Diamonds Are Forever: Bruce Glover as Mr. Wint

Subject: Wint
Organization: Freelance
Height: 6`2″
Age: 34
Skills: Boating; Driving; Demolitions; Stealth; Evasion; Hand To Hand Combat; Fire Combat; Disguise; Torture
Weaknesses: None
Method of Killing: Random
Background: Wint and Kidd are a pair of bodyguards/hitmen and lovers. They never take a job that seperates them. They`ve worked for the Japanese Yakuza and the American Mafia, where they were an intregal part in destroying a diamond smuggling pipeline out of South Africa.

Wint and Kidd are characterized by the imaginative ways in which they kill their victims and among henchmen, these two are notorious for having no conscience. They killed a little old lady (who was a smuggler) by drowning her in a busy Holland channel. They killed a motorcycle courier with a scorpion sting and blew a helicopter out of the sky. They strangled Las Vegas lounge act Shady Tree and killed Plenty O`Toole by weighing her down and throwing her in a pool. Their days as hitmen came to an end though when they encountered 007 one too many times. Posing as gourmet chefs aboard Bond`s cruise ship, they were tricked while in their disguise. Kidd was burned to death with a bottle of f flaming alcohol, while Wint was blown to bits with a “bomb surprise”. A fitting end to two of the most vicious thugs to ever enter Bond`s world.

–We met Bruce Glover at our Bond Weekend III.

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