desmond llewellyn, Our Champion Remembered

We wanted to share with you some fan remembrances following the service held for Bond’s champion ambassador, Mr. Desmond Llewelyn, on March 27:

“Very sad news…it is wonderfully appropriate what the fans are doing.”

“Strangely, and I hate saying this, somehow I knew months back that if I didn’t write Desmond with a photo request, that it would be too late, the longer I waited. And what a way (near the holidays no less) for the legacy to end. Just a week before our loss, I was happy hearing that Desmond was not retiring from the Bond films. We are all bereaved.”

“It was such sad and stunning news. Such an adorable and beloved man! But all of us fans won’t ever let him be forgotten, and that’s some comfort.”

“I received Mr. Llewelyn’s autograph on a copy of his biography only a few minutes before I heard the announcement that stunned the world. It was ironic to receive the blessing of his lovely book so close to his passing. He always was willing to meet and go beyond any fan’s request for an autograph, an interview or even a pleasant lunch together at his home or in London for any fan visiting the UK. He will be sorely and always missed.”

“It is an immensely sad time for all of us, and even fans who did not know Mr. Llewelyn feel a personal loss for this dear man.”

“I just want it to be known that it was great that a lovely memorial service was done for Desmond Llewelyn. He had been acting in the James Bond movies since 1963, and continued to do so into his eighties without the slightest lack of devotion. He is one of the most enjoyable things about the Bond series and should have already gotten more achievement awards. Whenever he was interviewed, he displayed the same kind of charming personality that Q embodied.”

“I was sorry to hear of Desmond Llewellyn’s death. I was hoping he would survive to see the new millennium for James Bond. I am also sorry I never got the chance to meet him. He sounded much more sociable and appreciative of his fans than any other Bond actor. All I have to say is: Requiescat in Pace (Rest in Peace).”

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