s how to get it. Make your way to the Golden Gun room to the right of where you start. When you step on the first tile beyond that narrow hallway, don`t take another step. The entire room is pressure sensitive, save for a few tiles that let you reach the gun safely. From where that tile is, take this path: left 2, forward 2, right 3, forward 2, left 1, forward 1, left 1, forward 2, right 1. This pattern should place you directly in front of the Golden Gun and its box of gold bullets. Take this and start using it immediately–you can kill everyone in one shot! Exit the room via the left exit (it has the same silver square as the door you came in) and pick up the body armor, and then continue out of that hall. You should drop down into a huge room. Run straight out until you see (and hear) Baron Samedi. Shoot him once (that`s all it should take, with the Golden Gun) and then go back to the room you started in. Baron has reappeared, and is back for more. Kill him this time, and the lights go out (not that you can avoid this). Now, run back to where Samedi was in the beginning. Check for any discoloration along the walls (you might want to try this before the lights go out), and try to open it like you would a door. The panel slides aside, allowing access to a long hall. There are several holes on the right side of the hall–they are there so drone guns have an open shot at you. Ignore them (not doing so will cost you time and energy) and take a left at the end of a hall. You should see a room with a large black pillar in the middle. Behind it is a stronger Samedi. Kill him and you`ve won. Also, don`t be afraid of getting the all guns cheat–it`s the easiest one to get in the entire game (and be sure to watch the entire ending “movie” for a disturbing clip. . .)—sent in by BrandonBond

20 SECOND TRICK: On the train in 00 agent, you have only 6 seconds after breaking Boris` password to get out with Nataylia alive. To change it to 20 sec, line up Ouromov`s head with Xenia. After shooting Ouromov in the head immediately shoot and kill Xenia. If you did it right you will now have 20 extra seconds, but she`ll (Xenia) appear in Cuba. But if you`re like me and want a challenge and make the make the game look like the movie you`ll try it without this Trick.

AZTEC STAGE: In the Aztec stage go to the second room where there is one man in a hall, one on each side of him and three in the back behind crates. Kill the guy in the hall and the two next to him. Then run out of the hall and directely to the left or right. Go up the little stairs to the platform and stop. The three guys left will aim but wont shoot at you. You can pivot around but don`t move or they will shoot. Then just kill them with your pistol to save ammo and be on your way. Sent in by — Travis Bowers

Rigging the World
In multiplayer you can rig all the devices including guns and ammo. This can only be used with mines but is best used with proximity mines. Pick up a gun or ammo or mines. Remember where it was. Throw a mine on the ammo box or gun. If using proximity mines when the ammo or gun reappears your enemy will see it but hopefully not the mine and get blown to smithereens. This also works on Body Armor. And it blows up the body armor so the enemy or you can`t pick it up for a couple of minutes. –DGGCruz@aol.com

Shoot Tank Shells From Your Forehead
This is a pretty cool glitch that works only in the tank levels (Streets or Runway). You also need to switch the infinite ammo code on. Go to the tank and climb on top. Switch your weapon to the one immediately before the tank shells. Then, while switching to the tank shells, jump off the tank. If you did it right, Bond`s weapon will still be switched to tank shells you`re ready to fire some “big ones” from your forehead.–DGGCruz@aol.com

Shortcut To Invisibility in Archives
When you start out go over to the guy with the key and slap him. Get the key and leave before the other person gets a chance to shoot you. When you open the door take a right. you will see a person standing their, run right past him and go up the steps. You will see a person with two klobbs, ignore him and turn all the way around and go straight. Take a right and go straight and the person standing their. Go through the door and go left through the double doors. Enter and go to the room where Natalya is. Just simply open the door and then open the door to the left of you . Go in to the room and go down the stairs. Ignore the person at the bottom of the stairs. Go straight to the double doors, open them. Go around the bookshelves and go right. Go straight and you will see a door. Go through it and then go left through the other door. Then you should be in the room with Mishkin. Wait till he gives you the key then get the helicopter recorder. Go out the opposite door you came (right behind the safe) then follow that hallway till you get to the door. Open it and pull out your DD44 Dostov and shoot the glass and get out. (hint: dont stop to shoot anyone and never shoot your gun until you get to the window!) —-By: Morgan of Seattle!

Mission 6: The Interrogation Room.
Don`t take the gun. Instead walk over to the first soldier and stand right next to him. He won`t do anything to you at first. Then whack him with your hand, one hit and he will be dead. Then immediately run over to the other soldier. You may need to crouch down to hit him as sometimes he crouches down. Whack him about three times to kill him. Now you have their guns. You can grab the one on the table if you want it. The advantage to doing this rather than grabbing the gun on the table immeadiately is that it will not alert anyone out in the hallway. You can then just walk right out and through the second door to get the armor. If you shoot the guards with the gun on the table you will get into a huge gun fight with the soldiers trying to come into the room. ——Mr. Camaro

More Archives suggestions
I have passed Goldeneye, needless to say my favorite game, and I just wanted to help some people out on an especially difficult level, the Military Archives on 00 Agent. I have found that the easiset and fastest way to beat the mission is to not shoot your gun at anyone at all. This stops the guards and infinite numbers of soldiers from coming as the shooting of the bad guys is for some reason not heard. This may seem a stupid idea, playing the level without any weapon, but it works, all you need is a bit of patience. When you meet a soldier two chops with your hand will usually kill him. This trick can also be used to get the invisibility cheat, you only need to chop the guard right in front of you to get the key, then you must rush out the door, let Natalya see you, talk to Mishkin, who is agonizingly slow, get the flight recorder, pull out any gun you have and shoot the window—-Tomas R.

This is a code I learned from a friend, so I can`t take all the credit. On multiplayer mode, select the bunker level (only for three players) and remote mines as your weapon. Get some mines and head for the large room with the T.V. screens hanging off the ceiling. Place a mine on each T.V. hanging down and detonate them all at once. Toss another mine out in the open. If done correctly, all the mines for the rest of the game will float in the air! This is a great trick to pull on the other players.

66 Characters in Multi-Player
This will double the amount of characters to choose from in Multiplayer mode.

Hold the L and R buttons and press C-Left
Hold the L button and press C-Up
Hold the L and R buttons and press “left” on the D pad
Hold the L button and press “right” on the D pad
Hold the R button and press “down” on the D pad
Hold the L and R buttons and press C-Left
Hold the L button and press C-Up
Hold the Land R buttons and press “right” on the D-pad
Hold the L and R button and press C-Down
Hold the L button and press “down” on the D pad.

Fall Brings New Bond Playthings

Now that the days are getting shorter, the nights longer and the temperatures cooler, Bond fans need new playthings to keep them occupied. October finds Johnny Lightning releasing Wave 2 of their signature James Bond series of racing cars while MGM gives us the final wave of Special Edition James Bond DVDs.

The new series of Johnny Lightning cars include the Corvette from A VIEW TO A KILL, the 1957 Chevy Convertible from DR.NO, the Aston-Martin from GOLDFINGER, the Ford-Mustang from THUNDERBALL and both BMWs from GOLDENEYE and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. www.fullgrid.com is just one on-line outlet that is selling the JL cars.

Meanwhile…the Special Edition DVD of THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS answers one lingering question: Who was the third solid contender for the role of James Bond in 1986? Michael Wilson mentioned in several interviews at the time that they had narrowed down the list to three: Brosnan and Dalton would seem obvious, so who was the other pick? Wilson refused to elaborate any further, but names thrown around included Finlay Light and Antony Hamilton. Now the documentary that goes into the making of THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS reveals Sam Neill`s test footage. It would seem that Sam Neill was the third contender for the role that Wilson had refused to name. Additionally, Mr. Neill probably gave permission for this test footage to be used, since generally the studios do not own it, but the actual star does.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER has five deleted, or “lost” scenes. Included is the infamous “Sammy Davis, Jr. scene” (see THE EYE THAT NEVER SLEEPS for more details on all “lost scenes”), Bond having dinner with Plenty, Plenty returning to Bond`s room after being dumped in the pool (she reads Tiffany`s drivers license to see where she lives, thus answering the age old question of why Plenty ended up in Tiffany`s pool), the correct version of the Mustang on two wheels and an alternate ending of Wint and Kidd killing the dentist with the scorpion. Incidentally, Bruce Glover still owns the scorpion used in that scene. By the way, as it was mentioned among fans at the Bond Collectors Weekend…does anyone wonder if Wint and Kidd ever knew who they were working for? They never crossed paths with Blofeld or anyone associated with him.

Nintendo64 has pushed up the release date on THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH to October 17th, possibly to coincide with the release of the 3rd wave of DVDs. The Gameboy, Playstation and Playstation2 versions of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH are all slated to debut in retail and on-line stores throughout November.

