GoldenEye: Izzabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova

Subject: Natalya Simonova
Organization: Severnaya Tracking Facility
Height: 5`9″
Weight: 115 lbs
Age: 24
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Computer Science; Encryption; Firearms
Weaknesses: Close Personal Ties
Fields of Expertise: None

Background: A Level Two programmer at the Severnaya Tracking Facility in Siberia, it`s Natalya`s job to keep track of and monitor Russia`s space based weapon system code named: Goldeneye. She`s a casual working girl who counts as her best friends her coworkers Boris Grivenovich and Anna. She dreamed of one day leaving her cold Siberian job for the warmth of the Caribbean and kept a picture of a beach on her desk at all times to remind her of what all that overtime is for.

She was literally thrust into international intrigue when an inside job resulted in the theft of one of the Goldeneye satellites. The other one was activated and reprogrammed to destroy the Severnaya facility in order to cover up the crime. Natalya survived the destruction, but her friend Anna did not. Believing that Boris may have survived the blast she returned to St.Petersburg to get in contact with him. There she`s turned against by Boris and winds up in a jail cell with 007.

Natalya is the quintessential Bond woman of the 90`s. Sexy but also extremely smart and intelligent. She`s a woman who forces Bond to get in touch with his emotions, and she makes the first romantic move. She tries to open up a man who is emotionally closed off. And if it weren`t for her skills, Bond would not have been able to disarm the Goldeneye.

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