Going For The Gold

The World Is Not Enough is one of the seven Oscar nominee finalists for Best Special Effects. The other contenders are Stuart Little, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Wild Wild West, The Mummy, The Matrix, and Sleepy Hollow.

About 200 board members of the Academy will be viewing 15-minute reels of hand picked scenes from each F/X house responsible for the movie`s effect. The list of seven nominees will be trimmed down to a list of the three final nominations. Criteria includes technique, execution, creative use of existing technology, how pioneering the work was and whether it pushed the boundaries of visual f/x. The special effects team from Cinesite is represented by Chris Corbould, Alex Bicknell and Mara Bryan.

So what scenes will the Academy be viewing from The World Is Not Enough? The `fireball sequence`, the pipeline sequence where Bond and Christmas defuse a bomb on a rig moving 70 mph, the implosion of Renard`s submarine and the destruction of Zukovsky`s caviar factory. The caviar factory used a combination of miniatures and computer work to give the illusion that Bond, Christmas, and Zukovsky were under attack. Much like the `helicopter blades sequence` in Tomorrow Never Dies, the chainsaw blades sweeping out from underneath the helicopters in `World` were digitally inserted into the scene.

The World Is Not Enough is somewhat of a surprise among the nominees, since it is not special effects heavy in the obvious sense that `Phantom Menace` or `Matrix` are, and thus is considered a longshot for a nomination, much less a win.

What MGM should really be pushing for are Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominations for Sophie Marceau and Robert Carlyle. Both performances were exceptional, particularly Marceau`s. And Garbage`s title song is worth a nomination to. But without any momentum from the Golden Globes to speak of (the movie was locked out of every category), it looks like the cast and crew of The World Is Not Enough will just have to be happy with box office records, instead of little gold statues.

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