Live and Let Die and TMWTGG: Clifton James as Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Subject: Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Organization: Lousiana State Police
Age: 52
Height: 5`10″
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Boating; Driving; Fire Combat;
Weaknesses: Bigotry; Low Intelligence

JW Pepper became an ally when he bumped into 007 while he (007) was in Thailand, investigating The Man With The Golden Gun. JW was vacationing in Bangkok with his wife Maybelle when he accidentally got caught up in a high speed chase between James Bond and Francisco Scaramanga. He was only too willing to help.

007 first encounted JW on his (JW Pepper) turf: Louisiana. At the time, 007 was investigating the connection between Mr. Big and Dr.Kananga, and his travel took him to New Orleans and eventually to a parrish right outside of the city. Because nothing major ever happens in JW`s neck of the woods, except for the occasional speeding car, Sheriff Pepper was chomping at the bit to arrest James Bond and those “Black Russians” who were trespassing through his swamps. After wrecking a wedding, blowing up an oil tanker, destroying a half dozen boats and causing a highway traffic jam, the Sheriff finally cornered 007 and was ready to handcuff him when he was told to let him go; that James Bond was working with the Americans. Which prompted the reply from JW: “On whose side”?

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