I’m Not Bloody Hearing Things

This is from memory, having seen QOS in the theater again this evening without benefit of a script to consult, but…

1. Greene says at the dock, “I hate when my friends…”
2. In the car, Camille asks, “A friend of yours?”
3. Bond replies in the car, “…I don’t have any friends.”
4. Ticketing agent in Austria asks Bond, “You want to follow your friends to La Paz?”
5. Fields mentions Mathis with her, “My orders don’t include your friend.”
6. Mathis says to Bond, “I want to talk to my friend the Colonel [Carlos, Colonel of Police]”.
7. Greene says, “My friends call me Dominic…”
8. Bond says, “What do you want to bet Greene has friends in the police…”
9. Camille despises Bond’s dumping of Mathis’s body, saying, “Is that how you treat your friends?”
10. In the plane, Bond tells Camille that “[Quantum]… tried to kill a friend of mine.”
11. M tells Bond, “When you can’t tell your friends from your enemies…”
12. Bond to Colonel Carlos before shooting him, “We had a mutual friend!”
13. Bond tells Corinne about Kabira, “He gave one like that to a friend, someone very close to me.”

Thirteen friend(s) references in a 106-minute movie averages a reference about once each 8 minutes!

As mentioned in Friends And Two, this is part of the QOS subtext of “Duality, Friends (and) Enemies”.

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