Octopussy: Louis Jourdan as Kamal Khan

Subject: Kamal Kahn
Organization: None
Height: 5`9″
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Interrogation; Torture; Driving; Piloting
Weaknesses: Gambling
Fields of Expertise: International Law; Rare Art; Jewelry; Collectibles; Big Game Hunting

Background: An exiled Afghan Prince, Kamal took up residence in Udaipur and established a smugling ring with the mysterious island woman known only as Octopussy. His backgrond in International Law gave Octopussy insight into how to smuggle jewelry across international borders without getting caught. What he didn`t give her insight into is his secret double relationship with General Orlov.

General Orlov was a valuable asset in the smuggling pipeline. Because of his connections, he was able to provide Kamal and Octopussy with the genuine treasures of the Tsars, where they then duplicated the originals with fakes. Orlov`s quest for power led him and Kamal to forge a secret alliance that used Octopussy`s Circus to smuggle a nuclear bomb on board an American Air Fore Base in then West Germany.

Kamal lived upon a remote, highly inaccesible tract of land called The Monsoon Palace. Others who lived there included his civil staff, bodyguard Gobinda, and mistress Magda. After doublecrossing Octopussy one too many times, Kamal`s palace was attacked by a bevy of beautiful women. Kamal escaped but later crashed his Piper into the side of a mountain and died in a ball of fire.

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