Moonraker: Emily Bolton as Manuela

Subject: Manuela
Organization: Station VH
Height: 5`5″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Weight: 110lbs.
Age: 24
Skills: Seduction
Weaknesses: None
Strengths: Makes a good martini

Background: Manuela was Bond`s first contact in Brazil when he arrived to investigate Drax and the missing Moonraker shuttle. She was asked to assist Bond by “M”, who felt Bond could use a good guide to navigate the busy streets of Rio DeJaneiro (it was Carnival at the time).

Manuela`s gorgeous body and seductive voice make it hard for any agent to take her seriously. In fact, it didn`t take Bond 90 seconds to “get to know her better”. Still, she did help Bond investigate the Carlos and Willmsburg Warehouse.

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