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The World Is Not Enough: “Sweetest Coma Again”

For the first time in the long-running James Bond film series, an original song has been placed at the end of a Bond film (for one region of the world only). The song “Sweetest Coma Again” by the Japanese band “LUNA SEA” appears over the end credits for The World Is Not Enough on Japanese prints! 007Forever presents all you need to know about this unique chapter in Bond film music.

The print of The World Is Not Enough that most saw worldwide featured a David Arnold remix of “The James Bond Theme” over the end titles, dropping Arnold’s ballad of “Only Myself to Blame”. In Japan however, a new song with a rock beat was commissioned by the studio to play over the end credits for Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang’s latest.

The reasoning for this strange choice lay in a marketing decision to give The World Is Not Enough added appeal in the Japanese market. “Tomorrow Never Dies” had a rather soft Japanese reception in 1998, though it initially outscored “Titanic” at the Japanese box office, and there were concerns that Bond did not have as broad an appeal in Japan today as he does in other countries. One solution to this problem was to feature a popular Japanese rock band in the new Bond film.


LUNA SEA (yes, all in capitals) is an all-male band consisting of Ryuichi on vocals, Sugizo on guitar, Inoran on guitar, “J” on bass and Sin-Ya on drums. The band somewhat resembles a Japanese version of Duran Duran, down to the pretty-boy glam-rock trappings.

Reinforcing the Duran Duran parallels, band member Sugizo is a fan of all Bond’s vocals since the 60’s. Sugizo sports a Bondian Rolex watch and drives a Lotus Esprit much like John Taylor of Duran Duran. Sugizo is also reportedly a good friend of “Goldie,” the British drum and bass musician featured in TWINE as Zhukovsky’s chief henchman, “Bull”.

Music and lyrics for “Sweetest Coma Again” were written by LUNA SEA who also performed the song. The song also “features” Japanese musician “DJ Krush” as a guest artist. The track is featured on the Japanese version of The World Is Not Enough and Scott Walker’s “Only Myself to Blame” is included as well! There is no music video currently but the band did perform the song on popular New Year’s Eve telecasts.

Music to our ears:

“Sweetest Coma Again” is a rock song sung in Japanese. As a stand-alone song, it’s a decent tune. As a proper James Bond song, it’s severely lacking, however. To be generous, you could say that the song is in the “A View To A Kill”/”The Living Daylights” corner of pop-rock Bond songs. To be blunt, one could say that the song is a generic rock song slapped onto the film to give it some added marketability. The song had no involvement from David Arnold and therefore contains no melody or lyrics heard in the film itself. As with Sheryl Crow’s “Tomorrow Never Dies” title track, LUNA SEA admits that they wrote the song before seeing the film.

The song is sung from the point of view of a man but its unclear whether that man is James Bond or “Renard!” The woman in question who is the muse for the tune is most likely “Elektra King” but again, the lyrics are murky at best. If it is Renard singing about Elektra, the fact that Renard has no feelings is conveniently forgotten. In any event, 007Forever hereby presents an exclusive translation of the Japanese lyrics to “Sweetest Coma Again”:

[Written and performed by LUNA SEA]

“Sweetest Coma Again…Sweetest Coma Again…Sweetest Chaotic Coma Again

“Are you ready?” You tease me with excellent skills.
“What do you want?” I am falling in you with your stimulative noise.
Would you join me to steal the pale moon in the sky in perfect rhythms.
Watch out! This is the game without any tricks under sweet conscience,

Just Like Coma…I’m in the Coma…Sweetest Coma Again

Hold me tight again, My sweet,
Tonight, the world is in your hands,
Shoot my chest again passionately,
Tonight, the world is in your hands.

Don’t wake me up again, sweetest dream,
Tonight, the world is in your eyes,
Don t pass me again, sweetest time,
Tonight, the world is in your eyes,

Hold me tight again, My sweet,
Tonight, the world is in your hands,
Shoot my chest again passionately,
Tonight, the world is in your hands.

With my crazy heat and beat,
Tonight, the world is gonna quake,
With your crazy heat and hold,
Tonight, the world is in my hands.

Sweetest Coma Again…Sweetest Coma Again

Your crazy heat and beat run through my body,
Endless dream and Coma Again.”

–Translation courtesy of Yukitoshi Kitagaki

Japanese Bond expert, Makoto Wakamatsu, has provided the following comments on the song:

“The man cannot get away from a certain girl. Her mysterious and yet binding power forces him to accept her. He falls into a sweet dream and he cannot resist her anymore. She is the whole world for him. Now he feels so good, he doesn’t want to leave her. She holds him again and he shares the world with her. The dream is endless.”

–Greg Bechtloff is the American representative of The James Bond International Fan Club and Archive. Special thanks go to Yukitoshi Kitagaki and Makoto Wakamatsu for their input.

Spy Con!

The inaugural Spy Con is set for Atlanta this March, a premier opportunity for everyone who longs for real spy conventions in the U.S. The last spy convention was from Bond Fan Events.

Bond Fan Events is assisting Spy Con with guests, panelists, exhibits, props, sales and advertising. Contact us soon if you want to participate!

Discounted Hotel Tickets: http ://
Spy Con Guests:
Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Cars:

AVTAK: Tanya Roberts as Stacy Sutton

Subject: Stacy Sutton
Organization: Sutton Oil
Age: 30
Height: 5`10″
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/Green
Skills: Seduction;
Weaknesses: Logical Thought
Fields of Expertise: Geology

Background: Poor Stacy Sutton. God gave her the looks, but must`ve forgotten to give her the brains. A California State-based geologist living in San Francisco, Stacy became embroiled in an international rigged proxy fight takeover of her Grandfather`s oil company when she tried to defend it against the crazed billionaire industrialist Max Zorin. Conceding defeat, she begrudgingly accepted a $5 million dollar payoff to drop her fight against Zorin and it wasn`t until she ran into James Bond in San Francisco that her thirst to take on Zorin was quenched once again. Stacy went through a number of traumatic experiences, including being framed for the death of her supervisor, Mr. Howe, being tossed into a fiery elevator shaft, driving a fire truck through the roller coaster-like hills of San Francisco, a man made earthquake, and a fight on top of the GoldenGate Bridge, before ridding herself of Zorin once and for all.

Museum Daze

Our family and fellow 007 collectors enjoyed the recent Collectors’ Day at the Florida Museum of Natural History. For the 30th Anniversary bash, nearly 100 collectors presented everything from exquisite Star Wars, Simpsons and Bond memorabilia to Titanic memories, The Beatles, World War victories and more.

As Bondiana and Flemingiana collectors, our group shared screen-used props, standees, rare books and toys with the public. The items catching the greatest attention included some of Lana Wood’s items from the Diamonds Are Forever set and the two James Bond Bible Study books on display!

Collectors’ Day is a great way to spend a day if you do not mind telling hundreds of visitors your favorite Bond(s) and why, pointing out the differences between the DB5 and the Volante, and just generally inciting excitement among Bond enthusiasts. We also distributed free of charge posters, premiere tickets from Casino Royale, pamphlets about Bond and more.

Hosting an event in Florida also means you are constantly encountering folks from Miami and other locations who worked on the sets of Thunderball, License To Kill and other Bond flicks. Through the years, I’ve had a lot of tidbits and this recent event was no exception. We were able to chat with a fellow from University of Miami whose teaching staff provided most of the scuba diving team from the climatic battle of Thunderball.

Join us for the January 2018 event!

FYEO Profile: Bondiana Collectors

“Beginn-or-oh-seven Collectors” mostly own a handful of gadget assembled by some Q’s purvey of some DVDs or other gifts. They never thought to collect Mr. Bond. These chaps, and more rarely (okay, much more rarely, chapettes) come home pie-eyed from visiting an experienced collector or checking on thousands of Bond items now on eBay. Once “bitten by the bug,” as Bruce Glover stated in Diamonds Are Forever, even newbies quickly graduate to full-fledged Fleming freaks and boffo (sometimes boorish, but bold) Bond buffs.

