Diamonds Are Forever: Putter Smith as Mr. Kidd

Subject: Kidd (pictured left)
Organization: Freelance
Height: 6`
Age: 33
Skills: Boating; Driving; Demolitions; Stealth; Evasion; Hand To Hand Combat; Fire Combat; Disguise; Torture
Weaknesses: None
Method of Killing: Random

Wint and Kidd are characterized by the imaginative ways in which they kill their victims and among henchmen, these two are notorious for having no conscience. They killed a little old lady (who was a smuggler) by drowning her in a busy Holland channel. They killed a motorcycle courier with a scorpion sting and blew a helicopter out of the sky. They strangled Las Vegas lounge act Shady Tree and killed Plenty O`Toole by weighing her down and throwing her in a pool. Their days as hitmen came to an end though when they encountered 007 one too many times. Posing as gourmet chefs aboard Bond`s cruise ship, they were tricked while in their disguise. Kidd was burned to death with a bottle of f flaming alcohol, while Wint was blown to bits with a “bomb surprise”. A fitting end to two of the most vicious thugs to ever enter Bond`s world.

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