GoldenEye’s Pierce Brosnan

With three 007 films under his belt, (almost four now) Pierce Brosnan is not content to just sit on his laurels as Bond. In between Bond flicks, he`s made hit films such as “Dante`s Peak” and “The Thomas Crowne Affair”, and misses, such as “Mars Attacks!” and “The Nephew”.

He`s currently developing projects such as “Burnt Sienna” and “Tailor of Panama”. “Tailor“ centers on a British intelligence operative in Latin America who manipulates a crisis that leads the U.S. to invade Panama and nullify the Panama Treaty. In “Sienna” Brosnan will play a former Marine pilot who leaves the service to become an artist in Mexico. When he turns down a commission to paint the portrait of the wife of a top arms dealer, the painter finds his quiet life turned upside down by the scorned dealer. He soon joins a CIA mission to bring down the villain.

Brosnan will marry longtime love and mother of son Dylan, Keely Shaye-Smith. No date has been set.

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