graphic novel – James Bond, Jr.: The Eiffel Missle

The Eiffel Missile -Volume 1 Number 2 February 1992 (Writer: Doug Molitor; inks: Adolfo Buylla; colors: Euan Peters)

Summary: Skullcap and Dr. DeRange have built a missile silo under the Eiffel Tower and plan to use the missile to start a “world conflict”. Jr., aided by the beautiful Marci Beaucoup and several of I.Q.`s gadgets, must stop them before the missile can be launched. Locations covered: Paris, Calais, London; Villains: Dr Derange and Skullcap; Action sequnces: Jr. climbs aboard a plane in midflight, hovercraft is shot at by laser wielding goons from high above a helicopter, Jr. pilots hovercraft through downtown Calais, avoids deadly and flammable menucart; escapes being chained to launching missle.

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