Music: Octopussy Soundtrack Rykodisc Reissue CD

Ryodisk has reissued one of John Barry`s greatest scores: Octopussy. This is the first time in over a decade that the Octopussy soundtrack has been available to the public. Digitally remastered, it also contains so many Bond goodies that you`d be a fool to pass it up. Included are:

3 “Bonus” tracks which are, in actuality, dialouge from the film (Track 3 Miss Penolope; Track 7 Introducing Mr. Bond; Track 10 Poison Pen) Contains the theatrical trailer to the film embedded in the CD, plus it opens up your web browser to the Ryodisk Website a large insert filled with background notes. Flip it over and it turns into the original poster for the film. Foreword by Geoff Leonard, regular contributor and author of an upcoming book about John Barry.

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