Museum Daze

Our family and fellow 007 collectors enjoyed the recent Collectors’ Day at the Florida Museum of Natural History. For the 30th Anniversary bash, nearly 100 collectors presented everything from exquisite Star Wars, Simpsons and Bond memorabilia to Titanic memories, The Beatles, World War victories and more.

As Bondiana and Flemingiana collectors, our group shared screen-used props, standees, rare books and toys with the public. The items catching the greatest attention included some of Lana Wood’s items from the Diamonds Are Forever set and the two James Bond Bible Study books on display!

Collectors’ Day is a great way to spend a day if you do not mind telling hundreds of visitors your favorite Bond(s) and why, pointing out the differences between the DB5 and the Volante, and just generally inciting excitement among Bond enthusiasts. We also distributed free of charge posters, premiere tickets from Casino Royale, pamphlets about Bond and more.

Hosting an event in Florida also means you are constantly encountering folks from Miami and other locations who worked on the sets of Thunderball, License To Kill and other Bond flicks. Through the years, I’ve had a lot of tidbits and this recent event was no exception. We were able to chat with a fellow from University of Miami whose teaching staff provided most of the scuba diving team from the climatic battle of Thunderball.

Join us for the January 2018 event!

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