Licence To Kill: Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez

Subject: Franz Sanchez
Organization: None
Height: 6`0″
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Diving; Boating; Interoggation; Torture; Fire Combat; Disguise; Stealth; Gambling; Local Customs;Driving; Toxicology; Hand to Hand Combat
Weaknesses: Women
Favorite Method of Killing or Torture: Shark Feeding; Sea Spine Whip

Background: Franz Sanchez was South America`s biggest drug Kingpin before his fiery demise. Sanchez came to the attention of the American Drug Enforcement Agency when he snuck into the Bahamas to get his wayward girlfriend, Lupe Lamora, back. She had fled Isthmus with Alvarez, one of Sanchez`s operatives, and was in the process of starting a romance with him when she got caught. Alvarez had his heart knifed out of his chest by Sanchez`s men. Lupe was forgiven by Franz, but he first punished her with his “corrector”.; a whip made of sea spine and shark`s teeth.

What Franz didn`t know was that his plane had been spotted by the US Coast Guard. CIA Agent Felix Leiter, close by but getting married, was hastily summoned to join the effort at catching Sanchez, and his Best Man, James Bond 007, went along for the ride.

Sanchez was caught and subsequently sprung free from holding thanks to one of his famous million dollar bribes. He left America but not before exacting horrific revenge upon Felix Leiter and his newlywed wife, Della Churchill. She was raped and murdered, and Felix`s legs were fed to a shark. 007 was spared, as he was only considered to have gone along for the ride when Sanchez was captured.

Sanchez maintained his power grip on the South American drug shipping lanes in several different ways. He used Krest Enterprises research vessels as cover for his drug trafficking in Gulf waters. He used Professor Joe Butcher`s Ministry as a way of signaling supply, demand and prices of his latest cocaine shipments He also paid off most goverment officials south of the US border. As Felix Leiter put it, the law south of the border is Sanchez`s law. “Plomo o Plata”. Lead or silver. Those in power would rather get rich than run the risk of dying at the hands of Sanchez`s vicious drug gang. That law also seemed to extend north of the border as well, with the CIA, DEA and MI6 showing little concern for getting Sanchez back. But 007 never gave up.

With the help of CIA contact Pam Bouvier, and Q Branch Armourer Major Boothroyd, 007 ingratiated himself into Sanchez`s inner circle of friends and power. He analyzed Sanchez`s operation. It`s strengths. It`s weaknesses. One by one 007 got Sanchez so paranoid he turned against his own men. He eliminated Milton Krest by locking him into a decompression chamber and increasing the pressure inside so greatly that Krest`s head inflated and exploded. Truman Lodge was gunned down by Sanchez, while he had Heller impaled on the forks of a powerlift.

In the end, Sanchez and Bond dueled mano a mano on top of an out of control fuel tanker. When the tanker crashed, with 007 and Sanchez riding shotgun, the casing ruptured, causing fuel to spill out and drench Sanchez. With his cigarette lighter given to him by the Leiters as a gift still in his pocket, 007 lit the flame and ignited Sanchez, turning him into a roman candle.

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