Bondologists (I coined the term first for myself, snobbishly) have collected Bond, and themselves as collectors together in small hunting packs like the BCW’s and other events, for decades. The legends of the craft collected Bond in the days when standees weren’t kept (or recycled or repurposed for sustainability), when displays were less important than the toys they housed, and before Bond had six iterations and over 20 films.

It’s been a pleasure to know many of the legends and gawk at their goodies in person or online or both. Graham Rye in the UK, with his Blofeld’s Coat-of-Arms ripped right from the Piz Gloria wall and a monstrous trove of rare photos, magazines and uber-props; Doug Redenius, whose collection is valued at over $2 Million U.S., with 90% of the items on proud display in his Illinois home, Alan Stephenson in California, who is able to present fabulous props and prototypes from each and every film and knows as much about Bond as anyone, mega-book and Flemingiana collectors like Dave Reinhardt, Brad Frank, Steve Kulakoksi and yours truly, clothing and Bond lifestyle masters like David Zaritsky, Charles Axworthy and Greg Bechtloff, video and audio archivists like Paul Scrabo and George Ann Muller, and many, many, devoted more… to Moore, Connery and more. Even up to sheer knowledge collectors, like Dan McCruden, who is enclyopedic on the casts and crew of the movies and the Dutch collector who knows every note of every soundtrack… “ba-ba-ba… let’s see, Moonraker, track is Journey to Space Station, 35 seconds in…”

You know you’re a fanatic when your extensive collection has occupied a bedroom, basement or attic. You know it when you wonder what you’ll do with all Her Majesty’s items when inevitably they become His Majesty’s Secret Service items.

At this level, we revel in the thrills of locating new items and obscure rarities, to boldly, and if there is enough dust on our shelves, mold-ly, go where no collector has gone yet hence. E-mails are exchanged with collector pals asking to identify finds (or begging them to not bid on auction items you know they already own). I personally have sent UJBFB-master Deb Lipp tractates on tarot cards, bothered Michael VanBlaricum to provenance Mr. Fleming’s letters, asked John Cox to make me a color facsimile of a dustjacket so rare it was on 8 books only, received a first press CD from Vic Flick, and many more.

All of the above ultra-collectors, including I, can thrill you (bore you?) for days on end with items in the collection, where from, who from and how much, plus endless stories about the book that was lost in the flood, the toy that went for $2 more to the higher bidder, the steal or bargain that drives the fun.

“Tell me, which lunatic asylum did they get you out of?”

“Don’t make it tougher on yourself…”

Beyond the Bondologist lies the “extreme” or “psychotic” collector, whom we love as the line between genius and insanity, snobbery and purgatory, as exemplified by the Blofelds, Carvers and Zorins that make Bond’s life worth living, even if the world isn’t quite enough. For example, the legendary book collector who collects Signet paperbacks-one example of every printing of every Signet paperback. Imagine having 48 versions of You Only Live Twice that look identical on your shelf until you turn to the bottom of the inside title page to see “45th printing” or “23rd printing”! Imagine this man’s consternation over missing printing 13 of From Russia With Love or the 27th printing of For Your Eyes Only. Collectively, all 48 YOLT books are worth a grand total of $24 but what the hey-let’s get together and put the show on the road for Christmas with Irma Bunt.

I’ll e-mail you photos of the Dutch legend’s collection with 22 drawers labeled from Dr. No through Quantum of Solace-22 pull drawers in movie order merely to hold pounds of scrap clippings until they can be filed, labeled and stored, all with exacto knives and paste, without aid of any computer help. Or just look inside my own PC, with hundreds of albums of Bond music stored digitally, and a folder of every Bond film with photos inside-stored in movie frame sequence order-and sub-directories for each film with behind the scenes shots-and directories by film for posters as .jpgs, and-and…

But Bond is so extensive, you ought to specialize somehow, also. I know a lovely fellow whose many pristine books all bear Connery or Connery’s likeness on their cover only; a poster collector who “only has” posters-several thousand different posters and lobby displays, etc., etc.

And what separates the “boys with toys” from the men, from the boys, is the depth of their pockets, or depravity, when it comes to buying the best, trading the best, and hoarding the best. And the best of the best. And the best of the worst for fun, too. Have you seen the book with model George Lazenby on the cover in black tuxedo, four years before OHMSS was filmed? Have you read x’s notes.

More specifically, I’ve sold and traded entire sets of books to gather up scratch to buy one rare one. I’ve spent years building an assembly of dozens of Bond books specially bound with never a dustjacket used-all leather and specialty cloth bindings. I proudly own a number of one-in-the-world props and ephemera, and so on.

Newbie? Bondologist? Lunatic? Let’s get the conversation blogging here at BondFanEvents and share war stories (and trade collectibles).

james bond live in concert

conductor-composer-entertainer Carl davis (photography by Richard Cannon)

With Carl Davis conducting and Mary Carewe as featured soprano as on this CD, Bond tunes took off in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend.

Davis has lent a hand on orchestration of the symphonic works of Paul McCartney (Live and Let Die) and composed other film scores, but has great affection for Bond’s tunes and Nic Raine’s orchestrations of them in concert.

I took time at the concert for a dinner cruise hosted by Jacoby Symphony Hall director Bill Cosnotti. Bill was an affable host and straight off, introduced me to Richard Karcher, whose fabulous posters adorned this gala event.

With Carl Davis conducting and Mary Carewe as featured soprano as on this CD, Bond tunes took off in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend.

Davis has lent a hand on orchestration of the symphonic works of Paul McCartney (Live and Let Die) and composed other film scores, but has great affection for Bond’s tunes and Nic Raine’s orchestrations of them in concert.

I took time at the concert for a dinner cruise hosted by Jacoby Symphony Hall director Bill Cosnotti. Bill was an affable host and straight off, introduced me to Richard Karcher, whose fabulous posters adorned this gala event.

Original, Mint Oversized Thunderball
Original, Mint Oversized Thunderball

It’s been a few since I had cruised with a boat full of Bond fans. The Jacksonville Princess II was chock full of aficionados, and “the wine was quite excellent” even with clarets… servers tended bar and circulated coconut shrimp and crab cakes (“Crab cakes scare me plenty. Friend of mine went up to Dr. No’s for seafood, only trouble was, he never came back…”) before we adjourned one deck below for prime rib and grilled chicken, greens, and a dessert bar filled with eclairs, cream cake and strawberry cake and more.

A pod of dolphins joined the boat on both sides as we cruised through the heart of the City. Tall ships were in town for a festival, so our ship docked before a water taxi brought us to Jacksonville Landing for the show.

The audience lent the orchestra multiple standing ovations following a robust 2-hour performance (1st Act, classic Bond-John Barry melodies; 2nd Act, ripping modern Bond tunes) and Davis & Co. treated everyone to two encores–Tomorrow Never Dies’ Surrender and Another Way To Die. Carewe sparkled on these tunes and especially on Diamonds Are Forever, The Man With The Golden Gun and other riproarers. She pranced, vogued and mugged on stage while belting out the songs.

On intermission, I hosted a table of Bond wares and took questions from the public with Janine and Ben Sherman.

And where else will a concert feature over a dozen songs with “kill”, “die” and “bang”, each song with at least one 15-second high note at the end? Loads of fun.

Rounding out the concert was Davis’ banter and Bond trivia between songs, and lush orchestrations from TSWLM, OHMSS, Goldfinger and more. Some said they planned to come back for the second night’s show again.

Don’t miss this series of concerts when it comes to your town–or state.