–Craig Chenery and Ad2Music assisted with this article.

Drive-By Shooting

In May 11th-13th, 2000, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, was ground zero for the unveiling of the next James Bond game from Electronic Arts tentatively titled “007 Racing”. As the hoped-for temporary title suggests, this is an all-racing, all-driving, action game.

Bond fans will certainly be excited to see that the Aston-Martin is one of six featured cars in the new game, including the BMW Z-3 and the Lotus Turbo Esprit. The other three cars identities aren`t yet known.

The game is labeled as “combat racing” though that doesn`t mean you can expect a Carmagheddon-style game, nor will it be a strictly speed game either. Bond has fifteen missions to complete, including a teaser mission unrelated to the rest of the game. Missoins may include you picking up stinger missles, destroying a helicopter, or doing stealth surveillance.

Multi-player is planned, but it`s good to remember that as long as a game is in development, anything can happen (Tomorrow Never Dies was scheduled for multi-player and then was scrapped). “007 Racing” is schedule for release late in the third quarter/early fourth quarter of 2000. If The World Is Not Enough and 007Racing both make their due dates, Bond fans should have plenty of thrills to keep them busy this Fall.

Bond Collectible Going Out Of Print

Due to a licensing difficulty, the “Cheapass Games” intriguing offer, “Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond” is going out of print at the end of August, after which the item may no longer be sold or offered at the Cheapass website.

The game places you as James Bond, trying to stall a villain from murdering you by gettting him to talk and boast about his plan!

Games are available to purchase at:

Cheapass Games.


In other collectibles news, one of the two Octopussy Bede Jets was auctioned off by Maud Adams and Bianca Jagger last week on an American Movie Classics Live Auction but failed to meet its $200,000 reserve, despite Jagger’s encouragement that the lucky winner could easily fit the 300 m.p.h. jet in their garage.

007`s Collectible Card Game

Nefarious schemes, wily henchmen, thrilling locations, incredible gadgets, dashing men, beautiful women. These are elements of a James Bond film. Now you can relieve this excitement again and again with the JAMES BOND COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME. Do you have what it takes to send James Bond to dangerous locales and into the jaws of death? Now`s your chance to find out.

Each starter deck contains approximately 60 cards. You can get more cards to add to your collection by purchasing additional Starter Decks like the one shown above, or by purchasing Booster Packs. Booster Packs are packaged like traditional baseball packs. They contain fewer cards than the Starter Deck, but they contain rarer cards. The rarer the card, the more powerful they are in the game. There are over 200 different cards in the JAMES BOND COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME and your opponent should have access to a Starter Deck.

Tomorrow Never Dies Score: Part Two

There will be a companion CD soundtrack, Tomorrow Never Dies: The Original Score to the Video Game, available later this month from Chapter III Records.

The CD will consist of a total of 17 different Bond-themed “electronica“ tracks, all of which are original Tommy Tallarico scores from the game. Tallarico is a game industry veteran best known for compiling video game soundtracks. The CD will be available for direct purchase via the product web site at www.bondmusic.com, followed by retail outlets starting on January 12, 2000.

The website for Tommy Tallarico is www.tallarico.com. Sonic Mayhem also helped Tallarico score the music to the game. Their website can be found at www.sonicmayhem.com.

The James Bond Story

Five Bonds, 19 Films, Over 30 Years …the Girls, the Gadgets and more!

NEW YORK, NY—Bond, James Bond. Perhaps the greatest fictional cinema icon ever. He first appeared on the big screen in 1962 in Dr. No, and has remained the most powerful action hero ever since. The secret to his success is his adaptability. No matter what tight spot he finds himself, he always appears to be suave, sophisticated and cool. Now, for the first time, avid fans can own the ultimate and essential collector’s companion with THE JAMES BOND STORY. Fox Lorber CentreStage is releasing the comprehensive documentary day and date on video and DVD April 25. DVD special features include interactive menus, filmographies, production credits, scene access, trivia game and enhanced letterbox format.

As the 007 spy, Bond is constantly reinventing himself. And on the big screen, he has done this five times, as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. This documentary takes an up close and personal look at the different characterizations each actor has brought to the role to discover the elements that make up Bond…James Bond. It also traces the character back to its origin, the Bond novels by Ian Fleming, whose creation was semi-autobiographical.

From the gadgets to the girls (and they were plenty of both – the signature of all Bond films), THE JAMES BOND STORY also features interviews with Q (the late Desmond Llewelyn), Maud Adams, Jane Seymour, Terence Young (director), Cubby Broccoli (producer), Ian Fleming and more, along with extensive film clips from Dr. No to The World is Not Enough. This action packed documentary presents an in-depth look at the quintessential spy who has a license to kill.
Fox Lorber CentreStage will offer trade and consumer support for promotion of THE JAMES BOND STORY, including a national radio campaign in 20 top markets; post street date advertising in Premiere Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and more. Additionally, Fox Lorber CentreStage is conducting an exclusive online promotion at www.thejamesbondstory.com (trade site launch – 3/20/2000, consumer site launch – 4/25/2000), which will offer sweepstakes, contests and prizes to help drive customers in store.

Fox Lorber CentreStage distributes non-theatrical programming focusing on performance and the arts. It is a branded label of Winstar TV & Video’s home video division, a Winstar New Media Company. Other labels include Fox Lorber Films, Wellspring Media, Mystic Fire, and Winstar Home Entertainment.

Winstar New Media, a unit of Winstar Communications, Inc., is a diversified entertainment and information services company. The New York-based company produces and distributes business and consumer content through both interactive media and traditional media, including television, video, and radio.

Consumers can order directly by calling 1-800-414-1690 or by visiting Winstar’s website at www.winstarvideo.com.

# # #

PRE-ORDER DATE: April 5, 2000 GENRE: Documentary
STREET DATE: April 25, 2000 VHS SRP: $14.98
RATING: Not rated VHS CAT #: WHE71236
RUNNING TIME: 52 minutes SCREENERS/ART: Avail. upon request
DVD CAT #: WHE73083 DVD SRP: $19.98

Real TWINE Track Listing Revealed

Beginning November 9th, US consumers can begin buying the soundtrack to The World is Not Enough. And what they may find is that the tracks are a little different in title, length and order than previously thought.

Here`s the original track list:

1. World Is Not Enough, The – Garbage
2 .Show Me The Money
3. Q Boat Chase
4. Bonding At The Computer
5. M`s Confession
6. Baku
7. Ski Chase
8. Elektra`s Theme: The Bedroom
9. Spying In Baku
10. Going Down
11. Pipeline
12. M And Renard
13. Caviar Factory
14. Garotte
15. Elektra Upstairs
16. Submarine
17. Christmas In Turkey
18. Only Myself To Blame – Scott Walker

Now here is the revised track listing as of 11-4-99 with old titles and chart positions in parentheses:

1. The World Is Not Enough – Garbage 3:55
2. Show Me The Money 1:28
3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up (Q Boat Chase) 5:19
4. Access Denied (Bonding At The Computer) 1:33
5. M’s Confession 1:32
6. Welcome To Baku (Baku) 1:41
7. Casino (9.Spying In Baku) 2:55
8. Ice Bandits (7.Ski Chase) 3:52
9. Elektra’s Theme (8.Elektra’s Theme:The Bedroom) 2:06
10. Body Double (12.M And Renard) 3:00
11. Going Down: The Bunker (10. Going Down) 6:27
12. Pipeline (11.Pipeline) 4:15

Track 13 seems to be a new addition.

13. Remember Pleasure 2:45
14. Caviar Factory (13.) 6:01
15. Torture Queen (14. Garotte) 2:22
16. I Never Miss (15. Elektra Upstairs) 3:32
17. Submarine (16.) 10:19
18. Christmas In Turkey (17.) 1:27
19. Only Myself To Blame – Scott Walker (18.) 3:37

Netiher Scott Walker`s track nor Garbage`s theme song will accompany the closing credits. Instead, a techno version of the Bond theme, not unlike Moby`s, will usher movie goers out of the theater.

Oldies But Goodies

Dame Shirley Bassey will be back in music stores September 19th, 2000 with DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER:THE REMIX ALBUM. Bond afficianadoes will be interested in the song line up, which features the best of Shirley Bassey`s work re-mixed by some of the hottest DJs on the club scene. THE REMIX ALBUM includes the following songs:

-Where Do I Begin (awayTEAM)
-Goldfinger (Propellerheards)
-Light My Fire (Kenny Dope)
-Diamonds Are Forever (Mantronik)
-Easy Thing To Do (Nightmares On Wax)
-Never, Never, Never (Groove Armada)
-Big Spender (Wild Oscar)
-Spinning Wheel (DJ Spinna)
-Light My Fire (Twelftree)
-If You Go Away (DJ Skymoo aka Moloko)
-Moonraker (Superfunk)

Dame Bassey`s first Bond hit, “Goldfinger”, is on the new WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? soundtrack.

