Do You Expect Matt To Blog?

My name’s Sherman… Matt Sherman, just returned from Stations D and PC (Stations Work Deadlines and PC Data Crash), I am enthusiastic about blogging to kill at the Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog.

Her Majesty has allowed me to release scant details not privy to the Official Secrets Act…

Hobbies: Running annual James Bond fan conventions

Height: 6′ 2″ (see Dalton, Moore)

Sex: Let’s finish the job first, darling…

Eyes: Only

Weight: Why should I?

Faves: Dalton, Connery; Craig if he doesn’t destroy Q.O.S. this November

Movies: Dr. No – Casino Royale ’06… and you know the rest

It’s enough for now, suffice it to say I believe we’re doing wonderful things for fans via this blog. ‘Ta for now.

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