JBIFC/Pinewood Studios Event Announced

Celebrate 21 Years of

Pinewood Studios
Saturday, November 18, 2000
Starts 10:00 a.m.
Carriages Midnight

Tickets are £175/$330 US each, limited to 180 persons. Ticket Holders should book ASAP to avoid disappointment! At least ONE member of your party must be a current James Bond International Fan Club member. IMPORTANT–PLEASE NOTE: All tickets must be ordered no later than August 31, 2000. Tickets will be unavailable after this date!

Only bona fide ticket holders will be admitted!
The organisers reserve the right of admittance!
All tickets are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis!
Once tickets are booked no refunds will be entertained!

The event will culminate with a black-tie dinner. Celebrity Guests are subject to availability. This event also features:

Live Music & Entertainment
Gamble at our ‘Casino Royale’ to win prizes
Challenge ‘Emilio Largo’ to Lasersport Clay Pigeon Shooting
Pinewood Studios Tour with “The Essential Bond” co-author Dave Worrall
Your chance to own a Professionally Photographed Portrait of Yourself with “Bond Lovelies” and “Look-a-Like Bond villains”
Quick draw against “OO7”
Memorabilia Stand

Please make all checks payable to “JBIFC” and send to:

JBIFC 21st Anniversary Event
The James Bond oo7 International Fan Club & Archive
G3, The Mayford Centre, Smarts Heath Road
Woking, Surrey
GU22 0PP

England Hotel Accommodation: The Copthorne Hotel, Slough
Reservations +44 (0) 1753 516222
Special Rate £35 per person (based on 2 persons sharing)

IMPORTANT: We advise you to book your room(s) urgently–as The Copthorne Hotel is filling very quickly due to an event being held on their premises over the weekend of the 18th November. Please state if anyone in your party is a vegetarian, or has any other dietary restrictions.

Tickets can be ordered by Credit Card via e-mail to JBIFC or (in the UK only) FREEPHONE 24-hour Credit Card Hotline 0800 1699 007 or (OVERSEAS) via fax at +44 (0)1483 756009.

Please be sure to include your full name, address, daytime & evening telephone numbers, fax number, and e-mail address. All successful ticket orders will receive a confirmation ASAP. Tickets will be despatched approximately 3 weeks prior to event date. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please visit the JBIFC website soon where you can join the Club and purchase a selection of OO7 collectibles.

007 Magazine And JBIFC Offices Expanded

The James Bond oo7 International Fan Club moved to their new offices over the Christmas season `99 in preparation for expanding JBIFC sales, services and an improved and expeanded 007 Magazine for subscribers.

JBIFC President Graham Rye is glad the Christmas move came but one time as an incredible labor of love went into their new digs in the UK and the forthcoming magazine issues.

Three exciting issues of “Oh-Oh 7” MAGAZINE will be published later this year, with the second part of JBIFC`s in-depth look at You Only Live Twice to be mailed to JBIFC members/subscribers later this month. Issue #37, a Desmond Llewellyn tribute, will be published during September. The 21st Anniversary Issue #38 follows in November. (Hey, I can remember reading “007” cover-to-cover to watch the “battle of the Bonds” when Connery and Moore were in theaters the same summer!)

Both issues #37 and #38 will feature 7 added color pages within the 48-page magazines. Including the full-cover front and back covers, this brings 22 color pages each issue to JBIFC members, just in time for JBIFC`s Anniversary Celebration at Pinewood Studios.

–Thanks to Graham Rye and JBIFC for sharing previews of their upcoming 007 magazine issues with us.

Ian Fleming`s James Bond Classic

Celebrity Golf Tournament & Gala Dinner
To honour Ian Fleming`s love of the game, the Ian Fleming Foundation is to host the James Bond Classic on 11 June 2001 at Stoke Park Club. It will be a celebrity golf tournament followed by a Gala Dinner. Both MGM and EON have lent their support to the event – the only official James Bond golf event in the world.

In August 1964, just hours before he was to be made captain of his favourite golf course, Ian Lancaster Fleming died. While James Bond was arguably his greatest creation, it was golf that was his greatest passion.

The event will be held at Stoke Park Club, the same golf course that played host to the legendary match between 007 and Goldfinger in the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger”. It is now one of the `Leading Hotels of the World` with a golf course to match. It is located just 30 minutes from Heathrow and 45 minutes from central London. For further information please see

From 11.00 Buffet Lunch 12.45 Shotgun start golf tournament 19.00 Champagne Reception 20.00 Gala Dinner with casino, auction, silent auction, raffle, prize giving. Speaker: Sir Peter Ustinov

Through your participation at the event you will be helping to raise money for UNICEF and the Ian Fleming Foundation. Please see the Booking Form to reserve dinner tickets, a table, a golf team or an associate sponsorship.

The Ian Fleming Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and archiving the life`s work of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. The formation of a literary research centre along with a scholarship program is among the Foundation`s long-term goals. The Foundation is incorporated in California as a public benefit nonprofit organization as provided by tax code 501(c3.

UNICEF is an integral part of the United Nations system. It has its own governing body and an Executive Board that sets policies, reviews programmes and approves budgets. With headquarters in New York, UNICEF carries out its work through eight regional offices and 125 country offices. UNICEF cooperates with national governments, non-governmental organizations and other United Nations agencies in 161 countries and territories.

UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children`s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. It is guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and strives to establish children`s rights as enduring ethical principles and international standards of behaviour towards children. For further information about UNICEF see The United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF is a Registered Charity, No: 1072612.

A corporate association with Ian Fleming`s James Bond Classic will give your company the platform to:

reach a large number of international organizations
reach an international golf audience
create a dynamic association or reinforce an existing association with Ian Fleming`s James Bond
deliver a powerful message linked to Ian Fleming`s James Bond
host key clients at a unique event
entertain in an exceptionally glamorous and exclusive environment
Should you wish to promote your company at the event there are a number of packages available that will enable you to promote and place your brand/product effectively. For further information please contact Event Director, Helen Wadsworth.

An online booking form as well as other detailed information can be found at

2002 Celebrity Golf Classic

The Ian Fleming Foundation is delighted to announce the James Bond Celebrity Golf Classic and Gala Dinner will take place on Friday 28th June at the prestigious Stoke Park Club.

2002 is an extra special year for this official and now famous annual James Bond Golfing event, as it marks the 40th Anniversary of the first James Bond film and is also the year of the 20th Bond film – ‘Die Another Day’. The 2002 James Bond Celebrity Golf Classic is supporting Variety Club of Great Britain which also commemorates a 40th Anniversary this year and will raise funds for 2 Sunshine Coaches in the tournament’s name. The invaluable Sunshine Coach programme was launched in 1962 and has purchased over 4,000 coaches for sick, disadvantaged or disabled children.

Whether you are a golfer, would like to enjoy a day out at this amazing event or are simply a Bond enthusiast who would enjoy the Gala Dinner and entertainment – this will be a superb occasion. Stoke Park has a unique history with the Bond movies and the famous golf sequence in Goldfinger was filmed at the Club.

This is the only official Golf event word-wide which is officially recognised by Eon Productions, the makers of the Bond films and it is part of the 40th Anniversary James Bond Celebrations and will honour the launch of the 20th Bond film. Stoke Park is just 10 minutes from Pinewood Studios, where Barbara Brocolli, Michael Wilson and the production team are currently filming Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan, Judy Dench, Halle Berry and John Cleese – to name but a few.
This exciting day will commence at 10.45am with brunch, followed by a shotgun start at 1.00pm. From 6.30pm guests are invited to a champagne reception, followed by a superb black tie gala dinner, dancing, casino, charity auction and after dinner entertainment.

Each golf team will consist of 4 players with the opportunity of each team playing with a celebrity golfer. Stars from Bond movies and a host of other celebrity names will also be attending the Gala Dinner. Golfing partners or non-golfers can also participate in the day’s activities with special Golf or Tennis schools or beauty treatments and tea.