Guitarist/composer Vic Flick (The James Bond Theme with the John Barry Seven and featured guitarist on many of the James Bond films) is now in production on his latest CD entitled “James Bond Now”.

“Shaken Not Stirred,” “Nobody Does It Better” and “Live and Let Die” are three of the covered and original titles Flick is updating for this new compilation, now underway at Castle Oaks and Reseda Park Studios in California.

This title has been scheduled to be released as early as next month with Vic debuting the CD in person at Bond Weekend 2000 in New Orleans.

–Special thanks to Rebecca Schraner for her “heads up” on the new Shirley Bassey album.

License To Chill

Chromatic Records is getting set to release an album entitled “Licence to Chill”, a trip-hop tribute to the James Bond series. “Licence to Chill” is the brainchild of two musicians, Christoph Bull and Larry Washington, along with a host of guest musicians. The album is inspired by James Bond and the music that has transpired from his movies to enrich us all.

Track listing:

001. Introducing: JB
002. Diamonds Are Forever
003. Martini-Mix
004. Live And Let Die
005. Diamond Shake (Medley)
006. Concerto for G
007. License To Chill
008. Martini Dry
009. Diamonds R 4 Evah (Medley)
010. In The Hood Alone
011. Forever
012. You Know You Did (Live And Let Die – Reprise)
013. Moonraker – Streng Geheim
014. Outroducing: JB

Street date: Feb
Internet Date: Jan (check back with us here at crcinfo@aol.com)

Release dates, retailers, and other album information can be found at: www.chromaticrecords.com

For suggestions or questions on the album, email: crcinfo@aol.com or phone (310)-281-6274

For submissions write:
Chromatic Records
8391 Beverly Blvd. Suite 226
Los Angeles, CA USA 90048
or fax:

Jeff Marshall (Cyber) Studio Now Online!

For several years now, artist Jeff Marshall has been the point-man for a series of beautifully illustrated lithographs that not only recreate the world of 007, but harken back to the glory days of Bond poster artwork.

Now Jeff cordially invites you to visit Jeff Marshall Studio ONLINE, an “electronic gallery” showcasing his latest projects as well as past creative efforts.

Jeffmarshallstudio.com will go “live” October 1, 2000 as a celebration of his ongoing love affair with graphic arts, and a gathering spot for friends, fans and fellow artists. The centerpiece of the site will be an ever-growing display of his work for books, packaging,websites, private collections, posters and lithographs, and thoughts on his approach to the creative process.

Just as importantly, the site will help connect the artist to the ever-growing online community. Please take a moment to bookmark the gallery at www.jeffmarshallstudio.com. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with some of his work by reading an interview he did with David Morefield at www.ianfleming.org/mkkbb/magazine/jeffmarshall.shtml.

Hollywood Expo & Toy Show to Feature Mr. Bond

The next Hollywood Expo will host an amazing assortment of celebrities from everyone’s favorite movie and TV shows and an incredible array of movie memorabilia!

Bond fans buckle up: Meet 007 actor George Lazenby from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Meet famous James Bond Villain Richard Kiel (Jaws). Bond girls Caroline Munro and Gloria Hendry will be on hand to keep the guys in line. And don’t forget, this may be your only chance to see the new Q-Boat from “The World Is Not Enough” (courtesy the Ian Fleming Foundation). This working jet powered boat was the most expensive Bond gadget built to date costing a cool $5,000,000! Also appearing, the slightly more affordable BMW Z8 (Bond’s newest car) costing Bond fans a mere $130,000. But don’t worry, Bond fans will be floored at the selection of all of the 007 merchandise and spy goodies from top national retailers. Don’t miss SPY GUISE’s own Lee Pfeiffer (author of “The Essential Bond”). Also appearing: the regional BMW Z3 rally of more than 100 cars, and the Lotus Club of America! Bond fans unite!

The truth is out there…

X-File fans – the government is out to get you. (but you already knew that) William B Davis, best known as the Cigarette Smoking Man will entertain the audience with a self written :45 minute sketch of his best X-Files moments. Later Lone Gun Man Tom Braidwood will set the record straight as he shares his behind the scene moments. These two seasoned regulars will be joined by X-File guest stars Agent Spender – Chris Owens, Claire Stansfield – Jersey Devil, and William Sanderson (of Newhart and Bladerunner fame)

Sci-Fi fans prepare for a jump to light speed! Join us as we welcome the beautiful Claudia Christian of Babylon 5, Walter Koenig – Star Trek’s Chekov, Star Wars actors Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca, Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett, Tim Rose – Admiral Ackbar, Star Trek Klingon sisters Barbara March and Gwynyth Walsh, and many others still pending.

Over 150 exhibitors will bring there finest old and new collectibles, movie memorabilia, toys, comics, cards and more.

If that isn’t enough, let the kids duke it out in the Pokemon card tournament, or Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium demos. Other video games will be at hand for demo, and sale.

For more information, to schedule interviews at the show with the celebrities, to inquire on show sponsorships or booth space, contact Ben Stevens at 972-578-0213 or email him at Plano Show. For up to the minute celebrity additions, tickets, schedules, etc. check out HollywoodExpo.com.

Heineken Launches Ad Campaign Supporting “The World is Not Enough”

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 8,1999–James Bond might be known for his martinis (shaken, not stirred, thank you), but in a national television ad breaking this week, Bond`s gadget man “Q” affirms his preference for Heineken.

The campaign, supporting Heineken`s sponsorship of the November 19 launch of the new James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, features Desmond Llewelyn (a.k.a. “Q”) in :30 television spots and radio ads describing gadgets he`s concocted to help him enjoy a bottle of Heineken beer. A corresponding print ad, which will run in November publications such as Sports Illustrated and TimeOut New York, includes a photo of a cold Heineken with the tagline “Some things shouldn`t be shaken or stirred,” and a teaser for the new film. Llewelyn is a veteran of Bond films, appearing in more than any other actor since the inception of the series in the early `60`s.

“Heineken prides itself on staying on top of the latest in movies and popular trends,” says Dan Tearno, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Heineken USA. “We`re very excited to be supporting The World Is Not Enough, showcasing James Bond, the most successful film franchise of the century!”

The campaign marks the second time Heineken has supported the James Bond franchise, after having sponsored the last Bond film, 1997`s Tomorrow Never Dies. Heineken also created a major ad campaign and sponsorship program for last summer`s Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me hit. Heineken`s support of The World Is Not Enough also includes point-of-sale items, such as table tents, standees and banners, along with a consumer offer for a Heineken/James Bond leather jacket.

Lowe & Partners/SMS (New York), Heineken`s advertising agency, created the campaign. Heineken USA, Inc., the nation`s largest beer importer, is a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. (Netherlands), which is the world`s second-largest brewer. Brands imported into the U.S. include: Heineken Lager, the world`s most international beer brand; Heineken Special Dark, Amstel Light, the largest-selling imported light beer brand; Murphy`s Irish Stout; Murphy`s Irish Amber, the only authentically Irish amber imported to the U.S., and Buckler non-alcoholic brew.

Fleming’s Real Life Spy’s Passport

LONDON (Reuters) – A passport that James Bond creator Ian Fleming used in a real-life wartime spy mission fetched $24,850 at auction Thursday, more than five times the estimate, Sotheby`s said.

Fleming used the passport during a secret World War II operation, code named “Goldeneye,“ to ensure that communications between London and Gibraltar would remain open if Spain had taken Germany`s side. Fleming`s role was to set up the “Goldeneye“ office in the British colony at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea and persuade the United States to collaborate in the mission.

The passport — stamped “Valid for a journey to Gibraltar and return“ on Feb. 16, 1941– had been expected to fetch between $3,000-$4,800, Sotheby`s said. Fleming, whose novels about the suave, fictitious secret agent inspired the blockbuster film series, named his house in Jamaica “Goldeneye“ — also the title of a 1995 Bond screen adventure starring Pierce Brosnan as agent 007.

Bond Poster Licensed To Thrill

Before he joined the Kiwanis family in its fight to save the world from iodine deficiency disorders (IDD), Roger Moore saved humanity from nuclear destruction in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. Moore, who starred in the movie as British agent James Bond, now fills the role of honorary chairman of Kiwanis’ Worldwide Service Project.

Barbara Bach and Richard Kiel as “Jaws” join Roger Moore on a movie poster with 007 appeal. The memory of the 007 production is preserved in a limited edition poster, which is being sold in support of the project to virtually eliminate the leading, preventable cause of mental retardation, IDD. Officially licensed by the 007 producers, the autographed lithograph is available at the Spy Guise Web site catalog (www.spyguise.com/shop.html) for $100. Thirty percent of each sale will be donated to the Kiwanis family’s IDD campaign.

