Collecting Celebrities With Jordan Charter

Matt Sherman: You are planning an upcoming “Thunderball” showing for the big screen. What was your inspiration for that…why did you choose Thunderball for the fans to see again?

Jordan Charter: Ah yes. I chose Thunderball because this year is it’s 35th Anniversary, and since a lot of young fans only have gotten to see it on video or TBS but they didn’t get to see it on the big screen. Which is the way a Bond film should be seen. I got my inspiration from watching the film. I was ill one day and Bond always makes me feel better and I chose Thunderball to watch, well, about halfway through the film and I said to myself, “This is one of those films where you need to see it on the big screen,” so I jotted down some ideas and eventually I had organized a little celebration.

I have put this on the back burner until I can ask Sean Connery to attend. Really! I get to meet numerous celebrities here and there. Literally last night, I met Cher and the wrestler Goldberg. I also got to meet the Playboy triplets (again)! Also, my current home of South Dakota really has little of Mr. Bond to see! Sure we have casinos, ski resorts, and the like but nothing really to see that far in depth. So far, I have planned on taking guests to “Reptile Gardens” where a crocodile from “Live and Let Die” is on display and to “Nelson’s Car Garage” where several props are on display, including the Aston Martin from The Living Daylights and the Cagiva motorcycle from GoldenEye. I’ll keep you updated on that. I may just have to push the date for it back a little. I’ll let you and everyone at 007Forever know what’s going on and when.

Matt: What started you on collecting Mr. Bond’s world?

Jordan: This is a hard question to answer. I know I became a fan after seeing The Spy Who Loved Me, seeing “Atlantis” rising out of the water was mesmerizing for me. Anyway, whenever I saw something James Bond I’d buy it. Then I got Internet access early on, in 1995, and it became easier to find stuff, and I just kept getting more and more! In the month of July of last year I spent around $3,000 on Bond memorabilia!

My collection has around 600 pieces of quality Bond stuff. Not too shabby in my opinion! Just yesterday I realized that I have literally no place for anymore stuff! But that won’t stop me! 🙂 Matt: What, in your opinion, then, makes collecting James Bondiana better than, say, collecting dust or rare toilet tank fittings? Jordan: LOL! Well, I like the hunt for something new and unusual and I like to spend money. In a way, I feel this is better than investing in the stock market because you know this stuff will go up in value, and the only way you can lose is if you have a natural disaster or don’t know how to properly keep your stuff mint.

I don’t just collect for the money aspect either, though, I just like James Bond and that’s reason enough, isn’t it?

Matt: What’s the most outrageous collectible(s) you own? What would be a fantasy collectible you would like to own?

Jordan: Outrageous? Well I don’t know if I have anything I’d call outrageous. I did buy a “Goldfinger” Furby off of but when I received it, it turned out someone had just taken one of those McDonalds Furbys and painted it gold and stuck it to a wood pedestal! That is the only mistake in buying James Bond I feel I have ever made. I keep it out just as a reminder not to be such a fool again!

Matt: Tell us about your “brushes with greatness,” Jordan, with stars like Willie Nelson and Sean Connery.

Jordan: Where I live is near a small city, Sturgis. Every year in Sturgis there is the world famous “Sturgis Motorcycle Rallies and Races,” anyway, the area hires big name celebrities for entertainment. I am really good friends with a man who owns a big hotel where the biggest celebrities stay when they visit. He thinks I’m the Black Hills’ “ambassador of goodwill” if you will! : ) So he always introduces me to the stars. So far I have met Willie Nelson, the Playboy Triplets from the December ’99 issue, Chubby Checker, the Coasters, Kevin Costner, the Kennedys (JFK, Jr. most notable of the bunch). Those are just a few people I’ve met.

As for Sean Connery, my mom works with someone that is a good friend of his and she set up a dinner meeting for us. Sean Connery comes up here every once in awhile to get away from it all. Apparently maintains a home in this area somewhere, I don’t know for sure. Anyway we had dinner, and spoke at length, and we got along quite famously, actually. I held off on the “taking pictures and interviewing him” for the next time we meet. I didn’t want to leave that kind of impression on him on the first meeting. It was a hard thing for me not to do as a fan!

