GoldenEye’s Izzabella Scorupco

1995, GoldenEye, Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova
(Natalya -Goldeneye) Starred in “With Fire and Sword”. At 6.3 million dollars, it`s the largest and most expensive Polish film ever made. The epic movie is a story about a Cossack uprising in Ukraine, which shook the then-vast Polish commonwealth, and the adventures of Polish nobles who fought it.

She`ll also costar in “Vertical Limit”, a mountain climbing thriller starring Chris (Batman and Robin) O`Donnell and directed by “Mask of Zorro” director Martin Campbell. Martin is no stranger to Izabella. He directed her in “Goldeneye” and lobbied hard for her to get the part Catherine Zeta-Jones got in `Zorro`. Vertical Limit will mark the beginning of Izabella`s “comeback”. She took time off after Goldeneye to move to Boston to be close to her ice hockey playing boyfriend, as well as have a child. The ice climbing thriller is set to be released in Summer 2000.

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