Madonna Out, Manson In For Bond 20

NEW YORK – Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson will compose and perform the title song for “Die Another Day,” the newest James Bond film, the producers announced today at a formal press conference at.

“Die Another Day,” starring Pierce Brosnan as Secret Agent 007, is the 20th James Bond adventure. The movie is set for release on Nov. 22. “We are thrilled that Mr Manson, who is recognized as the world’s leading expert on death and dying, has agreed to compose and sing the song for the first James Bond movie of the new millennium,” producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said in a statement released last week. “Mr. Manson’s fixation with death and the macabre will provide that much needed edge to the trademark Bond theme.” When forced to defend his decision, Wilson became aggressive. “I mean honestly. Have you listened to what’s out there? I mean really listened? Could you imagine N’Sync doing this? Goodbye Bond, will you die, die, die. It would have been horrible. This is the only way. The ONLY way”. He refused further comment.

We at caught up with Mr. Manson during his recent tour and when asked about his involvement with the James Bond franchise he stared blankly. “Who?” You know, Bond 20, Die another day. He smiled. “Death rules”. Ah, yes Mr. Manson. Our thoughts exactly.

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