Music: The Duran Duran Tribute Album

Lyrics by Duran Duran; Produced, mixed & engineered by Theo Goutzinakis & Tom Thacker; Recorded at Utopia Parkway, Vancouver, British Columbia

If anyone is thinking of buying The Duran Duran Tribute Album in order to hear Gob`s cover version of A VIEW TO A KILL, one would be well advised to stay far, far away. This unambitious piece of aural dreck manages to cram into fifty-eight seconds what it took Duran Duran three and a half minutes to sing. Perhaps it`s easier to deal with the pain if it goes by more quickly, because listening to this version of what is arguably the best Bond song ever produced is a painful and arduous task. The hard pounding punk rythyms and screaching vocals can`t adequately cover up the lack of talent that went into reproducing this song. All involved in the creation of this musical fiasco should be tarred and feathered

The tribute album is cram packed with ska/metal bands doing their best to do their worst when it comes to warbling Duran Duran tunes, but only A VIEW TO A KILL would be of any note to Bond fans. Please, if you only believe one thing we tell you, believe this: Gob`s rendition of A VIEW TO A KILL is so bad you`ll wish you were deaf. My only regret is that I can`t give it less than zero stars.

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