Making Love: Gloria Hendry

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from Gloria, Bond And All, in the section, “Bond Gallery”, entitled Making Love:

“Not long after the completion of my first co-star role as Helen in Black Caesar, I received a phone call from my manager, Lloyd Kolmar, who said, “I need you back in New York to audition for Live and Let Die, the Bond movie.”

I said, “I don’t have a chance in the world. They want large breasted women, not me, and besides that, I’m not tall and I’m not white.” Lloyd said, “They want to see you. Don’t you understand? You have to fly back.” I asked, “Who’s paying?” I had to think about it. This was an expensive audition. After a couple of days of numbers crunching, I called back and gave an exasperated, “Okay! Where’s the audition?”

Lloyd gave me executive producer Harry Saltzman’s New York office address with the time and date. I caught the next flight out, visited my New York apartment and changed clothes. You see, I kept my New York apartment and I gave myself three months for attempting acting work in California. The weather was “Indian Summer” and it was November…

Gloria tells Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog, “I’m excited! My book was recently published after 2 years in preparation with the publisher and a number of prior years to write and find a publisher… thanks for reading!”

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