Maud Adams is Octopussy

Defying tradition, Maud Adams became the first actress to twice star in a James Bond movie in leading roles. Her first foray into Bondage occured with the 1974 film THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and she later returned for the title role in OCTOPUSSY.

Adams, born Maud Wikstrom, was a little surprised to be called back for another Bond film, as it was her understanding that EON had a long term policy against rehiring prior Bond Girls that were in leading roles. In fact, she at first believed it to be an accident that she was asked until she had more indepth talks with Cubby Broccoli. During publicity for OCTOPUSSY, she once told the press: “Before I appeared in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, I had only played in minor movies. Cubby feels that he really discovered me. He had closely followed my career and wanted to bring me back. He thought the part of Octopussy was perfect for me.”

Her association with Bond didn`t stop there. She was an uncredited extra in A VIEW TO A KILL, where if you look very closely as Bond steps off the San Francisco trolly, you just might be able to spot her. Off the record, she was Roger Moore`s favorite actress to work with, though officially he “loved them all”.

She has continued to work past her Bond films doing many television and film features, while still maintaining close ties to the Broccoli family and the 007 legend. She`s attended many of the premieres for the Bond films since her own and in the fall of 1999 she teamed up with several other Bond Girls such as Lois Chiles and Lana Wood, all still looking as beautiful as ever, to promote the release of the Special Edition DVD`s. On February 14th, 2000, she made a welcome guest appearance on FOX-Television`s THAT 70`S SHOW, where she worked with three other ex-Bond Girls: Tanya Roberts, Barbara Carrera and Kristina Wayborn.

Born: 2/12/1945
Lulea, Sweden

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