One Bond To Rule Them All

Just got through all three Peter Jackson/James Bond LOTR extended editions with the kids (again). And don’t I have lots of time on my hands?

I say PJ/James Bond because the New Line trilogy, of course, features Sean Bean of GoldenEye as Boromir, Christopher Lee (Saruman) of The Man With The Golden Gunfame and John Rhys-Davies (Gimli, Treebeard) of The Living Daylights. One can imagine the possibilities of a crossover sequel:

“Now pay attention, Frodo. Here’s an innovation I’m particularly proud of. A mithril suit of armor, which can stand any impact up to a class-four grenade, and behind the shirt, stinger missiles…”

“Ba-rooooooooom. Don’t be hasty, young Master Bond. One thing we ents understand is the destruction of the Earth, root and tree alike, takes a loooooong time.”

“Oh darling, I’m tempted. But spending my immortal life and the power of the Evenstar as one of Aragorn’s passing fancies, just isn’t my scene.”

Many of you fans when choosing a favorite Bond crossover actors’ epic prefer the Star Wars films. There is no greater icon, therefore, beyond Christopher Lee as Count Dooku, Saruman and Francisco “Pistols” Scaramanga in one powerful package. Which crossover films do you like best and why?

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