For more details visit The Kiwanis Organization.

Best Buy Creates Bond Theme World For Collectors

MGM Home Entertainment (NYSE:MGM) and Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today announced a long-term strategic alliance to promote the most successful franchise in film history, James Bond. Beginning in 2002, North America’s leading electronics retailer, Best Buy, will team up with the ultimate technology gadget guru, James Bond, to celebrate the impending release of the 20th film in the series on November 22, 2002.

Best Buy Co., Inc. stores, including Best Buy, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast, On-Cue and Future Shop, will create special Bond-themed environments within the stores to provide one-stop-shopping for consumers and establish the retailer as a premiere Bond retailer. Merchandise will include Bond DVD box sets, soundtracks, the James Bond interactive product line, as well as licensed product and related merchandise from promotional partners. Best Buy will support the effort with a multi-faceted marketing campaign including advertising circulars featuring James Bond that will be distributed to 50 million consumers, a Bond-themed sweepstakes and a Best Buy “Fun Zone” technology truck outfitted as a mobile Bond activity center. In addition, Best Buy stores will host the exclusive retail launch of the Bond 20 trailer.

“As the premier retailer of technology and entertainment products, Best Buy was our first choice for an alliance in support of our biggest film property,” said Blake Thomas, executive vice president of marketing – MGM Home Entertainment. “The Best Buy management team is known for its marketing prowess, and we are thrilled to be working with them on a campaign celebrating the imminent release of the 20th film in the Bond Franchise.”
“The high-tech gadgets and all-out action found throughout the James Bond series perfectly fits the interests of our customers, especially when delivered on DVD,” said Jeff Maynard, vice president of marketing services for Best Buy. “The enduring popularity of the James Bond franchise and the marketing savvy of MGM sets the stage for an exceptionally successful retail campaign.”

About EON Productions Eon Productions/Danjaq, LLC, is owned by the Broccoli family and has produced nineteen James Bond films since 1962. The Bond films make up the most successful franchise in film history and include the recent blockbuster films GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough, produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Eon Productions and Danjaq, LLC, are affiliate companies and control all worldwide merchandising of the James Bond franchise.

About MGM Home Entertaiment MGM Home Entertainment controls the home video and DVD rights to the largest modern library of filmed entertainment in the world. The Company manages worldwide home video and DVD distribution rights to United Artists and current Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatrical releases, as well as titles from Orion, Goldwyn, and PolyGram libraries, totaling more than 4,100 films. For more information about MGM Home Entertainment, its products, and services, access MGM online at www.mgmhomevideo.com.

MGM Home Entertainment is now offering access to publicity artwork through a new image database website located at www.mgmhe-art.com. After initial registration, users may log in at any time and have access to downloadable, high-resolution images including DVD and VHS box and key art, title treatments and a wide variety of publicity stills. Artwork is available for all MGM titles that are currently in the marketplace.

About Best Buy Co., Inc. Minneapolis-based Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) is North America’s number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances. The Company operates retail stores and commercial web sites under the names: Best Buy (BestBuy.com), Future Shop (FutureShop.ca); Magnolia Hi-Fi (MagnoliaHiFi.com), Media Play (MediaPlay.com), On Cue (OnCue.com), Sam Goody (SamGoody.com), and Suncoast (Suncoast.com). The Company reaches consumers through more than 1,800 retail stores in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Collecting with A View To A Kill on James Bond

“A long time ago and far away,” Bond author Raymond Benson created a text adventure for the personal computer that allowed Bond fans to enter the world of A View To A Kill. Recently I asked Mr. Benson about this historic piece of Bond memorabilia, not commonly seen today… see below the interview our extensive listing detailing the many other “View” collectibles sought after today…

Matt Sherman: “Do you have any insight for us on the “A View To A Kill” text adventure you authored? Could you give us a brief rundown of the creative process involved? Were there interesting tie-in considerations to the MGM film that added to the creative process? Was it ever re-issued in a format that modern MAC and IBM users could play on today?”

Raymond Benson: “Wow, that was a long time ago. I had been hired by a software firm in White Plains, New York, called Angelsoft, which had been contracted by Mindscape to develop a series of text adventure “interactive fiction” games along the lines of the Infocom games (Zork I, Zork II and III, etc.). I remember that all we had to work with was the shooting script for “A View to a Kill”. (I also did the “Goldfinger” game, and a game based on Stephen King`s short story “The Mist”.)

My job was “designer and writer” and so I came up with the plot, locales, characters, dialogue, descriptions…everything one reads in the game as text, as well as how the game was played, what the player had to do, etc. We were limited in size and scope in those days, and the game probably seems pretty crude by today`s standards. It originally was published in the fall of 1985, for the IBM, Mac, and Apple IIc platforms. I`m not sure, but if you could get your hands on an IBM format, it might work on today`s PC. I only have Apple IIc copies, myself, and of course they`re dinosaurs.

I didn`t have any communication with EON on the game…perhaps Angelsoft did. I`m pretty sure EON had approval over our final game design, but I don`t remember having any problems. As I recall, the game is pretty faithful to the final film. (We also got to see a “rough cut” in New York…the film without the score or sound effects…which was very weird!)

There was a producer working with me and a lead programmer. There were probably one or two other programmers working under the lead person, but I`m not sure now. I do remember that no one was credited at all! I think that was the standard back then unless you were Richard Garriott or one of the early superstar game designers. (Oh yeah…the president of Angelsoft was a guy named Mercer Mayer, a famous children`s book writer who created “Grandpa and Me”, “Grandma and Me”, etc. I think the company folded two or three years later and he went back to doing what he does best…writing children`s books.)

That`s about all I can remember! –Raymond Benson”

More AVTAK Collectibles Besides the rare AVTAK text game by Raymond Benson, whose different boxes await your discovery in hobby shops and in garage sales in several different, now extremely difficult to find versions, there are lovely AVTAK collectibles available, if in sparse amounts and diversity compared to say, “Goldfinger” or “GoldenEye” goodies. Look for the following while you await forthcoming Grace Jones action figures and limited edition rock salt guns from…?

AVTAK Posters It is worth noting that “View” was the last Bond film to use hand drawn, “painted” poster artwork. All following films (in fact, Hollywood films in general) switched to photo stills and computer graphic montage designs in the late `80s.

I have included an 800 x 600 graphic with some of the different designs used in the AVTAK campaign. Click on the image on this page to see a blowup rendering of the graphic to download to your desktop, featuring some of the distinctive AVTAK campaigns.

More unusual poster campaigns highlighted AVTAK tie-ins to Renault cars and Michelin tires. Michelin was the brand Bond “sucks” from while underwater beneath Zorin and May Day. Shots of The Michelin Man are also strategically placed in the scene where Sir Godfrey Tibbett (Patrick Macnee) gets his Rolls washed–again. French car maker Renault gave away a new Renault 11 Turbo along with 100 AVTAK soundtrack cassettes for runners up in their big contest.

AVTAK Books “From A View To A Kill” was one of several of author Ian Fleming`s short stories featuring James Bond. “FAVTAK” (should that be pronounced “PHAV-TACK?”) first appeared in the compendium of Bond shorts entitled, “For Your Eyes Only”. This title, first printed as a complete set of five stories in 1960, was the sole Jonathan Cape book to utilize a glossy dustjacket for Bond. (Artist Richard Chopping once explained that he was fussed at incessantly by Ian Fleming. over many “re-paintings”, until he made the color of Bond`s eye visible through the peephole on the dustjacket that just-so shade of blue and gray that Fleming imagined Bond`s eyes to be.)

Completists collecting For Your Eyes Only for its AVTAK association need to grab everything from its large print edition for libraries to the two variant paperback covers by Signet, and not less than four completely different Pan covers from the UK, including the “stamp cover” and a young Melina with bow and arrow at the ready, plus British-run children`s editions with text edited down for young readers and more salacious comments lifted or changed, and countless variant covers by Jove, Berkley, Triad Granada and Coronet, and then foreign editions in at least eight languages other than English. The dustjacket artwork by Cuthill on the British Book Club is noteworthy, as is the pretty Michael J. Fein hardback edition rendered by Christoph Blumrich. (See accompanying photo collage of many of the covers on this page.)

Getting two full-length movies from one short story set including FAVTAK and FYEO is not bad, as good as even Stephen King has managed, and perhaps someday we fans can thrill to “Risico,” “The Hildebrand Rarity,” and “Quantum of Solace” on screen, lifted from the For Your Eyes Only collection. I can hear the script in my head now…”I`m going top kill you, Mr. Bond, to help ensure my quantum of solace for the afternoon.” “Not quite yet, Maximillian Risico. I was always better concerning the Hildebrand rarity.”

