For Your Eyes Only: Cassandra Harris as “Countess” Lisl Von Schlaff

Subject: Countess Lisl von Schlaff
Organization: None
Age: 33
Height: 5`7″
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Seduction
Weaknesses: Greed
Fields of Expertise:None

Background: Austrian by birth, Lisl is a party goer on the European social scene. A socialite, she`s also an “expensive mistress” to Milos Columbos, a Greek smuggler. She sometimes roams the casinos but if she bets, as Aristotle Kristatos mentions, “it`s with other people`s money”.

Sadly, Lisl became caught in between a long running feud between Columbos and Kristatos that dated as far back as World War 2. With no other recourse, she agreed to seduce Bond and deliver him over to Colombos, so that Colombos could tell Bond the truth about Kristatos. Before she could though, Leopold Locque aka “The Dove” ran over Lisl in his dune racer. Bond eventually teamed up with Colombos and together killed Locque, thus avenging Lisl`s memory.

Born: Sydney, Australia

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