graphic novel – Dance of the Toreadors

Dance of the Toreadors Volume One Issue 5; May 1992 (Colors: Euan Peters)

Summary: The Flamenco dancer Dulce Nada is kidnapped by Von Skarin, who needs the “memory crystals” hidden on her dress to activate the Siegfried Supercomputer and take over the world`s communications systems. Locations covered: England, Spain (Pamplona and San Sebastian) Villain: Von Skarin; Action sequences: Bond and IQ chase a woman on a motorcycle in their sportscar, a beautiful cat burglar escapes from a laboratory with crystals, Bond attaches a magnet dangling from the villains helicopter to a tractor trailer, Bond is chased on an ATV through the streets of Pamplona; Bond gets caught up in the Running of the Bulls, Bond has to outsmart a wild bull.

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