THE CAST: Roger Moore (James Bond); Maud Adams (Octopussy); Kristina Wayborn (Magda); Louis Jourdan (Kamal Khan)

THE SUPPORTING CAST: Vijay Armitraj (Vijay); Robert Brown (“M”); Lois Maxwell (Moneypenny); Desmond Lewellyn (“Q”); Kabir Bedi (Gobinda); Steven Berkoff (General Orlov); Walter Gotell (General Gogol)

CREDITS: Produced by Albert R. Broccoli; Directed by John Glen; Screenplay by Richard Maibaum, Michael G. Wilson, and George MacDonald Fraser; Music by John Barry; Theme Song by Rita Coolidge; Filmed on location in India, West Germany, and Pinewood Studios England.


BEST LINES: Magda to Bond: “You have a very good memory for faces.” Bond: “And figures.”
Kamal to Gobinda: “Mr. Bond is indeed a very rare breed; soon to be made extinct.”

BOX OFFICE: $183,700,000.00 worldwide; $307,669,722.63 in 1999 inflation adjusted dollars.

Probably Roger Moore`s best Bond film. Expanding upon his serious, and more intense take on 007 in For Your Eyes Only, Moore and Director John Glen have crafted a furiously fast paced action film, with one of the most complicated and incredible plots in the Bond series.

Octopussy, very loosely based upon the novel of the same name, is a grab bag of different ideas. Here you`ve got an insane, power hungry Russian General, a beautiful and mysterious jewel smuggler, an exhiled Afghan Prince, an all female island and a mysterious traveling circus carrying an atomic bomb.

As crazy as it all sounds, Octopussy pulls it off. In the middle of all the mayhem are a few actors worth noting. First off is Maud Adams. Bucking tradition, she becomes the first actress to ever appear twice in a Bond film in a major, starring role. Once in The Man With The Golden Gun as Andrea Anders, and of course in the title role of Octopussy.

Also starring is Indian tennis ace Vijay Armitraj, playing an undercover contact named Vijay who, coincidentally, likes tennis. John Barry delivers his finest score ever for a Bond film, and Rita Coolidge`s theme song, “All Time High”, is both romantic and moving.

With the exception of the the tarzan yell, found halfway into the film, this is a nearly flawless movie. Great acting, non stop action, beautiful women, and a thrilling plot make this film not only Roger Moore`s “all time high”, but also the series “all time high”.

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