AVTAK Magazines and Comics Comics fans and completists can grab the two-part serial of the FYEO movie or the countless magazine tie-ins to AVTAK from the Bond fan clubs and popular media. Sharper Image catalogs of the `80s featuring Melina`s crossbow from the FYEO film and AVTAK related items are especially noteworthy.

In comic form went original artwork and fun for the four-part “Find Your Fate” AVTAK series of children`s books. You only need any one of the four movie tie-in books to fantasize and role play as Bond to help him destroy Zorin`s master plans. A very rare French version went to print of these books using a different color palate on the cover, making it look as though Roger Moore has had way too much carrot juice to drink on the set!

AVTAK Toys and Vehicles Corgi issued no Bond goodies between the release of their “Octopussy” and “GoldenEye” lines twelve years apart, but Matchbox fans can still find both the Renault taxi that Bond sliced and then diced and also the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II he used for “deep cover” with “Sir Godfrey Tibbett” assisting. Matchbox also created prototypes of a full vehicle set, an “Action Pack” with a Russian helicopter and San Francisco police car thrown in, which went unreleased.

Lone Star Toys produced a gun and holster set , sold in Europe, to tie in to the new movie. The set featured a cap shooting Walther PPK, with AVTAK shoulder holster and strap.

AVTAK Locations The Chateau Chantilly in the French countryside may be visited today by the fans desperately seeking Zorin, and no trip to Paris is complete without a spin up to the top of the Eiffel Tower where May Day caused a sensation (or should we say cause celebre instead?). Marvelous atmosphere shots and exteriors were lensed all over the San Francisco area as well. (Bond Weekend 2001, anyone? Iceland, which doubled for “Siberia” in the pre-credits sequence, is out for sure.)

AVTAK Props I don`t know how I would feel about owning a rock salt gun redo in my house or Q`s snooper pet, although a trick jockey`s whip could come in handy around the office (for keeping the British end up? Loud groan!) but “Bedlum” has some astounding AVTAK props in his catalog this month online at The Williams Collection.

Other Collectibles Chevron gasoline got into the Bond XIV act also. When Bond “protests” Zorin`s oil pumping station, in deleted scenes, (see photo and related story elsewhere at 007Forever) guess which brand of hat he wears? And when Stacey accidentally swings the fire engine ladder, with Bond on top, into a gas station, guess which corporate franchise is demolished in spectacular fashion, sign crashing down onscreen?

AVTAK scored in a box as “role playing on Her Majesty`s Secret Service module/game from Victory Games.” The artwork is fun, though I am not sure if it is a horse or the Tour Eiffel which is meant to be exploding!

A fun 45 record was run of the popular title song, which opened to reveal bullet holes inside.

The summer of ’85, of course, had Duran Duran claiming the pinnacle spot of BILLBOARD`S Top 100 Singles. The song lasted three weeks at the #1 spot, the first time a Bond tune had reached #1 in the United States (though other songs including Goldfinger came close on the charts). Duran Duran fever hit an all time high–and James Bond in our zeitgeist was all the better for it.

Some of the more unusual AVTAK LP`s and tapes are sought after, especially foreign versions. AVTAK artwork has also graced countless CD, VHS, Beta, Criterion LaserDisc and DVD versions to date with more in the works.

**In an article entitled “Hot Resurgence” by Tom Conroy and Rob Sheffield for the August 20, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, AVTAK was credited with the resurgence of snowboarding worldwide. Chris Ernst, founder of California’s Lord of the Boards series, concurred:

“The troubles started around 1985, when the James Bond film A View to a Kill featured a Grecian Formula-slickened Roger Moore busting down the slopes on a single plank. Ever since, snowboarding has been jammed down our collective throat and has brought with it such scourges as tongue studs, tattoos, baggy parkas and any number of bad bands. Though no one asked, they’ve begun to rap.”

Even musical artists have gotten in on the AVTAK action. “Shadz” of “Lingo” released the 1994 album “A View To A Kill”, while the punk/new wave band “Gob” did a thoroughly forgettable remake of Bond XIV’s title song, released in 1997.

Collecting with a “Butterfinger” on James Bond

Our exclusive interview with Craig Chenery, one of that rare breed who makes fan props in addition to owning a mega-collection.

Matt Sherman: How did you start collecting Bond?

Craig Chenery: Well, I`ve been a Bond fan for as long as I can remember. I was a wide-eyed kid playing with my Corgi Aston Martin and eagerly awaiting the release of the next movie! But my collecting has really taken off in the last five years, since I started writing my hit screenplay entitled, “Butterfinger” with my co-author pal, Dan. And, of course, the first Bond movie I saw, like many out there, was “Goldfinger”.

Matt: How did you start making your own “fan props”? Tell us about them?

Craig: I`ve always loved drawing and designing things on my computer. So designing new CD cases, video boxes and toy boxes is very appealing to me. And being limited to a certain amount of display space, I am always trying to come up with creative ways to display 007 pieces. Recent items I created were several custom figures to match the rest of the Exclusive Premiere series. I did a Roger Moore in full Tuxedo and a Sean Connery with long-sleeved shirt plus a shoulder holster. Also, I once made a custom box for the wonderful BMW Motorcycle from Tomorrow Never Dies. Now, my cheaper version of the bike was released by “Road and Track”. But is an exact replica of Bond`s bike and closely matches the more expensive BMW model, for only a few dollars. I recommend it, especially when you can make custom packaging for just a few dollars more! For the “Johnny Lightning” car series out recently, I have started creating packaging and obtaining vehicles for the bond movies not in the current series. At this time I have done a GoldenEye Ferrari and Aston Martin to my own specs, plus a “Man With The Golden Gun” AMC hornet and a Mercedes Benz from Octopussy.

I have also made a “For Your Eyes Only” Roger Moore standee. See our links to the stories of Dean Williams’ fan-made props, at BackBurner Productions.

Matt: How many James Bond items do you own?

Craig: I`m not entirely sure. At last “official count” I was approaching 800 items. [Mumbles under his breath…796…]

Matt: So, your favorite item, which you own?

Craig: This is a tough question! Obviously there are some pieces that I`ve invested a lot of money into and there are others that my friends, family or my fiancee have bought for me and each of those holds special memories for me. But I think I`d have to say my very favorite is an original advertising mat for the first theatrical release of Goldfinger. An ad mat is a rubber stamp formerly used in the printing industry for creating the original impressions of advertisements in newspapers and theatrical flyers. This one dates back to 1964! Joint runner ups would be my James Bond Film Festival poster advertising Thunderball that I don`t know too much about…any suggestions from the 007Forever fans?…and a personal fave, the Variety two-page picture spread dated 1986 announcing the first day’s shooting work on “The Living Daylights.” I am currently converting this photo to a gorgeous framed display with some promotional napkins and other special Living Daylights items I own.

Matt: Any exciting “war stories” for us on how you earned a special collectible or funny stories on how a rare collectible got away?

Craig: A few years back I found a pristine set of Tarot Cards from Live And Let Die at an antique store for a very reasonable price. The store I was at had a restaurant in one corner. [Matt: A real “Collectors’ Corner.” Craig: You bet!] But I had the cards on my tray and when I disposed of my food I also disposed of my tarot cards! Of course I didn`t realize my great blunder until I was on my way home two hours later! One is probably first aware when rooting through disposed garbage that your James Bond hobby has taken on a whole new level of excitement! I`ve also had a few instances, probably like many 007Forever fans, when I discovered a choice item at a store, and then gone to an ATM machine or to walk around and think over a purchase only to return and someone else has purchased it! But that happens to the best of us collectors. I have since learned to “buy it when I see it.” I really don`t fight too hard to obtain Bond things. I have the theory that if I`m destined to own something I will get it in time…but if that is the theory, “WHERE ARE MY TAROT CARDS?” 🙂

Matt: Are you considering a trip as a dealer/fan to Bond Collectors` Weekend in New Orleans, probably September 2000?

Craig: Hmm…September…my birthday…Yep, I`m definitely considering it! It`s a long way from Phoenix though. I will more than likely go as a fan. To haul all my stuff across the country is a feat I`m not sure I`m prepared to face just yet…!

Matt: What are some of the trends you foresee in Bond collecting?

Craig: In my humble opinion, I think it`s very tough to predict at the moment. With the ever-increasing world of auction sites everything is becoming a “collectible.” I`m seeing a lot of prices go up on items for little reason. Don`t get me wrong, I have actually found some of the auction sites quite useful but mainly from a research point of view. They have been a very good resource in discovering items I hadn`t yet seen before. But in my opinion it does take a lot of the fun out of collecting. Half the fun is stumbling upon something you are not looking for when you are out. My friends have often pointed out that I must have “Double-Oh vision!” I seem to be able to find things in the strangest of places.

