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Your support and book purchases are welcomed now that James Bond’s Cuisine: 007’s Every Last Meal, featuring every bite and sip OO7 has ever taken, trivia, insider stories, recipes and much more, is available for purchase.

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At once a work of serious scholarship, oodles of fun and a culinary tour de force, James Bond’s Cuisine: OO7’s Every Last Meal is the story of James Bond’s turbulent and indulgent relationship with the world’s finest food and drink, as Bond’s food is bartered, stolen, weaponized, used for rewards, threats, tortures and seductions, and ultimately, savored.

  • OO1: All the food, drink and food production of all the James Bond novels and movies
  • OO2: Over 500 real-world locations with menus so fans can eat what Bond eats, where Bond eats
  • OO3: Hundreds of chef’s notes and “Pay attention, OO7!” tidbits of food and non-food Bond trivia
  • OO4: James Bond’s quips about food, and Bond’s world of bizarre eating and predatory bites
  • OO5: Signature meals from each film and book featuring over 30 different international cuisines
  • OO6: Bonus section with over 600 trivia questions
  • OO7: Part travelogue, part foodies journal, all action, as exciting as the Bond books and films

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James Bond’s Cuisine

Matt Sherman, former MI6 operative, has killed dozens, never in cold blood. Born in New York City before moving to Florida in the 1980’s, Sherman has collected rare James Bond books and movie props for more than 35 years. His Bond memorabilia collection and his spy fan meets in Chicago, Jamaica, Key West, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco and The Bahamas have featured on C-SPAN, DISCOVERY, HGTV, VH-1, TLC, TNN and in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

More than 120 special guests have appeared at Sherman’s events including Bond actors, authors, musicians and production team members, and also real world intelligence officers (the preferred euphemism for secret agents) from the FBI, CIA, NSA and the KGB. A Bond locations maven, Sherman has also led fan tours to hundreds of James Bond hotspots including numerous eateries from the novels and films as they appear in James Bond’s Cuisine.

Sherman’s contributions have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Parade Magazine, Time and Time Europe. He has written, edited or contributed to more than a dozen books in print and is the Pool, Billiards & Snooker resident expert at About.com, one of the world’s most popular websites. He has managed four restaurants and a canteen and has hors d’oeuvres for readers now at  BondFanEvents.com. Matt and Janine Sherman reside in Gainesville, Florida and have two field agents, Alexandria and Benjamin.

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