Octopussy: Kristina Wayborn as Magda

Subject: Magda
Organization: Octopussy`s Traveling Circus
Height: 5`5″
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 110lbs.
Age: 24
Skills: Hand To Hand Combat; Fire Combat; Explosives; Breaking and Entering; Stealth; Evasion; Gymnastics; Pickpocket; Seduction
Weaknesses: Greed

Background: A capable gymnast employed by Octopussy`s Traveling Circus, she was also experienced in Fine Arts, which made her a valuable link in the jewelry smuggling pipeline devised by Kamal and Octopussy. She was also, conviently, Kamal`s mistress.

Her involvement in the jewelry smuggling scheme came to light when she was called to Sothebys for an emergency attempt to bid on the famed Faberge Egg. Joining her at the auction was Kamal, normally a seller, not a buyer. Their no-stakes-too-high approach ensured they got the Egg, but it also drew the attention of M.I.6 who were monitoring the proceedings with their agent, James Bond, in attendance.

007 followed Kamal and Magda to Udaipur, India, where he slowly unraveled the scheme to smuggle jewelry across international borders, and in addition, detonate a nuclear bomb on an American Airbase. Magda`s involvement only extended to the smuggling aspect of the operation, and after realizing how Kamal had double crossed her and Octopussy in Germany, she set out for revenge by assisting in organizing a pre-dawn assault on the Monsoon Palace.

Born: Stockholm, Sweden

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