James Bondlist for 02/06/01

**BCW Productions’ Bondlist: February 6, 2001**
“A Community Sharing 007’s Memorabilia, Gossip And News”

In this issue:

*Latest Bond Film News
*Trouble At The Airport
*That’s One Tattoo For Bond, One Book For Benson
*Tim Dalton Drives Wild
*Bond Experts On TV
*007 To Party Hearty
*Bond A Best Buy
*007 Easy As ABC
*Brosnan Doing Either Five Or Six, Like We Always Said
*Christopher Lee Confirmed For French Film Festival
*Collectibles For Sale
*Corgis Make A Splash

**Bond 20 Insider Information

We don’t want to give spoilers but the latest on Bond 20 concerns a certain mad general from a communist country… (As in General Chang of Tomorrow Never Dies? Bruce Feirstein, are you SURE you are not redrafting someone else’s Bond screenplay for the fourth time running?).

For all those writing in to ask where they can visit the Bond 20 set, it will be lensed in South Korea…well, at least it’s not NORTH Korea, 007!

We do have a Bondlist member headed to Korea to check things out and another few friends popping in on the British set in March as well. [Names withheld so please don’t ask.] Meanwhile, Hawaii is set for a teaser or stunt sequence of some type so perhaps Oahu for Bond Weekend V…anyone?

…Would this be a bad time to mention a certain Bond 20’s Gala Brand as heroine (now dropped again) whose name comes from Ian Fleming’s Moonraker? Would it be a bad time to mention that a certain Bondlist member’s treatment
mentioned Gala by name some time ago? And that it further mentioned and highlighted a climatic ice sequence as in the one set to be filmed for Bond 20? No? Great minds think alike!

…Well, then would it be a bad time to mention that BCW’s 007Forever led the charge for the last two years to have a black female lead ala Gloria Hendry and that heading up our list was none other than the obvious choice, Halle Berry, now cast for Bond 20?

…Well, would it be a good time to mention that for several years we have ALWAYS mentioned that Brosnan ALWAYS planned for, and was contract optioned for, a fifth Bond epic? We’ve answered, like, so many emails wondering if Brosnan would quit after GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, etc. (See related story below.)

…Listen, we don’t mind the Bond community sharing rumors, we just want to let you know our rumors are right! 😉

**Cell Phone Guns Discovered!

In a James Bond-style but alarming security twist, it may no longer be safe to reach for your cell phone at the airport security check in. See why at:


**The Man With The Red Tattoo

“He’s got a powerful hardback,
They charge 15 pounds for a shot,
A Bonded author, whose novels are fun,
The name’s Raymond Ben-en-son!”

Raymond Benson’s The Man With The Red Tattoo is due out this May and amazon.com.uk is taking pre-orders now. Look at these collectible prices:

Tomorrow Never Dies by Raymond Benson: $250 and up
The World Is Not Enough by Raymond Benson: $150 and up
Zero Minus Ten by Raymond Benson: $150 and up
The Man With The Red Tattoo by Raymond Benson: $21 US now if you pre-order, more (much more!) if you wait. The Benson Bonds have skyrocketed in value in a few short years so collect ’em, and enjoy a great read as you do so.
Word on the street is this one’s the best yet.

Raymond Benson was a special part of our Bond Weekend IV in Chicago last year and shared an incredible Q&A session with the fans along with a wonderful Bond mini-concerto at the piano. We hope to see him again soon.

Pre-order your copy of “Red Tattoo” today on amazon and score a limited, beautiful first edition for a discount on the cover price…


**Tim Dalton, Celebrity Roadster

Timothy Dalton has been mentioned to appear in this year’s nationals as as one of the celebrity speedsters. Warning: Do not let this guy drive 18-wheelers or jeeps! They tend to explode when he is around. Check it out:


Thanks to Bondlist member Bob Collins for keeping us informed.

**Bondlist Members On Tube

Congrats to Doug Redenius and Lee Pfeiffer! Bondlist members and super-collectors Messrs. Redenius and Pfeiffer have appeared on TV worldwide recently in conjunction with Bond 20 related publicity and awareness.

Redenius was at Pinewood displaying some of his massive 007 collection for Good Morning America while Pfeiffer had his expert commentary on Bond’s vehicles and gadgets on a recent 007 special for the History Channel. It’s nice to see Bond memorabilia collectors on TV for a change from Katie Couric and WWII footage! Huzzah!

Doug Redenius had his collection on display for enthusiastic fans at Bond Weekend IV while Lee Pfeiffer’s Spy Guise partner, Ron Plesniarski (and family), joined us for a super show and sale at our hotel venue in Chicago the same day. Spy Guise collectibles and our event aired on WGN in Chicago and with local radio and print media as well.

Thanks, guys, and congrats on being on TV, AGAIN. (Sigh!)

