Music: James Bond NOW

Normally another album of James Bond cover tunes is about as welcome as a Christmas fruit log, but I`m happy to say that not only is “James Bond NOW” a worthy entry into the 007 musical legacy, it actually manages to breathe new life into a few songs.

The album is a ten song, primarily instrumental, set. Track listings in order are:

Goldfinger (4:29)
Live and Let Die (4:27)
Diamonds Are Forever (3:54)
For Your Eyes Only (3:11)
Shaken Not Stirred (3:37)
From Russia, With Love (4:55)
Nobody Does It Better (5:04)
**Silken Cover (original composition) (3:53)
The James Bond Theme (3:58)
**Copacabinksy (original composition) (4:25)

The album is arranged to showcase Vic Flick`s mastery of the guitar. Pete walker, co-author of “John Barry: A Life In Music”, said this of Vic: “Vic Flick is the Sean Connery of the electric guitar. Accept no impostors.” All the tracks work, but some are even better than the others. For example, the perennially underrated Diamonds Are Forever gets an acoustic update with a sound that seems so new that you could almost submit it as an entirely new Bond song. It`s that good!

Flick`s strongest work on this album, apart from “Diamonds Are Forever”, is “Live and Let Die”, “For Your Eyes Only” and “Nobody Does It Better”. “Nobody Does It Better” is slightly marred though by a male voiceover that speaks the lines rather than sings them and the song seems to have no end, continuously tricking you into believing it`s over. On the other hand, Flick`s guitar and Bob Efford`s saxophone still make this rendition a must listen to.

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