Octopussy: Kabir Bedi as Gobinda

Subject: Gobinda
Organization: Monsoon Palace Security
Height: 6`5″
Weight: 250lbs.
Age: 34
Skills: Torture; Hand To Hand Combat; Fire Combat; Explosives; Breaking and Entering; Stealth
Weaknesses: None
Strengths: Loyalty
Method of Killing: Random

Background: Gobinda was Kamal Khan`s personal bodyguard. He was a loyal and fierce protector of his bosses interests, and played a key role in all aspects of Kamal`s organization. He was head of security for the Monsoon Palace; he attended to and organized Kamal`s palace staff; he was a link in the pipeline that smuggled jewelry across international borders and he was a key participant in placing a nuclear bomb on board Octopussy`s Traveling Circus Train, which was headed for an American Airbase in West Germany.

The loyalty to which Gobinda adhered to was amazing. When ordered to run across the tops of a speeding train, he did so. When ordered to organize an attack on Octopussy`s island, he did so. When told to go out on the wings of an airborne plane, without a parachute, to kill 007 he did so. It was in the last instance that led Gobinda to his death. While knife fighting on top of Kamal`s plane, 007 managed to thump Gobinda`s face with an antenae, causing Gobinda to lose his grip and plummet to his death. Kamal Khan later lost control of the plane and died upon impact. 007 and Octopussy survived by jumping out of the plane at just the last second.

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