James Bond & Beyond

The long-awaited first release from SpyGuise stereo, James Bond & Beyond, is now available. In Bondlike fashion, Michael Boldt singlehandedly takes on the world…ah, make that the world of spies…”Well, would you believe the music of spies worldwide?”

Eleven tracks grace this fine release including three original Boldt tunes “inspired by classic spy movies…”

The James Bond Theme
Mission: Impossible (T.V. series version)
Our Man Flint
The Wild, Wild West (T.V. series version)
Spies, Sleuths & Private Eyes
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Persuaders
In Like Flint (Your Z.O.W.I.E. Face)
Get Smart
007 At Casino Royale
Mr. & Mrs. James Bond
How is your spy trivia memory…can you guess which three of the above are new compositions? (Tracks 5, 10 & 11)

Marvelous radio spots are also included as a thriller bonus following the music. I feel more like watching The Venetian Affair now than I have in quite some time. Number One Of The Secret Service is advertised, too, along with several others. “He’s loaded for action!” Never heard of One? It’s alright, I only know “one” friend with the poster for this hard-to-find-anywhere film!

The music is smooth and easy spy listening. Sometimes I want to kill the bad guys but mostly I want to groove. Get Smart has a thumping one-two-three back beat added. 007 At Casino Royale makes me want to dance on Carnaby Street with Moneypenny and David Niven’s Sir James Bond…or at least Austin Powers. Wild, Wild West and U.N.C.L.E. get their due, too. And of course, a spy guy named Bond.

Jeff Marshall has done his usual marvelous design job with the CD, inserts and liner notes. Connery and Vaughn always look good on the spy shelf. Lots of color gets splashed everywhere with a fun but crisp, minimalist, retro look. It’s “classic themes for secret agents,” baby.

Mike Boldt has provided some nice food within for musical thought (and taste). Thakfully for electronika, the album doesn’t sound “too clean”. It doesn’t have that overall feel/mix of being too synthesized, something that would instantly date and destroy a retro album like this one. Several talents also added to Mike’s on this, his first full-length spies album.

Visit spyguise.com to fetch your JB&B copy now.

—Matt Sherman had the thrill of a lifetime designing and writing notes for the James Bond NOW album for Vic Flick.

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