There are a number of sponsorship and promotional opportunities available and we have tailored packages for the day’s golfing event and evening activities. These vary from overall sponsorship of the whole event and sponsorship of a golf hole, to advertisements in the official event brochure and donations of auction prizes.

We can also offer excellent hotel accommodation at the Golf Club on a first come first served basis for the 28th June. Stoke Park is located just 40 minutes from Central London and 15 minutes from Heathrow.

For further information:

Please contact Amanda Schwarz, Sally Payne or Lisa Denning on (UK-London) 020 8959 1199 or, at your earliest convenience as places are limited – we only have 500 places at the Gala Dinner and 25 Golf Teams – to confirm your interest. We can then send you a full information pack, plus a comprehensive breakdown of sponsorship opportunities, individual packages and costs, if required.

We do hope you will be able to join us for this exciting and worthwhile event and look forward to hearing from you.

–Here’s hoping you can attend. Fans raved about last year’s event. -Matt Sherman

For Your Eyes Only Tour of Europe

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the filming in Greece for the Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”, “For Your Eyes Only 2000” is currently organizing tours of Corfu and the Greek mainland to take place in September 2000.

The tour is a must for Bond fans and adventurers who want to be taken to every 007 filming location in Greece! The eight-day tour concentrates primarily on the island of Corfu, and includes a two day trip to the Greek mainland, to visit the Meteora area, where Kristatos` St.Cyrils can be found.


Arrival: Monday, September 4, 2000
Departure: Monday, September 11, 2000
The mission: To boldly explore 007 film locations!

The first day you arrive for relaxation, strolling through the streets of Corfu Town. The following days, the Bond gang will travel in a small bus across this beautiful island.

Highlights include:

The Old Fortress in Corfu Town
The Achilleion (Emperess Sissy`s palace)
The dunes and beaches of Agios Georgios in the South
Cozy Agios Gordios
A typical Greek dance evening!
Pagi Village, where the yellow 2CV car chase was filmed
The beaches of Agios Georgios in the north
Beautiful Paleokastritsa
Mouse Island
Villa Sylva, a hard-to-find location where “Gonzales” was killed
A ferry trip to the Greek mainland
The impressive Meteora region, on the mainland
We visit Agios Triada Monastery (Kristatos hideout St.Cyrrils) at Meteora
Downtown Corfu Town

Your tour guides will be Martijn Mulder and Dirk Kloosterboer, creators of the extensive “James Bond Locations Page”. In their forthcoming book, “On the Tracks of 007”, more fan trips will premiere. You will be brought to every location used in “For Your Eyes Only”, and can see with your own eyes the full Bond adventure!

Karoukas Travel, an experienced travel agency based in Corfu, has worked with the event hosts to select the finest hotels for accomodations. Contact the hosts through the James Bond Locations Page: For Your Eyes Only.

Seating is limited! Enjoy the adventure and keep us posted, readers, about your fan events at: Bond Fan Events.

Premiere Party Visited by Goldfinger

The “big ball of TWINE” in Jefferson City, Missouri, was a hit with the fans on December 5. Host Bryan Forbis hooked up fans in attendance with a celebratory extravaganza featuring the “consumption of mass quantities” of food and beverage by all.

Special guests who visited the premiere included “Austin Powers” with a delightful `droid “Fembot” in tow, Goldfinger (literally a golden finger), “Q”, several James Bonds in full regalia and a young, diminutive “Mini-Bond”, assorted Bondian ladies and gentlemen in fashion finery and all the rest.

Mini-Bond won the Bondly trivia contest. After the party the group descended on a local theater for their private showing of The World Is Not Enough. Host Bryan Forbis said, “You [Bond fans] would have felt right at home. I`m already planning the next one; I certainly hope Brosnan won`t make us wait for six years again this time as I have MI-6 and guests expectations to fulfill.”

Congratulations, Bryan and his fellow 007s. Let us know about your upcoming Bond events by writing to 007Forever at Bond Fan Events.

Moore And More Spies

Built in 1919 as a vaudeville house, The Darress Theater is one of the last remaining “reverse theaters” in the country where the audience enters from under the screen and stage. This unique design had a practical purpose. As the theater was constructed on a hillside, it was easier to allow the slope of the auditorium floor to follow the contour of the land. During it`s vaudeville days, it hosted such notable entertainers as Abbott and Costello, Burns and Allen and Houdini.

In addition to a screening of LIVE AND LET DIE next weekend (January 14th and 15th), The Darress Theater will be running one of the theatrical releases of the MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E series entitled ONE OF OUR SPIES IS MISSING starting at 10:15 p.m. The double feature rate will apply if you attend both films ($9.00 adults, $4.50 kids). Vintage spy trailers will be shown in between. Great family fun!

The Darress Theater website has details on movies, showtimes, and directions.

Forbis And Her Majesty Invite You

Buckingham Palace

HRH and theMinister of Defense
Request the honour of your presence at the
cocktail Gala and Private Screening
“The World is Not Enough”

documenting the latest exploits of
Commander James Bond
Of Her Majesty`s Secret Service

Sunday the fifth day of December
One Thousand, Nine Hundred Ninety-nine
935 Fairmount Boulevard
Seven of the Clock in the Evening

So goes the invitation from Super-Bondian Bryan Forbis, inviting friends and family to his semi-annual private screening of the latest 007 theatre exploits.

“We started with renting a theatre for GoldenEye. It was a wild idea, but I said, `Hey, we can do this!`” says Forbis. Since then, things keep growing for the black tie optional event. “The fans can hardly wait for two full years between Bond films,” says Forbis. We know what you mean, Bryan!

“Eyes Only Clearance Required” means Bryan would love an RSVP from fans interested in joining the Forbis crew and a gaggle of fans at their Capital Theatres 9:45 p.m. private airing, and cocktail party/Bond fest beforehand. Seating is limited at the Jefferson City, Missouri event. Please contact Bryan Forbis at 573.635.0711 or Buckingham Palace.

Derek Meddings Tribute Announced

In conjunction with Fanderson and the The James Bond Collectors Club, The National Museum of Film, Photography and Television will be hosting Bond And Beyond: The Movie Magic of Derek Meddings, a special two-day tribute to special effects and Bond legend Derek Meddings, May 27-28, 2000.

Special discount ticket prices for James Bond Collectors Club members are available. The event at the Museum`s Pictureville Cinema in Bradford, West Yorkshire, will celebrate Mr. Meddings` legacy through screenings of his most popular and best-known work and guest talks by some of his visual effects colleagues.

Meddings, who died in 1995, brought lavish and memorable visual images to the famous Gerry Anderson films and television series and used the miniature model effects he developed on a number of James Bond films. Perhaps most fittingly, shortly before his death he used his industry-legend talents for GoldenEye, a film in which his brilliant model work saved MGM many thousands of dollars in time-consuming computer generated effects work.

The James Bond Collectors Club will display models, costumes and props from the Meddings days. There will also be an extensive display of related Bond memorabilia besides eight of Meddings` most effects-laden movies shown on the big screen, including the Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only and GoldenEye.

Production designer Peter Lamont and producer Michael G. Wilson are expected to attend, as well as assistant director Elliott Meddings who worked with his father on Batman and GoldenEye. Mr. Meddings will display a collection of his father`s production design illustrations from the Gerry Anderson series and the James Bond films.

For further information and ticket bookings contact the box office of the National Museum of Film, Photography and Television at 01274 202030. For accommodations and transport in the Bradford area, contact the Bradford Tourist Information Centre ar 01274 753678. To join the James Bond Collectors Club or learn more about discounted tickets and opportunities for the Derek Meddings tribute, contact Dave Worrall.

