graphic novel – A Silent Armageddon

(Dark Horse Comics. 3/93 Script-Simon Jowett) Only the first two out of this four-part series were ever released. As a result, it`s disappointing in that we never know how it ends or who the main bad guys are.

This series introduces a new crime network – Cerebrus, the three-headed dog. The heads stand for Espionage, Extortion, & Enforcement. The plot centers around an artificially intelligent computer virus – Omega – that could be used to control the communications systems of the entire world. The key to this program is in the hands of a cripled 13 year-old girl genius. For the first time, Bond is working with a child, and his discomfort and awkwardness in the “parenting” role is very nicely presented and very insightful to our understand of this side of James Bond.

The plot, from what we know of it, is very well written, and it`s a shame we aren`t allowed to read the rest of the story. It promised to get even more interesting, too, for at the end of the second book, one of the Cerebrus thugs goes after Bond on a personal vendetta. As the book ends, we find out that the thug`s name is Klebb – almost undoubtedely related to the same Klebb that Bond has grappled with before! Bond fans are also re-introduced to Felix Leiter and several characteristic Bondisms throughout this series.

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