Live and Let Die: Jane Seymour as Miss Solitaire

Subject: Solitaire
Organization: Mr. Big`s Gang
Height: 5`5″
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Fortune Telling; Driving
Weaknesses: Superstition; Fear of Snakes

Background: Formerly the property of “Mr. Big”, Solitaire was cut loose from his organization and left for dead when it was discovered that she had slept with 007. Apparently her “powers” of prediction only work as long as she remained a virgin, and in 007`s presence, that virginity wasn`t going to last for very long.

Mr.Big found Solitaire in a Haitian cabaret, performing a telepathic act for the audience. He took her into his organization, with the intentions of making her his wife. She would have nothing to do with men, and that his how she got her name “Solitaire”. Her mother had certain “powers” that she herself inherited. Mr. Big was primarily interested in using Solitaire`s powers of fortune telling to help further his organizations nefarious activities. Her ability to tell Mr.Big who was lying to him, who was cheating him, etc… proved invaluable, and Big felt that when those powers had been maximized to his full advantage, he would take her abilities away by taking her virginity away through marriage. What he had not counted on was 007 entering their lives. The cards told Solitaire that she would become lovers with 007, a fact she desperately needed to hide from Mr. Big as long as possible in order to stay alive.

Solitaire was instrumental in helping bring down Mr. Big`s heroin smuggling operation. After helping 007 complete his Live and Let Die mission by destroying Mr. Big, the two enjoyed a romantic train ride together.

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