Matt: How have your Bond prices/inventory changed over the year?

Craig: In all honesty I prefer to do trading rather than selling. I find I get attached to items and then I find it hard to let them go. Usually I`ll trade if I get duplicates of items. But even then it can be tough. I think I`ve reached the point where collecting changes into hoarding. 🙂 My fiancee has changed from calling it a hobby to a habit to “obsession.” I don`t like putting items up for auction if I can help it. I`m not out for a profit, I like being able to share rare items when I find them.

Matt: Do you have any tips for aspiring Bond collectors?

Craig: Absolutely! The way I try (emphasis on try!) to collect is to focus on a certain area at a time. At the moment I am focusing on quality trading cards. When I feel like that area is complete I move on to the next. But the most important thing is to enjoy your hobby. Collecting Bond memorabilia is a ton of fun. It`s a great way to meet new people and make new friends also, like at your Bond Collectors’ Weekends. There are a lot of great collectibles out there and a lot of ways to discover them. Be it the Internet, toy stores, comic book stores or old bookstores (my personal favorite source from which some of my most valuable and favorite pieces have been found). One more word of advice, in my opinion the fans should be wary of auction sites. Do your homework before placing a bid on something. Make sure you are bidding what the item is worth. It is very easy to overpay on something when caught up in a bidding war. A little time researching can save you a lot of disappointment when the product arrives. Believe me I`ve been there. “Burned and learned,” so to speak. Another good tip…if you ever decide to photograph your collection, make sure the room you set it up in is on a ground floor…hauling 25 boxes up and down three flights of stairs is no joke. 🙂 Also if you happen to be in Phoenix area you can visit my collection and check out the “Empire of Toys.” My personal Bond haven.

Matt: What else do you specialize in?

Craig: There`s more to life than James Bond? Oh! Thanks, Matt!

Collecting the Asian World of James Bond

In Roger Somchai ’s own words for 007Forever (Roger is a super-collector of Asian Bond goodies):

“About myself, I was a 007 fan since I was a child, I love 007’s artwork first, then music, then movies. My favorite Bond is Roger Moore and “Spy” is my favorite film. In fact, I enjoy nonstop big scenes, new devices and exciting stunning locales more than the story, so “You Only Live Twice” and “Moonraker” are also my Bonds to love. In my homepage, every item is for sale, but I myself have many, not for sale items…maybe 1,000 items? They represent my collection since I was a child and sites like 007Forever, Lee Pfeiffer’s site, and auctions online also help me plenty.

Because I am a TV station’s supervisor and run work for a local “infotainment” program, I always have chance to know more, see more and even get more…last year when Pierce Brosnan came to Hong Kong for the Tomorrow Never Dies movie I got the chance to interview with him face to face, but I did not have courage to take pics with him! What a pity!! In fact, he had come here twice and I met him twice and lost my chances twice too! [Not good, because You Only Film Twice–Editors]

I have “good connections” in Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong so I can get official stuff so very easily for the fans of 007Forever.

In my personal collection, my favorite piece is a 007-logo shaped radio, I got it two years before now when I went to New York and visited the home of SpyGuise [Lee Pfeiffer’s shop]. The clock was made in Hong Kong and came from the early 1970’s, very Roger Moore, I love it very much! In fact, I have spent so much money in my collection, that online purchases are every night’s job…help me, I can’t stop it! I hope that my so-called Bond business can make me some money back…not profit, at least not to lose too much, anyway! Last year when I went to Japan, I bought some rare Bond items.

I got an old OHMSS poster, original “From Russia” program sheet and a nice Thunderball model, the prices were really very high and at that time I thought that the other Bond fans will be interested with them…but now the fact is that no one would like to buy them so finally they became part of my own collection. Poor me, right?

About the Bond Collectors’ Weekend in New Orleans, I will not be visiting, probably, because it’s a little too far from Hong Kong. Come here instead! [Maybe we will for BCW 2001–Editors]

I, myself, besides Bond, am also a collector of camouflage gear, I collect every possible item of camouflage color, and would like to be a camouflage man or secret agent.

I look forward to trading items with the 007Forever Bond fans. Write soon!
Yours, Roger”

You may write Roger Somchai and see his pages at Asian Bond Collectibles.

Collecting On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Charles Helfenstein just might be the premier collector of memorabilia surrounding the 1969 James Bond movie “On Her Majesty`s Secret Service.”

It was that collection, and his connections with the film`s director, Peter Hunt, which brought Mr. Helfenstein from his Mount Pleasant home to Hollywood and to the attention of the producer of a new series of Bond films for DVD.

“I don`t think anybody could do in-depth research on `On Her Majesty`s Secret Service` without talking to Charles,” said John Cork, one of three producers of the DVDs and the director of the documentary portion of the videos. “We interviewed more people involved with `Majesty` than anybody has in the past.” The film`s director and producer were interviewed, as well as George Lazenby, the star.

For the full story, be sure to visit the Frederick News-Post.

Collecting James Bond From Behind The Camera

Matt Sherman: “Tell us about your professional association with the new special edition sets of Bond DVDs.”

Paul Scrabo: Well, I helped with the Bond Special Edition LaserDiscs of “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball” that came out in 1995. Lee Pfeiffer, John Cork and Mark Cerulli were the brains behind them. We were friends, of course, and since my spouse George Ann is a lighting director, and I have shot and edited various video projects, we did some of the photography, and I helped assemble a few of the commentary tracks. The elements were used later again for their DVD versions. With the newer Bond DVDs coming out, produced by David Naylor, John Cork and Bruce Scivally, we were a small part of a huge team of videographers who traveled all over with the producers.

Matt: “Why did you start collecting from the exotic world of James Bond, 007? What types of collectibles do you like the most?”

Paul: Well, I saw Goldfinger in the theatre back in 1965 (!) and loved the entire Bond style. I’m sure some of us almost chronicle our lives through the Bond films that came out during the years! I’m happy that I’m married to a marvelous woman who likes James Bond (O.H.M.S.S. is her favorite) and appreciates collectibles. We’re not completists, but we like the more unusual items…and the Corgi toys!

Matt: “What are some of your most prized 007 and Hollywood Treasures?”

Paul: Our favorites aren’t necessarily the most expensive; but we did get hold of a Moonraker pinball machine, which sometimes works! I suppose our most “prized” item is the O.H.M.S.S. wedding ring that we were LUCKY to get at the Christie’s auction a few years ago. Now, they say it’s most likely a promotional copy, that a few were made for jewelry stores to promote the film, but no one has seen any more of these, and a Bond collecting expert of some note has said, “It just could be the one.” (!)

As far as a prized “Hollywood Collectible”; I only have one; but it is from my all-time favorite film, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”; the original Jack Davis painting for the film’s poster.

Matt: “Tell us about Scrabo.com and its features, Bond and non-Bond related.”

Paul: It’s really a home base to connect with nice and creative people. It has 200 megabytes of space, which is pretty huge. I’ve only used ten percent so far, and that’s a lot of pages and graphics! I just enjoy doing projects, and sharing fun things we’ve participated in. The FOR BOND FANS ONLY section has new items added all the time; photos from the assorted Bond events, rarities like Desmond’s speech from the Cubby tribute (in Streaming Audio). The Bond sites out there are remarkable! No way could I top them! My Bond section could not keep up with the latest news, but it will always have off-beat attractions!

The FRONT ROW section is dedicated to a show I’ve been producing that deals with cult/movie fandom. Different RealVideo episodes all the time, we have authors on, b-movie stars, etc. So far, it’s being broadcast on DUTV in Philadelphia as well! Rich Scrivani is the host, and he does a fantastic job. Of course, we plan to do a “Bond” show, with Lee Pfeiffer as the guest! The INDEPENDENT FILM section deals with my support and affection for low-budget filmmakers, and my slow going attempt to make a feature. The web site is fun, not for any profit, so please check it out!

Matt: “What are some of your fondest memories for Bond?”

Paul: To meet Lois Maxwell and Desmond, and tell them how much they played a part in your life, as I’m sure many reading this have. The behind the scenes people like Derek Meddings. He was so nice. And John Barry. But the best memories, truly, are with “the group”, the Bond fans, all of us together. Great people.

Matt: “What’s next and upcoming at Scrabo.com?”

Paul: Photo albums from some of our Bondian trips, lots of nostalgia, some rarities. Whatever may be fun!

–Paul Scrabo and George Ann Muller are too modest about their amazing James Bond collectibles, some of which they will share at Bond Weekend 2000 this September.

