Live and Let Die: Geoffrey Holder as Baron Samedi

West Indian actor Geoffrey Holder plays the mysterious Baron Samedi in the James Bond film ‘Live and Let Die’, directed by Guy Hamilton, 1973. (Photo by Terry O’Neill/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Subject: Baron Samedi
Organization: Dr. Kananga`s Gang
Height: 6`6″
Age: 43
Skills: Stealth; Evasion; Hand To Hand Combat; Disguise; Fencing;
Weaknesses: None
Method of Killing: Fear

Background: Primarily an entertainer at San Monique tourist traps, Baron Samedi dressed as his namesake, the voodoo God of the Undead. With a top hat,white coat, tails, cross, half-painted face, and a sinister laugh, Samedi had the dual edge ability to entertain and scare people to death.

But what about his life behind the job? The Baron was one of Dr. Kananga`s right hand men. A vital link in Kananga`s scheme to control the world heroin market. How? By resurrecting the old superstition of a God of the Undead, The Baron managaed to instill fear and trepidation in the hearts of the San Monique locals. No one would dare enter or go near the poppy fields under Dr. Kananga`s control.

He was a master of the flute, but after seeing James Bond and Kananga`s mistress Solitaire ditching San Monique, the flute quickly converted into a two-way radio to alert Kananga of their presence.

But his big encounter with James Bond was yet to come. 007 had to return to San Monique to rescue a kidnapped Solitaire, all the while a voodoo ritual was going on. Samedi was summoned to the ritual with a top hat and three sword taps on an unmarked grave. He rose up from the ground. Could he be more than a henchman and an entertainer? Bond whipped out a gun and shot Samedi, who immediately shattered. No more than a mechanical clone!

Then the real Samedi rose. He laughed and pulled out a machete, as did James. After a brief sword skirmish, Samedi was thrown into a coffin of poisonous snakes and died. Or did he? MI6 Intelligence has gathered statements from several people claiming to have spotted Baron Samedi riding the engine car of the train Solitaire and 007 took to celebrate her freedom after the fact that he was supposed to have been killed. Dead? Or alive? You decide.

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