Derek Meddings: A selected filmography
Batman (1989)
Cape Fear (1991)
Doppelganger (1969)
For Your Eyes Only (1981)
GoldenEye (1995)
Krull (1983)
Live and Let Die (1973)
Moonraker (1979)
Shout at the Devil (1976)
Spies Like Us (1985)
Supergirl (1984)
The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)
The NeverEnding Story II (1990)
The NeverEnding Story III (1994)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

James Bond 007 Film Festival

Landmark`s Nuart Theatre in West Los Angeles presents “The Five Faces of Bond,” a 007 double-feature extravaganza playing Friday, March 3 through Tuesday, March 7.

Bullets. Explosions. Nuclear threats. Femmes fatale. Not even the end of the Cold War has stopped the cinema`s greatest action hero and most enduring film series. The Nuart presents a rare big-screen celebration of James Bond 007 as portrayed by each of the actors who have brought him to life: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. Each new face has brought to the series a contemporary sensibility that has kept fresh its traditional mix of danger, sex, hi-tech action and globetrotting adventure.

The Nuart`s five-day engagement includes a number of special events, including:

– Friday`s special guest, screenwriter Bruce Feirstein (GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough) in person at 9:30 p.m.
– Saturday`s “Undercover Night,” which will see fans dressing in Bond-style formal wear or in character as their favorite Bond girl or villain to win Landmark theatre passes and other prizes
– Nightly trivia contests, in which members of our audience can compete for James Bond videos, books and CD`s, courtesy MGM Home Video, EMI Music and Borders
– Our New Times Los Angeles Trivia Contest, for which the winner will claim a certificate for the second MGM James Bond Collection DVD box set, courtesy CineFile Video of West Los Angeles and arriving in stores May 2000

More special guests and events to be announced! For updated information,log onto:

Join us at the Nuart, located at 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard (just west of the 405 Freeway in West Los Angeles) for this once-in-a-life time 007 blowout! Even after four decades and nineteen films, nobody does it better.


Friday, March 3: GOLDFINGER (7:30) with GOLDENEYE (5:00, 9:45)

Saturday, March 4: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (2:50, 7:30) with THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (12:30, 5:10, 9:50)

Sunday, March 5: THUNDERBALL (2:15, 7:25) with ON HER MAJESTY`S SECRET SERVICE (11:40 a.m., 4:50, 10:00)

Monday, March 6: LIVE AND LET DIE (7:30) with THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (5:00, 9:50)

Tuesday, March 7:YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (7:30) with FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (5:00, 9:50)

James Bond Party Celebrates 007

‘Forty Years…Twenty Missions… One Night To Remember!’

You are cordially invited to help us celebrate on October 5, 2002. When we, as her Majesty’s loyal servants, will be taking over Page’s Bar in London for a charity party you’ll never forget!

The evening will comprise of, Fantastic Prize Draws, The Best Fancy Dress, Special Raffle, A Fun Quiz, Q Branch Games, Film Clips, Photo Sessions with 007 Cars, James Bond Music, Special Areas containing Models and Props and Charity Fund Raising. Not forgetting the consumption of Alcohol and Fine Foods.

We will be raising money for SCOPE.

Scope is a disability organisation in England and Wales whose focus is people with cerebral palsy.

Tickets are £10 in advance and can be purchased from

So come down and help us celebrate Bond in true 007 style.

Visit the event at

Collecting the BackBurner of James Bond

How many Bond films are there, really? Should fans count “a Pepper for Tomorrow” as canon? Wait a minute! What is “a Pepper for Tomorrow?” (The Bondumentary on the making of this film premiered at Bond Weekend III.)

Safe to say, few reading this interview have heard yet of “the Pepper”, because it’s the low/no budget, fan-made thriller nobody’s been talking about. The teaser trailer is out and boasts a funny and entertaining look at a beloved secret agent whose next film “premieres nowhere” on January 1, 2000. He dives from a plane, dodges a speeding car, is karate-kicked through a room and stops just long enough to save billions from being deprived of a critical carbonated beverage.

The incredible spoof “a Pepper for Tomorrow,” made by Dean Williams’ Backburner Productions, gives fans more than just a seriously self-parodying full-length movie. Dean has built his own giant Ken Adam-ish 007 set, crafted his own Bond gadgets and Bond car, plus has a line of creative merchandise including posters, detailed action figures, and everything you could wish for in a 007-ly advertising campaign.

The strange and wonderful world of “Deano” Williams is seen best in his latest 50-page magazine, “Tasty Film Previews” or on the movie trailer, behind-the-scenes and sample footage I have been pressured? privileged? to watch. The line between fantasy and reality is often blurred for Mr. Williams and the BackBurner crew. I recently corralled a busy Dean long enough for an exclusive interview (no one else would take him!) to get a few straight answers from him along with the humorous take on everyone’s favorite agent and the bizarre and entertaining world of BackBurner productions.

Matt Sherman: Explain to our 007Forever readers who you are, anyway?

“Deano” Williams: Basically I am nobody.

Matt: Can you be less specific?

Dean: I am just one fan in a million who spends his spare time creating Bondian stuff. I am fortunate to connect to other fans via the awesome Forever website. Fellow fans will want to check out my newest movie, “a Pepper for Tomorrow” and if I’m extra lucky they will find a belly laugh or two in it.

Matt: What made you decide on your own Bond movie, Deano?

Dean: Well, I had always been a Bond fan since I was a kid, it wasn’t until later that I became what you would call a serious fan/collector. [Note: Dean’s home office is plastered over with countless original stills, posters, standees and books in mint condition.] As a hobby I also made movies growing up, and had always wanted to do a Bond spoof, but friends who were appearing in my films weren’t deeply into Bond like I was. So it wasn’t until recently that I was able to finally make a two-hour Bond epic of my own.

Matt: Why choose “a Pepper for Tomorrow”?

Dean: I actually started to write a more serious spy script, but I soon realized that it would be a kind of sacrilegious in general, as well as logistically impossible, to make a serious low-budget Bond movie. It would turn out looking like crap, and I’ll leave that action to Mr. Kevin McClory, thanks. So I decided to create a spoof that is funny yet pays tribute to the series that has so inspired me all these years. I think Messrs. Cubby and Fleming are my biggest influences, and I’m glad EON has in place Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to carry on the best film series ever!

Matt: Explain some of the logistics of undertaking a major, yet minor film.

Dean: We worked for weeks to cover over a large basement with paper, computer equipment, indoor plants, cut foam, camera tricks, etc., to make something out of a hidden volcano or underground lab. There is a delightful two-second moment in GoldenEye, for example, where they show a large screen displaying the tracking of General Ourumov’s stolen GoldenEye satellites. I captured the screen shot to tape by holding it in a loop for two hours, so that just one of the many monitors in the villain’s control room set has something cool to display during the film.

We got that serious about details, like hand-painted working elevators, gun display racks, filming our own stunts, creating a whole casino for Jerry [Soules, the sixth and cheapest 007] to confront Bruce [Holmes as Emilio Pepperfinger] in, working out complicated martial arts routines shot from different angles, knives, training and makeup for the lovely-yet-deadly female leads, scouting indoor and outdoor locations for people to hold gunplay in, etc., etc. Somehow typical supermarket shoppers become uncomfortable having massive explosions triggered in the parking lot while screaming people run past their carts with automatic weapons. Plus I had to drink a six-pack of Dr. Pepper each day for six months so we had enough empty cans to throw stuntmen into spectacularly and decorate the set. That’s commitment.

Matt: Jerry Soules was an unusual, if not inspired, slightly inane casting choice for 007. How did you choose him for the coveted role of the sixth James Bond?

Dean: We thought, why go the usual route? Why not a Bond who wears eyeglasses? Plus, he fit the tuxedo we had found at a thrift store for $3, and he was the only one who would act on film for free. Jerry is a good friend and he did an excellent job as Bond, I think.