Matt: Tell him Matt Sherman of 007Forever says “hello”. He’s one of my biggest fans!

Jordan: LOL!

Matt: Tell us about meeting “Plenty O’Toole” at Bond Collectors’ Weekend in Las Vegas. You interviewed her for your website?

Jordan: Well I owe thanks to you, Alan Stephenson, Michael Kersey and the other Bond Weekend hosts for that, don’t I? I attended your second annual Bond Collectors’ Weekend last year in Las Vegas and had a wonderful time! One of your special guests was Lana Wood and weeks before going to the meeting I a asked a newsgroup online what questions should be asked for the interview you set for me to do, and they gave me some pretty strange ones too! I added my own questions to their list and when we were sitting at the head table together in Planet Hollywood, above the Diamonds Are Forever Moonbuggy and Octopussy Bede Jet, Lana graciously allowed me to interview her at length and we had a marvelous informal chat as well.

I was afraid I was going to miss her dramatic entrance into Planet Hollywood since Don and Marsha McGregor were standing in line with me for the “Atlantis” ride there nearby Planet Hollywood in Caesars Palace. As we stood in line I kept saying, “We’re going to miss Lana!” So we jumped out of line, got a refund and ran all the way back to Planet Hollywood! As it turned out she wasn’t even supposed to be there for another hour until Weekend attendees finished their meals! I got a lot of ribbing by Don for that! That was an interesting day for everyone, wasn’t it?

Matt: It was. I was nearly arrested at the airport while Lana and an actress friend sped away in Bond’s Aston Martin with Jim Sieff and Nate Sears. I am delighted to announce that Don & Marsha McGregor of Bond Weekend fame, will be joining us again at this year’s Bond Weekend, next month in New Orleans. Don;s interviews are at 007Forever for those interested in researching his work. Is Don a loony guy or what?

Jordan: He is a very loony guy, but he’s a cool guy! I am delighted to get to see Don again this summer. That will be a fun time, but Don’s a fun guy then, isn’t he?

Matt: What advice do you have for fans planning to attend Bond Weekend 2000 next month?

Jordan: Bring A LOT of money! There’s tons of neat stuff there to buy and see, and trade for as well. Also talk to everyone you can, everyone has very cool stories and are really nice people to be around. Last year in Vegas, I met Bond authors and writers, celebs and super-collectors whose collectibles boggled my mind!

Matt: What goodies are you bringing to show off?

Jordan: Well, I hope to bring some of my prop collection. My World Is Not Enough original caviar jar and cigar tube, (beware of imitations!) my “Max Zorin” prop check, my “Kamal Khan” check, some rare storyboard work, and anything else fun I acquire by that time. Will you have room for me to show off all 600 of my collectibles? 😉

Matt: Side question: We recently completed a special 15th anniversary “A View To A Kill” retrospective at 007Forever. What’s your take on AVTAK? Turkey or “turn key” James Bond film?

Jordan: A View To A Kill…It has a lot of good qualities about it but it also has a lot of bad qualities! Christopher Walken is a great villain…

Matt: I invited him to Bond Weekend 2000 but he couldn’t book because of upcoming film projects…

Jordan: …And the bridge fight is one of the best. On the other hand there is the redoubtable Tanya Roberts and the entire fire truck scene, which was the dumbest thing I have EVER seen. I’d say A View To A Kill is in neutral territory with me. I don’t hate any Bond piece but I don’t love it either.

Matt: Okay, now I’m just being silly…who should replace Pierce Brosnan at the helm after he departs?

Jordan: Right now Pierce is the only one I can picture in the role. A while back I would have said Rupert Everett but now I strongly believe he couldn’t handle it! I am hoping Pierce hangs on for another four or five films! Ask me in a couple years and we’ll see how I feel about it then.

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