For Your Eyes Only: Lynn Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl

Subject: Bibi Dahl
Organization: None
Age: 19
Height: 5`8″
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Skills: Snow Skiing
Weaknesses: Seduction; Hand to Hand Combat
Fields of Expertise:Breath Control
Background: A wannabe Bond Girl, Bibi was a figure skating hopeful for the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. She was the protege of Aristotle Kristatos and worked under the tutelage of Jochoba Brink, once herself a former world class figure skater. Ari`s goal for Bibi was twofold: to train her for the Olympics so that she`d win the gold medal, and then once she won it, celebrate with her by taking her virginity. However, there was a slight problen with that plan….

Bibi was no longer “innocent in the ways of the world”. While Uncle Ari was laboring under the false pretenses that Bibi was a virgin, she was in reality a modern day hoochie mama, going for almost anything that wore pants. Bond learned this the hard when he went back to his hotel only to find Bibi naked and waiting under the covers. Regarding sex, Bibi states: “Everyone knows it builds up muscle tone.”

Bibi inadvertantly gave Bond some very useful information about East German Biathalon winner Erich Kriegler. Jochoba knew who Erich Kreigler was and what he was really about, and she warned Bibi to be careful not only of him, but also of Ari. Jochoba was well aware of what plans Ari had in store for Bibi down the road.

In the end, Bibi`s crush on 007 gave her the willpower and adrenaline to try and help stop Kriegler from killing Bond, even though it cost her an open backhand to the face. Her determination not to be sent off to Cuba, or become Ari`s concubine, made her join forces with Jochoba and turn against Ari. In the end, Bond was grateful for Bibi`s help, but couldn`t return her affection. That was okay though; she found a new sponsor in Milos Colombo.

Born: 12/13/1958
Chicago, Illinois

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