Goldfinger DVD

I reviewed the Goldfinger DVD using a Phillips Magnavox DVD player and a Dolby Pro Logic Surround system.

Goldfinger is a Dual-layered disk, which contains both the pan and scan and widescreen versions of the movie. The widescreen is only 1.85 x 1 so you don`t really get much more of the picture on your screen. The 70mm Bond movies started with Thunderball. Dr. No and From Russia With Love are recorded at the same aspect as Goldfinger.

You can watch Goldfinger with soundtracks in English, French or Spanish and the same for subtitles. The problem with this DVD is you go to the menu screen to flip between languages. Most DVD`s since the early ones aired can be changed during the movie in real time. It`s always fun to see Sean Connery while a foreigner’s voiceover says “Bond. James Bond.” If you have a center speaker when you watch this movie it`s the only sound that comes out since the foreign dubs are presented in all the glamour of their original mono soundtracks.

The picture is the clearest version yet seen of Goldfinger. It looks great for a 34-year old flick! The show has been “THX enhanced for superior sound and picture quality.” The only thing bad is they never cleaned the trailer which still appears grainy. The bonuses with this DVD are the theatrical trailer plus a brief “featurette”. The trailer is cool especially since Gert Frobe is heard in his own voice.

The “featurette” is five minutes in length and is from a grainy B&W print about Harold Sakata (Odd Job) and Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore). Other features include “Goldfinger Declassified” with clips of every gadget, heavy, henchmen, gal, etc. Miscellaneous material about the making of the movie follows. Hint: You get to the DVD’s hidden page by clicking upon the Aston Martin`s licence plate! The secret page includes bonus information on the many Aston Martins used for the film and you may watch movie clips.

Another lovely feature is the ability to flip through the film by “chapter” like selecting tracks of a music CD. Goldfinger is a must for any Bond fan owning a DVD player!

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