Octopussy: Maud Adams as Octopussy

Maud Adams, Hauptdarstellerin in “Octopussy”, dem 13. James-Bond-Film, sitzt mit verführerischem Lächeln in hochgeschlitztem Morgenmantel und hochhackigen Slippern in einem Korbsessel. Aufgenommen 1983.
Subject: Octopussy
Organization: Octopussy`s Hotels, Carnivals and Circuses
Height: 5`6″
Weight: 115 lbs
Age: 34
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Seduction; Lockpicking and Safecracking; Pickpocket; Fire Combat; Disguise; Stealth
Weaknesses: Greed
Fields of Expertise: Fine Arts; Botany; Jewelry; Rare Collectibles

Background: The daughter of Major Dexter Smythe. After a brilliant military career, Dexter Smythe was recruited to the Secret Service where he was assigned to track down a lost cache of gold in post Nazi Germany. Dexter`s guide Oberhauser, and Oberhauser`s gun both disappeared. Dexter Smythe stole the gold and killed his guide. 007 tracked Smythe down to Sri Lanka and gave him 24 hours to clear up his affairs. Smythe committed suicide rather than face the disgrace of a court martial.

It`s easy to see where Octopussy gets her scheming ways. After inheriting the palatial estates in Udapiur, India, she slowly built up a business built mostly on jewelry smuggling. She soon diversified into Hotels, Circuses and Carnivals. It was the Circus that provided her cover as a legitimate businesswoman, all the while she plunders the national treasures of the countries she visits. In addition, her women only palace houses many wayward girls looking for “spiritual…discipline”. Octopussy trains them. Gives them a purpose. A way of life. A life of crime.

While Octopussy is a criminal, her crimes aren`t of a personal nature. Just mere greed. It was while investigating the disappearance of The Faberge Egg that commander Bond first encountered the alluring, and mysterious Octopussy. She had always hoped that fate would bring them together one day; to thank 007 for giving her father an honorable alternative to a court martial. 007`s biggest challenge though may be in resisting the tantalizing offer Octopussy dangles in front of him: to join her syndicate. The rewards, monetarily speaking, are great. But 007`s loyalty is to Queen and Country.

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