Moonraker: Corrine Clery as Corrine Dufour

Subject: Corinne DuFour
Organization: Drax Industries
Height: 5`8″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 115lbs.
Age: 30
Skills: Seduction; Piloting
Weaknesses: None

Background: Corrine DuFour was Hugo Drax`s top personal helicoper chauffeur. She was dispatched to LAX to pick up 007, who had just arrived to investigate the missing Moonraker shuttle. Corinne also provided Bond with a brief overhead tour of Drax Industries, as well as Drax`s French Estate in the middle of the valley.

Corinne was privledged to some of the inner secrets of Drax`s personal life. In particular where he kept his safe. Corinne was a willing partner in helping 007 locate and unlock Drax`s safe and photograph sensitive documents. Unbeknownst to her, Chang, Drax`s personal bodyguard, spied her leaving Drax`s personal study with 007 late at night, and he reported what he saw immediately to Drax. The next day Corinne was summoned to Drax`s pheasant hunting fields, where she soon became the quarry. Sadly, she died at the jaws of Drax`s lethally trained Doberman Pinchers.

Born: 3/23/1950
Paris, France

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