Collecting James Bond From Behind The Camera

Matt Sherman: “Tell us about your professional association with the new special edition sets of Bond DVDs.”

Paul Scrabo: Well, I helped with the Bond Special Edition LaserDiscs of “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball” that came out in 1995. Lee Pfeiffer, John Cork and Mark Cerulli were the brains behind them. We were friends, of course, and since my spouse George Ann is a lighting director, and I have shot and edited various video projects, we did some of the photography, and I helped assemble a few of the commentary tracks. The elements were used later again for their DVD versions. With the newer Bond DVDs coming out, produced by David Naylor, John Cork and Bruce Scivally, we were a small part of a huge team of videographers who traveled all over with the producers.

Matt: “Why did you start collecting from the exotic world of James Bond, 007? What types of collectibles do you like the most?”

Paul: Well, I saw Goldfinger in the theatre back in 1965 (!) and loved the entire Bond style. I’m sure some of us almost chronicle our lives through the Bond films that came out during the years! I’m happy that I’m married to a marvelous woman who likes James Bond (O.H.M.S.S. is her favorite) and appreciates collectibles. We’re not completists, but we like the more unusual items…and the Corgi toys!

Matt: “What are some of your most prized 007 and Hollywood Treasures?”

Paul: Our favorites aren’t necessarily the most expensive; but we did get hold of a Moonraker pinball machine, which sometimes works! I suppose our most “prized” item is the O.H.M.S.S. wedding ring that we were LUCKY to get at the Christie’s auction a few years ago. Now, they say it’s most likely a promotional copy, that a few were made for jewelry stores to promote the film, but no one has seen any more of these, and a Bond collecting expert of some note has said, “It just could be the one.” (!)

As far as a prized “Hollywood Collectible”; I only have one; but it is from my all-time favorite film, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”; the original Jack Davis painting for the film’s poster.

Matt: “Tell us about and its features, Bond and non-Bond related.”

Paul: It’s really a home base to connect with nice and creative people. It has 200 megabytes of space, which is pretty huge. I’ve only used ten percent so far, and that’s a lot of pages and graphics! I just enjoy doing projects, and sharing fun things we’ve participated in. The FOR BOND FANS ONLY section has new items added all the time; photos from the assorted Bond events, rarities like Desmond’s speech from the Cubby tribute (in Streaming Audio). The Bond sites out there are remarkable! No way could I top them! My Bond section could not keep up with the latest news, but it will always have off-beat attractions!

The FRONT ROW section is dedicated to a show I’ve been producing that deals with cult/movie fandom. Different RealVideo episodes all the time, we have authors on, b-movie stars, etc. So far, it’s being broadcast on DUTV in Philadelphia as well! Rich Scrivani is the host, and he does a fantastic job. Of course, we plan to do a “Bond” show, with Lee Pfeiffer as the guest! The INDEPENDENT FILM section deals with my support and affection for low-budget filmmakers, and my slow going attempt to make a feature. The web site is fun, not for any profit, so please check it out!

Matt: “What are some of your fondest memories for Bond?”

Paul: To meet Lois Maxwell and Desmond, and tell them how much they played a part in your life, as I’m sure many reading this have. The behind the scenes people like Derek Meddings. He was so nice. And John Barry. But the best memories, truly, are with “the group”, the Bond fans, all of us together. Great people.

Matt: “What’s next and upcoming at”

Paul: Photo albums from some of our Bondian trips, lots of nostalgia, some rarities. Whatever may be fun!

–Paul Scrabo and George Ann Muller are too modest about their amazing James Bond collectibles, some of which they will share at Bond Weekend 2000 this September.

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