Matt: Savvy viewers can guess at some of the movie magic in “Pepper.” But there is a crucial dramatic moment in the trailer when Jerry as 007 fires his handgun in the snows of the “Arctic.” You have slowed down the frames to show the shells dislodging from his gun as Bond blasts away at the bad guys. How did you get blank firing replicas to portray so real on film?

Dean: Blanks? Oh no, that’s live ammo, baby! (On some shots at least.) I went to our local gun shops and pawnshops to purchase blanks, and they insisted that we fill out numerous trifling forms–quite discouraging! “Blank-firing guns are a pain,” they said. “But if you want real guns, no problem.” We just had to time carefully certain things, so that actors in supporting roles didn’t get their heads blown off when Jerry shot at or near them.

Matt: How did you deal with pressures on the set?

Dean: We consumed mass quantities of Starbucks Coffee each morning, as advertised in the Tasty Film Previews magazines. It was an added bonus that Austin Powers grabbed our idea, after the fact! The greatest pressures came when actors playing key roles quit the set. As mentioned in TFP, Robin Williams was chosen for a part in my next film for $11 million and points, but jumped out when we at BackBurner counter offered ten dollars as our best alternative. Pressure is a part of the movie-making industry, no doubt.

Matt: You didn’t just stop with a Bond movie, you made posters, action figures, a magazine, all type of fan consumption things, explain those. People think you are slightly insane, yes? Has anyone questioned your awareness of reality?

Dean: Most people think I am nuts, which I might agree with, but I enjoy making something that is not insane, something serious and artisan. In this case I have made a small-to-no-budget movie and created other forms of media to help parody, in an honorable way, a large budget Hollywood release. I spent four man-weeks building a set for the movie, and we made our own props and costumes, besides movie makeup, lighting, special video effects, soundtrack and stunts. More recently, I finished making an action figure of my friend Jerry Soules in his Bond role. I have had a talented friend, Hunter Hadaway, compose and record to CD the soundtrack for “Pepper,” and I am working on a making-of book that dwells on the humorous start-to-finish stories while making the movie together. All that, to most people, may be taking things too far, but to me that’s the fun of it. I just get very into making it look as though it’s a real movie, and the magazine [Tasty Film Previews] I think, shows that attitude the best.

Matt: Tasty Film Previews: Issues 1 and 2 were a hoot. Tell us more about the concepts involved?

Dean: In brief, a fellow movie-making friend of mine, Kyle Warnick, joined me in starting a production company, BackBurner Entertainment. [An ironic name, hailing from the many projects Kyle and Dean have idling always on their back burners.] We were both working on our own movie projects which friends would inquire about frequently, thus a small newsletter was birthed, with myself being a graphic designer–I went overboard by turning a four page newsletter into a full-blown 60-page magazine on glossy stock, with color cover! Now the mags have landed in the hands of people we don’t even know, which is interesting, I didn’t understand why people would care about the little world we were creating, but people seemed to think it was funny and right on target. Some people thought we were full of our selves for having a magazine all about us and BackBurner, but they fail to realize the origin of the mag, which bluntly serves as a job resume for a couple of hopeful film grad students!

Matt: The latest issue of Tasty Film Previews has a very abundant theme of Mr. Bond, is that a sign of things to come?

Dean: Actually yes, the latest issue of TFP focuses on our latest movie project, the full Bond spoof, which leads to one of my latest endeavors–a new underground Bondzine called “Largo”. I got a surprising, warm reception with the latest issue of TFP and thought it would be a good idea to do something that focused on Bond, nothing but Bond.

Matt: What exactly is under the covers of Largo?

Dean: Basically it will be an underground fan-made Bond magazine, only this mag will be much more humorous and light-hearted in scope. I don’t claim to be a Bond expert like you [Matt: “Who is claiming?” Laughter…] and therefore I don’t think my mag should be that direction. It will be a fanzine for Bond fans, there are a lot of very fine and serious Bond mags out there, I just want to do something a little different. TFP cost me about $6.50 per issue to get the look and feel I wanted, which basically means I’ve gone broke doing something just for the fun of it, which will probably happen with Largo as well–but I look ahead to fans enjoying the magazine.

Matt: What are some of your other projects?

Dean: I make a lot of homemade Bond wannabe items, not to sell but just as personal to-do projects. I just finished repackaging my entire set of soundtrack CDs into this cool box, which I created as a “complete set”. I re-did all the CD spines to display the gun barrel and gun logo when they are together in order, it looks like a very cool 007 boxed set. I also have other faux Bondian products on my pet list, such as a life size Jaws’ standee, but right now I am trying to finish the Bond movie in the editing room, which has fallen on bad luck, but all of that is in the latest issue of TFP.

Matt: Will “a Pepper for Tomorrow” meet the promised January 1, 2000 release date?

Dean: Hmmm, I’ll just say it’s not looking good at this point!

Matt: How can people see the great teaser trailer or the magazines you made for your Bond movie?

Dean: Well, unfortunately I’m still at work on the debut issue of Largo, and I have no idea when it will be finished, but if anybody is interested in the Pepper for Tomorrow teaser trailer or copies of the Tasty Film Previews mag they may certainly contact me. In fact, if anyone has something they feel might make a good entry for the Largo mag, send it to me and I’ll consider putting it in, after all it is a Bond fan mag! I hope to launch a website soon so fans may download the trailer and showcase the mags, and also showcase other fan-made material, but time has prevented me from so doing.

–To contact DeanWilliams or learn about upcoming BackBurner projects, write Dean and company at BackBurner Productions. We will feature multimedia downloads from the new film as they arrive at 007Forever.

Let us know about your pet Bond projects for the Collectors’ Corner at Rounding The Corner.

–Matt Sherman is Assistant Editor of 007Forever, which means he can star in Dean`s next movie if he earns a SAG card and learns how to act.

BackBurner`s Trouble With “Latest Bond Film”

With the release date of the new Bond spoof “A Pepper For Tomorrow” already a thing of the past yet only a trailer out now at [actually, “Pepper” premiered at Bond Weekend III-Editors]…one begins to wonder…does this pathetic movie even exist? We’ve seen magazines, posters, action figures, DVD and CD covers advertising this no-budget gem (see related story linked below as “Collecting the BackBurner Productions of Bond) but there has been no sign of this fairly awkward movie itself.

Dean Williams, creator, producer, writer, director and head gaffer of this astonishing 007 project assures inquiring minds that there is in fact a movie in the making. Major production problems have altered the whole approach of the film, however. Quoth Dean, “I originally planned on making a full length 007 parody, but unfortunately I lost my two main actors mid-way through production, leaving me no other choice than to reformat and refocus the whole misbegotten project. Also, MGM/Danjaq moved our budget from fifty to fifteen million dollars. The new project is a making-of style documentary on the film that was to be, featuring behind-the-scenes action as well as the luxuriously appointed production designs, sets and finished scenes I was able to complete”.

007Forever fans eagerly await Dean’s new project, which is promising to be just as funny as the original movie idea if not better. I managed to catch up with Dean as he was arrested for trying to sneak into the Golden Globes. I asked him about the fate of his labor of love:

MATT: Last time we spoke you were hard at work on your latest movie project, “A Pepper For Tomorrow”. Update us on your progress?

DEAN: I don’t suppose you have a key to these handcuffs?

MATT: Sorry, old man…Golden Globes. I’m sure you understand.

DEAN: Hmmm. This is probably the first interview you’ve conducted in the back seat of a squad car. If you’re lucky you can take photos [Dean screams out the window in the direction of the gathering crowd. Sounds are heard of Dean beaten with nightsticks. A police officer opens the door.]

POLICEMAN: “Another outburst Mr. Williams, and we will be forced to hog-tie you.” [Police officer shuts the door and proceeds to contain the crowd, which is now chanting ‘Dean-o Dean-o!’]