Collecting Great Spies With Danny Biederman

Danny Biederman is a screenwriter, author, and consultant specializing in movie and TV spy fiction. His credits include scripts for NBC and ABC TV shows, including the MGM spy series Gavilan starring Robert Urich, and The Avengers: The Journey Back hosted by Patrick Macnee. He produced and directed the documentary A Spy For All Seasons featuring Sean Connery and developed scripts for Paramount’s The Renegades, and the children’s series
Bugzburg and James Bond, Jr.

Biederman has worked extensively for MGM Studios as a special consultant on the James Bond property, providing expert advice on all aspects of the world’s most famous fictional spy. He is the author of EMI’s The Best of Bond…James Bond, an internationally marketed CD booklet covering the entire history of the 007 film series. Danny has been published in dozens of international magazines and best-selling books. He has written about the spy genre for such publications as Playboy, the Los Angeles Times, P.O.V., and Emmy. He has also consulted on the world of pop spies for American Movie Classics, Landmark Theaters, American Cinematheque, Taft Entertainment, MGM, and veteran producer Sam Rolfe.

Biederman lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Bea, and their children Illya, Moriah Flint, and Bond-all named for fictional spies.

–Watch for our soon upcoming interview with Danny Biederman at 007Forever. Danny’s collection has recently made trips to top spy shows and a special, private showing inside CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia!

Collecting Celebrities With Jordan Charter

Matt Sherman: You are planning an upcoming “Thunderball” showing for the big screen. What was your inspiration for that…why did you choose Thunderball for the fans to see again?

Jordan Charter: Ah yes. I chose Thunderball because this year is it’s 35th Anniversary, and since a lot of young fans only have gotten to see it on video or TBS but they didn’t get to see it on the big screen. Which is the way a Bond film should be seen. I got my inspiration from watching the film. I was ill one day and Bond always makes me feel better and I chose Thunderball to watch, well, about halfway through the film and I said to myself, “This is one of those films where you need to see it on the big screen,” so I jotted down some ideas and eventually I had organized a little celebration.

I have put this on the back burner until I can ask Sean Connery to attend. Really! I get to meet numerous celebrities here and there. Literally last night, I met Cher and the wrestler Goldberg. I also got to meet the Playboy triplets (again)! Also, my current home of South Dakota really has little of Mr. Bond to see! Sure we have casinos, ski resorts, and the like but nothing really to see that far in depth. So far, I have planned on taking guests to “Reptile Gardens” where a crocodile from “Live and Let Die” is on display and to “Nelson’s Car Garage” where several props are on display, including the Aston Martin from The Living Daylights and the Cagiva motorcycle from GoldenEye. I’ll keep you updated on that. I may just have to push the date for it back a little. I’ll let you and everyone at 007Forever know what’s going on and when.

Matt: What started you on collecting Mr. Bond’s world?

Jordan: This is a hard question to answer. I know I became a fan after seeing The Spy Who Loved Me, seeing “Atlantis” rising out of the water was mesmerizing for me. Anyway, whenever I saw something James Bond I’d buy it. Then I got Internet access early on, in 1995, and it became easier to find stuff, and I just kept getting more and more! In the month of July of last year I spent around $3,000 on Bond memorabilia!

My collection has around 600 pieces of quality Bond stuff. Not too shabby in my opinion! Just yesterday I realized that I have literally no place for anymore stuff! But that won’t stop me! 🙂 Matt: What, in your opinion, then, makes collecting James Bondiana better than, say, collecting dust or rare toilet tank fittings? Jordan: LOL! Well, I like the hunt for something new and unusual and I like to spend money. In a way, I feel this is better than investing in the stock market because you know this stuff will go up in value, and the only way you can lose is if you have a natural disaster or don’t know how to properly keep your stuff mint.

I don’t just collect for the money aspect either, though, I just like James Bond and that’s reason enough, isn’t it?

Matt: What’s the most outrageous collectible(s) you own? What would be a fantasy collectible you would like to own?

Jordan: Outrageous? Well I don’t know if I have anything I’d call outrageous. I did buy a “Goldfinger” Furby off of eBay.com but when I received it, it turned out someone had just taken one of those McDonalds Furbys and painted it gold and stuck it to a wood pedestal! That is the only mistake in buying James Bond I feel I have ever made. I keep it out just as a reminder not to be such a fool again!

Matt: Tell us about your “brushes with greatness,” Jordan, with stars like Willie Nelson and Sean Connery.

Jordan: Where I live is near a small city, Sturgis. Every year in Sturgis there is the world famous “Sturgis Motorcycle Rallies and Races,” anyway, the area hires big name celebrities for entertainment. I am really good friends with a man who owns a big hotel where the biggest celebrities stay when they visit. He thinks I’m the Black Hills’ “ambassador of goodwill” if you will! : ) So he always introduces me to the stars. So far I have met Willie Nelson, the Playboy Triplets from the December ’99 issue, Chubby Checker, the Coasters, Kevin Costner, the Kennedys (JFK, Jr. most notable of the bunch). Those are just a few people I’ve met.

As for Sean Connery, my mom works with someone that is a good friend of his and she set up a dinner meeting for us. Sean Connery comes up here every once in awhile to get away from it all. Apparently maintains a home in this area somewhere, I don’t know for sure. Anyway we had dinner, and spoke at length, and we got along quite famously, actually. I held off on the “taking pictures and interviewing him” for the next time we meet. I didn’t want to leave that kind of impression on him on the first meeting. It was a hard thing for me not to do as a fan!

Matt: Tell him Matt Sherman of 007Forever says “hello”. He’s one of my biggest fans!

Jordan: LOL!

Matt: Tell us about meeting “Plenty O’Toole” at Bond Collectors’ Weekend in Las Vegas. You interviewed her for your website?

Jordan: Well I owe thanks to you, Alan Stephenson, Michael Kersey and the other Bond Weekend hosts for that, don’t I? I attended your second annual Bond Collectors’ Weekend last year in Las Vegas and had a wonderful time! One of your special guests was Lana Wood and weeks before going to the meeting I a asked a newsgroup online what questions should be asked for the interview you set for me to do, and they gave me some pretty strange ones too! I added my own questions to their list and when we were sitting at the head table together in Planet Hollywood, above the Diamonds Are Forever Moonbuggy and Octopussy Bede Jet, Lana graciously allowed me to interview her at length and we had a marvelous informal chat as well.

I was afraid I was going to miss her dramatic entrance into Planet Hollywood since Don and Marsha McGregor were standing in line with me for the “Atlantis” ride there nearby Planet Hollywood in Caesars Palace. As we stood in line I kept saying, “We’re going to miss Lana!” So we jumped out of line, got a refund and ran all the way back to Planet Hollywood! As it turned out she wasn’t even supposed to be there for another hour until Weekend attendees finished their meals! I got a lot of ribbing by Don for that! That was an interesting day for everyone, wasn’t it?

Matt: It was. I was nearly arrested at the airport while Lana and an actress friend sped away in Bond’s Aston Martin with Jim Sieff and Nate Sears. I am delighted to announce that Don & Marsha McGregor of Bond Weekend fame, will be joining us again at this year’s Bond Weekend, next month in New Orleans. Don;s interviews are at 007Forever for those interested in researching his work. Is Don a loony guy or what?

Jordan: He is a very loony guy, but he’s a cool guy! I am delighted to get to see Don again this summer. That will be a fun time, but Don’s a fun guy then, isn’t he?

Matt: What advice do you have for fans planning to attend Bond Weekend 2000 next month?

Jordan: Bring A LOT of money! There’s tons of neat stuff there to buy and see, and trade for as well. Also talk to everyone you can, everyone has very cool stories and are really nice people to be around. Last year in Vegas, I met Bond authors and writers, celebs and super-collectors whose collectibles boggled my mind!

Matt: What goodies are you bringing to show off?

Jordan: Well, I hope to bring some of my prop collection. My World Is Not Enough original caviar jar and cigar tube, (beware of imitations!) my “Max Zorin” prop check, my “Kamal Khan” check, some rare storyboard work, and anything else fun I acquire by that time. Will you have room for me to show off all 600 of my collectibles? 😉

Matt: Side question: We recently completed a special 15th anniversary “A View To A Kill” retrospective at 007Forever. What’s your take on AVTAK? Turkey or “turn key” James Bond film?

Jordan: A View To A Kill…It has a lot of good qualities about it but it also has a lot of bad qualities! Christopher Walken is a great villain…

Matt: I invited him to Bond Weekend 2000 but he couldn’t book because of upcoming film projects…

Jordan: …And the bridge fight is one of the best. On the other hand there is the redoubtable Tanya Roberts and the entire fire truck scene, which was the dumbest thing I have EVER seen. I’d say A View To A Kill is in neutral territory with me. I don’t hate any Bond piece but I don’t love it either.

