Music: The Living Daylights Rykodisc Reissue CD

Original album:

1. The Living Daylights (4:14)
2. Necros Attacks (2:02)
3. The Sniper Was a Woman (2:28)
4. Ice Chase (4:03)
5. Kara Meets Bond (2:45)
6. Koskov Escapes (2:22)
7. Where Has Everybody Gone (3:35)
8. Into Vienna (2:48)
9. Hercules Takes Off (2:15)
10. Mujahadin and Opium (3:11)
11. Inflight Fight (3:10)
12. If There Was a Man (2:49)

Bonus Material:

13. Exercise at Gibraltar (6:20)
14. Approaching Kara (2:19)
15. Murder at the Fair (2:19)
16. Assassin and Drugged (2:41)
17. Airbase Jailbreak (4:35)
18. Afganistan Plan (3:32)
19. Air Bond (1:44)
20. Final Confrontation (1:56)
21. Alternate End Titles (3:20)

The bonus tracks total 29 minutes, so the total disc time is now 65 minutes. The unreleased material was put at the end and not spread out through primarily to keep the original album material compact and seperate from the new material. “Exercise at Gibraltar” is the entire pre-credits sequence, from the gunbarrel music to the jeep flying off the cliff with Bond parachuting out. “Afganistan Plan” are the cues for Bond trying to slip the bomb onto the plane at the airfield. “Air Bond” is the great music as Bond drops a bomb on the Afganistan bridge, and then exits the plane with Kara in a jeep. “Final Confrontation” contains the three short cues as Bond defeats Joe Don Baker`s character in his lair. The “Alternate End Titles” is an instrumental version of “If There Was a Man” without the pop- percussion tracks.

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