MATT: [Flustered] What brings you to the Golden Globes tonight?

DEAN: Operation “Eagle Nest”.

MATT: ‘Scuse me?

DEAN: I was all tapped into their video system, ready to broadcast my Bond trailer for the world to see on those awesome big screens. when security caught me. I was going to play it right as Michael J Fox won his award.

MATT: How’d they catch you?

DEAN: I didn’t bring long enough cables so the nearest place to hide was the men’s room. I guess a person sitting on the bathroom floor with a VCR in his lap is suspicious?

MATT: How is your Bond movie coming?

DEAN: Not too well, I have run into some problems.

MATT: Like being arrested at the Golden Globes?

DEAN: No, my two lead actors left mid-way through production.

MATT: That’s terrible! Was it bad catering?

DEAN: What catering? It wasn’t a total surprise that they left actually.

MATT: Why? What happened?

DEAN: When I started the project Jerry had told me that they would be moving away at the end of the summer, [“Jerry Soules” as 007, Bruce Holmes as “Emilio Pepperfinger” and his spouse are from the East coast originally] giving me roughly three to four months to shoot the film, something I thought I could manage. Unfortunately Jerry and Bruce had to leave sooner than they had expected, leaving me only about two spare weeks to shoot the movie we had already started. Try that while working full time!

MATT: Why not get new actors?

DEAN: I had already started shooting some scenes with Bruce and Jerry, they were absolutely amazing, and I didn’t want to re-cast perfect work, besides no one else would do it. I also had another run-in with authorities trying to convince Roger Moore to come back for “just one more.” Can you hand me that pen, please? No, the sharp-pointed one.

MATT: Did the bad news of them moving sooner than expected discourage you?

DEAN: Well of course it did, [Dean begins to unscrew my pen with his bound hands] but they had to move for work related reasons, which I can certainly understand.

MATT: So they weren’t working for you?

DEAN: Well they were, the only difference is that their other jobs paid them.

MATT: So it was a money issue?

DEAN: No, more of a location issue, a person can only handle so much Seattle rain, why do you think I moved down here to California? [Dean begins to pick nervously at his handcuffs with a broken metal piece from my pen.]

MATT: Could it really be, Dean, because you were making an awful low- to no-budget Bond movie on a lame 8mm camcorder, with no crew? Is that why they left?

DEAN: If you want something done right you do it yourself. For example… [The hand cuffs pop open.]

MATT: Wow!

DEAN: And people think “MacGyver” was a pointless show.

MATT: What did you manage to shoot for 007, before Bruce and Jerry left?

DEAN: I did manage to shoot two important scenes with Bruce and Jerry together, the “Casino scene” and the “Confrontation scene,” both of which should turn out pretty good. Bruce and Jerry work very well together, they are very funny. I also managed to get a lot of stuff shot with Jerry as Bond, including an exciting shootout in the snow.

MATT: I heard about that, In fact I think it was Jerry who was complaining about your lack of safety on your set?

DEAN: No we are good friends, he enjoyed the action. Why, did he say something? Well, we had to use live ammo on some of our “shoots,” the gunplay in the “Arctic” snows being one of them. Believe it or not, it was harder to get hold of blanks than live rounds. Jay Snowden, my gun wrangler, and I shot 12-gauge shotguns at the snow for ricochet hits, we also shot live 9mm rounds for the muzzle flash on the Ruger. As crazy as that sounds, with some camera magic I was able to get the “shots” I wanted without anyone being remotely close to the weapons. Do not try this at home!

MATT: What did you do when you lost your two main actors?

DEAN: I crawled into a hole and watched Magnum PI reruns for a week straight. After that I got myself together and began sifting through the footage I had, to see if there was anything I could do with it. I came to the conclusion that a feature length movie was out of the question, I had poured too much of myself into this project to stop, so I decided to make it into a “Bond-u-mentary.” I definitely had enough footage to make an exciting teaser trailer for the movie, that is where I started.

MATT: The documentary sounds interesting. Well, not really. It sounds lame.

DEAN: Yes it does, doesn’t it? I had shot some interview stuff with Bruce and Jerry early in production, thinking I would make a small behind-the-scenes featurette. I decided to take that work and mesh it to the footage I already shot, add some new footage and thus create a small history of this jinxed project. It has a very funny twist to it, although most of it is true, it is done very sarcastically.

MATT: That’s putting it mildly, 007. From the footage I have seen it makes you look like a total idiot.

DEAN: That’s funny, people have been telling me that my whole life.

MATT: Tell us about the trailer we have uploaded online now, at 007Forever’s multimedia section under Videos?

DEAN: Well, I wanted to take some of the footage I managed to shoot and make a fast paced, hard driving trailer that would give a good idea of the concept I had when I started this whole project.

MATT: The trailer looks great, it definitely would have been an amazing movie.

DEAN: The trailer turned out remarkable, just as I imagined it. I was lucky enough to get the help of Jake Segraves who is an amazing editor, and also a friend of mine who I had worked with on my last movie. I like working with Jake because he will try anything no matter how time consuming or mundane my request may be. Also I gained the talents of Hunter Hadaway.

MATT: He did the music score for the trailer.

DEAN: Right, I wanted new and original soundtrack techno-style music for the trailer but with that familiar 007 sound. Hunter was able to compose some amazing stuff in just a matter of days. I hope to get him to compose the soundtrack for the rest of the project. But a big thanks to Jake and Hunter, those are the guys who helped make the footage I shot really come to life!

MATT: Are there any problems with copyrights with the Bond theme?

DEAN: All kinds! I would imagine MGM would skin me alive and use my flesh for employee wallets if I started pursuing this project as a financial gain. People forget that I did this project on my own, spent my own money and did it for no other reason than to make my friends laugh. It’s a fan made movie done on video, that’s it! The magazines, posters, DVD covers, all that is purely for my amusement, to make it look like a big deal. People always ask why I do this and I always give them the same answer…for fun, I love making movies!

MATT: You mentioned that you worked with Jake before?

DEAN: Yeah, I did a movie a few years back called Detonate, he was a huge reason behind me finishing that. In fact, Jake and I are recording a commentary track for the re release of Detonate, although not my finest piece of work it still has some funny parts.

MATT: What can we expect from you in regards to the Bond movie project?

DEAN: As much as I am bummed now, I didn’t have the time or money to finish the Bond project as a feature length film, I do plan on putting together the best “making of” documentary that I can, hopefully people will find a laugh or two at the Bond Collectors’ Weekend 2000.

MATT: I heard there were far more problems with production than just Jerry and Bruce leaving?

DEAN: Too many to mention.

MATT: Like what?

DEAN: I could go on and on about that, most of the disasters are in my latest issue of Tasty Film Previews, I still have a few magazines left if anybody is interested in one, or a copy of the trailer, they can contact me at BackBurner Productions…after I’ve posted bail…I guess.

MATT: Are you still working on the James Bond project?

DEAN: Yeah, I have spent too much of my hard earned time and money not to do anything with it, I figured out that I spent close to $350 on the underground set I built, all that for about 6 minutes of screen time, you better believe I’m gonna make something out of this. Right now, I’m planning out the documentary by sorting through the footage I have and trying to make all the pieces fit together. I also am trying to shoot a key scene involving Bond’s car and some “baddies” by cleverly using old footage of Jerry driving interspersed with close ups of the car, it should work pretty good.

MATT: In fact, you installed your own Bond gadgets on that car, right?

DEAN: Yeah, I made a few gadgets even Q would be proud of, and I think the choice of car should sum up the budget, or lack thereof!

MATT: Bond is driving a Geo Metro, right?

DEAN: Picture that. Tell me that doesn’t make you laugh.

MATT: It doesn’t, but I am sure many 007Forever fans would agree that .30 caliber front bumper machine guns mounted on a Geo is funny!