Matt: Okay, now I’m just being silly…who should replace Pierce Brosnan at the helm after he departs?

Jordan: Right now Pierce is the only one I can picture in the role. A while back I would have said Rupert Everett but now I strongly believe he couldn’t handle it! I am hoping Pierce hangs on for another four or five films! Ask me in a couple years and we’ll see how I feel about it then.

–Matt Sherman & Jordan Charter are today the co-editors-in-chief of www.007Forever.com.

Totally Banned

Canadian Bond fans who have been hunting high and low for the Special Collector`s Edition of TV Guide, with the cover story of “Totally Bond”, need not bother; TV Guide is not distributing the edition outside of the United States at this time, nor is it translating it into it`s Spanish editions. Instead, TVGuide Live is offering Canadian readers a cover story on Lisa Kudrow, star of “Friends, where she talks about her role as Phoebe Buffet.

What non-U.S. Bond fans won`t get a chance to read is Raymond Benson`s exclusive short story “Live at Five”, set in a Chicago television station and of course, featuring James Bond. Also, as mentioned here exclusively several weeks ago, the Special Edition also features a Bond Girls Reunion, with several Bond Girls from past films getting together for a photo shoot and reminiscing over old times.

The lead story on Brosnan can be found at TV Guide, entitled “Bond and Beyond”. It doesn`t contain much in the way of news that long time Bond fans would find interesting, but it at least will give you a taste of what you`re missing. Also at TV Guide and TV Guide Live you can order back issues, special issues (presumably this one) and send your unhappy email about this situation to the distribution and marketing department.

The Property of a Gentleman

A first edition copy of Casino Royale has been auctioned off for 11,400 Pounds; a staggering amount believed to be a record for an Ian Fleming book.

Christiaan Jonkers, of the Henley-on-Thames firm, told The Times: “We specialise in Fleming first editions and we think this is a record for an auction. It really is in immaculate condition.”

Bidding for the 1953 spy thriller was fiercer than a Faberge egg at Sothebys. Only 4,700 first edition copies had been printed. An estimated 5,000 pounds was placed on the novel by the auctioneers Dominic Winter, of Swindon, Wiltshire. But the antiquarian book dealers Bromlea and Jonkers, fending off 12 rival bidders, were happy to more than double that.

The Bond Women: OO7 Style

Tim Greaves’ long-awaited Bond tome is now available with illustrations provided by French artist Stephane Tron. Here are the juicy details:

So, you think you know everything there is to know about James Bond’s women? Think again.

Were you aware, for example, that…

Dolly, Jaws’ diminutive girlfriend in Moonraker, was originally intended to have been 7 feet 4 inches tall
The bikini worn by Honey in Dr. No—and auctioned recently for over £40,000—was rustled up for the film by Ursula Andress and one of her girlfriends
The actress frequently credited as Bambi in Diamonds Are Forever wasn’t actually the girl who played the part
The heroine of Tomorrow Never Dies almost ended up named Sidney Winch
These are but a mere (OO)7 facts plucked from the cornucopia of fascinating data inside this, the ultimate reference guide to the women of the James Bond films. Representing everything you always wanted to know about the James Bond girls—and no longer need to ask! —If it isn’t inside “The Bond Women: OO7 Style” it isn’t worth knowing!

With 2002 being the 40th anniversary of the year that pre-production began on the first James Bond film, DR. NO, it is remarkable to note that interest in the longest running series in film history has never been greater. Interest in James Bond’s lovely female acquaintances perhaps even more so!

“The Bond Women” comprises a unique assembly of biographies, narrative detail, trivia, filmographies and interview material (much of it exclusive, hosted by Tim Greaves for this book). Among many other exciting revelations, it identifies at last many previously unknown players. It also boasts many hitherto unrevealed or long-forgotten facts about the ‘James Bond Girls’—both the actresses who played them and the characters they have portrayed—garnered from interview material and unprecedented access to original press releases, newspaper reports, and numerous drafts of original scripts and on-set call sheets.

Among the many actresses interviewed in “The Bond Women” are world renowned Golden Girl Shirley Eaton (GOLDFINGER), cult movie queen Caroline Munro (THE SPY WHO LOVED ME), athletic “Baywatch” beauty Kristina Wayborn (OCTOPUSSY), champion ice skater Lynn-Holly Johnson (FOR YOUR EYES ONLY) and the actress whose interracial love scenes with OO7 caused a major controversy, former “Playboy” model Gloria Hendry (LIVE AND LET DIE)… to name but a few!

In total more than 250 actresses and models are unveiled in the extensive text, from the lead players to the bit-parters, from the girls who ended up on the cutting room floor to the characters that never got any further than the pages of a script!

“The Bond Women” is being published privately as a limited edition by author Tim Greaves during March/April 2002. Tim is now taking orders at The Bond Women.

Tell your friends. Tell your friends’ friends. But whatever you do don’t miss out yourself!


Size: 210mm x 297mm Pages: 116 Softcover Price: £10.95

Postage/PackingRates Per Copy: UK: 1st Class £1.75 2nd Class £1.50 Europe: Air £2.60 Surface £2.20 Rest of the World: Air £4.50 Surface £2.20

Please note that “The Bond Women” contains no photographs. It will, however, include a number of original illustrations by French artist Stephane Tron. The first pressing of “The Bond Women” will be in limited quantity.

Secret World of 007 Announced

DK Books has set a release date of October 2000 for their new hardcover title, James Bond The Secret World of 007.

Though designed for young and adolescent readers, this title produced in cooperation with EON Productions is chock filled with insight accompanying film stills and newly rendered artist visions of the Bonds, as the graphic accompanying this story reveals.

According to DK, “James Bond has become a cultural icon outlasting his cold war roots.” This book contains “…details on all major characters, vehicles and high-tech gadgets, the lovers, allies, and enemies of the world`s most elegant secret agent.”

New Non-Bond Benson Book Available

PRESS RELEASE – January 5, 2001, Seattle, WA, USA

PublishingOnline, a leading international distributor and publisher of eBooks, announced today that the first installment of Evil Hours, a 14-part serial novel by Raymond Benson, the acclaimed author of original James Bond titles and film novelizations, is now available for free digital download on its new, state-of-the art Web site.

“We are extremely excited to be the exclusive representative of this new work by Raymond Benson, and we are very proud to have Evil Hours help us to showcase what we believe will fast become the Internet`s standard-setting eBook Web site, ” said Min Yee, Publisher of PublishingOnline.

“Mr. Benson has long been one of PublishingOnline`s best-selling authors, and the tens of thousands of James Bond readers are testament to his unique ability to draw readers into his thrilling world of action and suspense,” Min Yee added.

Evil Hours follows the tracks of Shannon Reece as she tries to uncover the truth surrounding her mother`s brutal murder 26 years earlier in the small, working class town of Limite, Texas. Although the alleged murderer was convicted, imprisoned and subsequently killed by fellow inmates, the case has long troubled Reece, and with the help of a private eye unravels a hidden trail of deceit that ultimately leads to the most unsuspecting of places in the novel`s haunting conclusion.

In an exclusive interview with PublishingOnline, also available on the new site, Benson said that his latest work, which is “Larry McMurtry meets David Lynch,” was written in the down time between the second and third of his four original 007-novels.

Each of the 14 episodes will be made available free to PublishingOnline members in PDF format, or one dollar per episode for non-members, on each Friday through March 16. Membership with PublishingOnline is free.

About Raymond Benson

Raymond Benson`s first 007 foray, a short story in Playboy magazine, was published in 1997, and since then, following in the footsteps of previous Bond authors John Gardner and Kingsley Amis, he has written four original Bond novels, with a fifth one due in June, 2001, and two 007-film novelizations. He is also the author of PublishingOnline`s bestselling The James Bond Bedside Companion, the ultimate authoritative book on James Bond facts and ephemera. The Kirkus Reviews has called Benson`s writing in his novel The Facts of Death “a postmodern treat for fans and newcomers…” and the Boston Sunday Herald called the writing in his most recent work “as irresistible as ever.”

About PublishingOnline

PublishingOnline is a leading distributor and publisher of digital books. With eBooks offered off its Web site in the world`s eight most populous; with an Affiliated Publisher Program comprising dozens of publishers; with the rights to hundreds of exclusive works; and with a growing collection of out-of-print and rare, award-winning titles, PublishingOnline is aggressively building the largest online library in the world.

Membership with PublishingOnline is free and entitles readers to many benefits including free downloads of literary masterpieces, exclusive offers and e-mail alerts. PublishingOnline`s new Web site utilizes the latest in eCommerce and search technology and can be accessed at www.PublishingOnline.com.