**Best Buy’s BIG Bond Blast

Here are excerpts from a recent press release on the most exciting marketing news for Bond 20 we’ve heard…since it was announced Aston Martin defeated BMW! Thanks to Bondlist member Jeff Kehoe for sharing the news:

“MGM Home Entertainment (NYSE:MGM) and Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today announced a long-term strategic alliance to promote the most successful franchise in film history, James Bond…Best Buy Co., Inc. stores, including
Best Buy, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast, On-Cue and Future Shop, will create special Bond-themed environments within the stores to provide one-stop-shopping for consumers and establish the retailer as a premiere Bond retailer…

…Best Buy will support the effort with a multi-faceted marketing campaign including advertising circulars featuring James Bond that will be distributed to 50 million consumers, a Bond-themed sweepstakes and a Best Buy “Fun Zone” technology truck outfitted as a mobile Bond activity center. In addition, Best Buy stores will host the exclusive retail launch of the Bond 20 trailer…”

Wow. A reason to go shopping at the mall! Hard to get that Ericsson T-Shirt from that contest but most of us should get one of the 50 million flyers! (Is it really 50 million flyers or is it 50 million ads in wide-circulation magazines?)

**James Bond, CMDR, MI-6, HDTV, ABC?

Saturdays ABC blasts Bond on the screen with a vengeance, splashing 007 in HDTV format for the lucky fans with the gadgets to handle this technology.

Meanwhile, TBS is battling back with airing the two Bonds whose rights they haven’t lost, Casino Royale (an incredibly underrated film which is half super-insider Bond jokes and half amazingly droll yet savvy political commentary) and Never Say Never Again (only if we’re lucky will the saying stick this time, though Max Von Sydow is perhaps the best Blofeld ever). D’oh!

Here’s the hit parade for Bond in HDTV:

Goldfinger (Connery): Feb. 9
Thunderball (Connery): Feb. 16
You Only Live Twice (Connery): Feb. 23
Diamonds Are Forever (Connery): March 2
Live and Let Die (Moore): March 9
The Man with the Golden Gun (Moore): March 16
The Spy Who Loved Me (Moore): March 30
Moonraker (Moore): April 6
For Your Eyes Only (Moore): April 13
Octopussy (Moore): April 20
**Bond Party To Rock All Night

We’ve heard through the grapevine that a black tie party will accompany Bond 20’s release in the States, featuring a top British deejay and lots of action including appearances by Bond’s newest car and stylish celebrities. Bondlist will keep you informed as details progress.

**Brosnan Plans Two More Bond Films

“From Our WE TOLD YOU SO Department!”

Associated Press, Jan. 11, 2002 17:10:00, LONDON – Pierce Brosnan said he plans to make two more James Bond films, but worries he may be too old to carry on after that.

The 48-year-old said his contract expires after the next Bond film, his fourth outing as Agent 007. Filming on the as-yet untitled movie begins Monday at Pinewood Studios north of London. “I am honoring my contract here but it would be wonderful to do another one. After that, I do not know,” Brosnan said. “It takes stamina to play this role,” he added. “I would like to get off the stage with grace.”

Brosnan has starred in 1995’s “GoldenEye,” 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies” and 1999’s “The World is Not Enough.” Bond’s upcoming adventure stars Halle Berry and British newcomer Rosamund Pike as Bond’s female sparring partners, with British stage actor Toby Stephens – son of Dame Maggie Smith – as the villain. Directed by New Zealand-born Lee Tamahori (“Once Were Warriors”), the film will be shot on locations in Hawaii, Iceland, Spain and London
as well as at Pinewood. It’s scheduled for release late in 2002.

PS…In the BBC news report on Bond 20 Pierce said he’d have honored his contract with Bond 20, but would like to do ‘five, or six’.

**Stars To Visit France For Film Festival

Bondlist member Kevin Collette has great news for us…

…Caroline Munro, Valerie Leon, Ingrid Pitt, Jimmy Sangster and Ray Harryhausen will be appearing at an upcoming event and Star Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings 2 publicity permitting, Christopher Lee highlight the Hammer Films Festival from March 20-24.

See www.festival-valenciennes.com for more. Kevin has proposed the theme for 2003 which the producers loved…Secret Agents!

**Props For Sale

Please write conventions007@yahoo.com and we’ll pass on your interest in these props to our Bondlist member:

Pierce Brosnan’s screen used dress shirt with COA, $750
TWINE screen-used three Zhukovsky casino chips and a caviar factory label, $500
TWINE Black and white storyboards from a UK source, $300
License To Kill original storyboards, $250
TND and TWINE color limited edition storyboards, $150
**I’d Heard The Prices Of Corgis Was Going Up, But…

And our award for eBay listing of the year to date is…

…”Mega Rare Corgi Rockets No 978 James Bond 007 Gift Set for the Film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Closing auction price: $3,328.79!

You may or not think Lazenby was the best Bond, but his toys are sure among the most expensive! You can buy a real car from ’69 for that price!

**And Now I Must Remove My Gold From The Late Mr. Solo

To be taken away from the magnificent Bondlist (Why? Perish the thought!) please reply to this email with the subject UNBOND. If you are receiving Bondlist as a forward, try to tell us your name or your old mail list address so we know who you are! (Were.) Cheers!


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