DEAN: It is, isn’t it.

MATT: As far as you know.

DEAN: [Searches his surroundings furiously.] Could you distract them while I make a run for it?

MATT: [Shouts aloud. Hey, officers, isn’t that Kevin McClory over there…]

–Matt Sherman has been feeling unwell on a regular basis since first writing articles about Dean Williams’ BackBurner Productions and their contributions to the legacy of Bond spoofs. He may be reached at 007Forever Collectors’ Corner.

BackBurner Trailer Released Online

“Mr. Bond has created a great deal of pain for me…extend him the same courtesy.”–A Pepper For Tomorrow Arch-Villain Emilio Pepperfinger

Gunfire, motorcycle and martial arts stunts, explosions and pumping cues from Hunter Hadaway’s score fill the stunning “A Pepper For Tomorrow” trailer, just released to 007Forever from Deano Williams Productions.

The incredible video, which rivals some of the best action and fun our favorite British agent has delivered over the years, is chock full of all that has been kept on BackBurner’s editing backburner since this incredibly and tortuously slothful movie production began ponderously sometime long ago. As Emilio and Mr. Bond themselves have quipped:


“It is, isn’t it.”

“As far as you know.”

Seriously, any fan grabbing the trailer from 007Forever’s multimedia section will be handsomely rewarded with plenty of fun and excitement. This trailer is sure to please! (Our apologies to Mac fans, Quicktime format on this .avi trailer is forthcoming.)

We have also provided wallpaper highlighting the forthcoming New Year’s release in major theatres…nowhere worldwide.

Enjoy the adventure and keep us posted with your comments on the trailer and related BackBurner and Bond Collectors’ Weekend stories at 007Forever Collectors’ Corner.

Your Invitation to the 21st Collectors` Day!

The 007Forever team invites you, our fellow Bond fans and Bond memorabilia collectors, to visit and participate in the Florida Natural History Museum`s annual Collectors` Day. (Makes for a nice warm up event to this year`s Bond Weekend 2000 in New Orleans!) Exciting James Bond memorabilia will be on display and thousands of enthusiastic fans are expected to attend. You are also welcomed to participate in fun events in Gainesville, Florida over the February 12 weekend.

The Florida Museum`s notice reads: “21st Collectors Day: (February 12, 2000, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) Beverage openers, bears, buttons, bottles, Barbie dolls, James Bond and Beatles memorabilia are just a few of the collections on display. Discover collections of all kinds and meet their collectors.” The public is welcomed (Bond fans especially!) to the museum on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to see nearly 100 fabulous collections represented, including our man 007.

A pleasant weekend of displaying memorabilia, talking shop with 007Forever editors and contributors, trading items and browsing Bond super-collections is in store, and there is plenty more to do in Gainesville, including outdoor sports and warm weather to enjoy, inexpensive dining and accommodations plus sightseeing, including locations for Sean Connery’s “Just Cause” and other major films. A large number of James Bond movie and novel locations are within a few miles of Gainesville.

An informal weekend of fun is on tap for Bond collectors wishing to participate in Bond-themed events surrounding the Collectors` Day over the February 12 weekend. Below this story are links to related articles, museum directions and a map. For more details, please reply to: 007Forever and Collectors` Day.

Florida Museum of Natural History
Powell Hall
Hull Road and SW 34th Street
University of Florida
Gainesville FL
(USA) 352-846-2000

To the museum from the North:
From the North, take I-75 to Exit 76/Newberry Road. Take Newberry Road/Highway 26 East several miles to NW 34th Street/Highway 121. Turn right on 34th St. and go several blocks to Hull Road. Make a left onto Hull Road and then a right a few yards down into the large parking lot.

To the museum from the South:
From the South, take I-75 to Exit 75/Archer Road. Take Archer Road/Highway 24 East about ½ mile to NW 34th Street/Highway 121. Turn left on 34th St. and go several blocks to Hull Road. Make a right onto Hull Road and then a second right a few yards down into the large parking lot.

The Florida Museum:
The parking lot serves a complex of three sizable buildings, the UF Performing Arts Center, the Harn Art Museum (has a pyramid shaped roof you can see from Hull Road) and the Natural History Museum between the two, near the large fountain. There are two Florida Museums at UF so ask for the Art Museum/Performing Arts Center on campus if you need directions that day.

What Are Bond Weekends?

Below is a quick hit list of the Bond Collectors’ Weekends held to date! To learn in much more detail about any of our Weekends, please visit here.

Chicago Is Bond’s Kind Of Town
…The Weekend Was Not Enough but we were “all spy systems go” for the fourth annual Bond Collectors’
Weekend in Chicago, Illinois! Attendees thrilled to exciting events INCLUSIVE IN ONE PRICE:

A private visit to nine of the screen-used vehicles of James Bond including the “Q-Boat” from “The World Is Not Enough” and many more!
Party games and “shaken, not stirred” fun at our gala hospitality suite!
Admission to our sale and swap meet with 007 and spy collectibles! Dealers traveled in from across the US and Canada and guests brought memorabilia to show off and sell! Brunch was provided plus a midnight champagne toast at our hotel in the heart of Magnificent Mile nearby The Loop!
We met Raymond Benson, author of “The James Bond Bedside Companion,” “The World Is Not Enough,” the latest James Bond adventure, “Never Dream of Dying,” and five other Bond books! We dined with Raymond 1,500 feet above Chicago atop the amazing John Hancock Building
We were blown away at our guided visit to one of the largest 007 collections on earth!
Did you know? Tens of thousands of dollars in collectibles are traded and shown off at every Bond Weekend.

Bonding In The Big Easy
…Last year’s New Orleans event was truly an event to “Live And Let Die For.” Bond girl Gloria Hendry joined super-villain Bruce Glover and all the fans in “The Big Easy,” along with legendary 007 guitarist Vic Flick, Timothy Moxon of “Dr. No,” Don McGregor and spy artist extraordinaire Jeff Marshall.

We toured New Orleans’ “Live and Let Die” locales and enjoyed the best jazz champagne brunch in the city, along the banks of the Mississippi.
The costume party of spies, femmes fatale and villains wound its way to Harrah’s Casino. Casino staff were confused…were our costumed folk staff members for or guests of the Mardi Gras Show?
A favorite pair of collectibles acquired at the Big Show in The Big Easy were a pair of shoes screen worn by the latest 007, Pierce Brosnan.
Vic Flick played the Bond theme at BCW 3 on the same guitar he twanged on for 1962’s Dr. No and six other Bond films.
Did you know? Bruce Glover’s son, Crispin, made his most recent star turn as “The Thin Man” in “Charlie’s Angels.”

Vegas Lights The Night
…The second Collectors’ Weekend was dynamite with fans from 16 states and Canada in Las Vegas for all the action. Our memorabilia auction featured the very best in spy props and collectibles from the 1950’s through the ’90s.

Guest stars Don McGregor of “GoldenEye” and “The Quasimodo Gambit” and Lana Wood, “Plenty O’Toole” in “Diamonds Are Forever,” lit up our nights along with fireworks on the Vegas skyline.
Our tour group visited more than one dozen spy movie locations in Vegas, and generally made merry, dining in a private room at the 1,500 foot high Stratosphere Tower, and a “Diamonds” Aston Martin joined the fun!
-An oddball highlight of the Las Vegas event was a private tour given by the Mortuary Director of “Slumber, Inc.” where a certain British spy was nearly cremated.
Did you know? Bond Weekend II was Lana Wood’s first visit to Las Vegas since filming wrapped on her Diamonds appearance there in 1971.

First Of Its Kind
…The inaugural Bond Collectors’ Weekend was held August 28-30, 1998 in Gainesville, Florida and we could not have asked for a better group of spy collectors to share it with us!

We were pleased to have our event picked up by NY Times and ABC affiliates who spoke highly of the collectors’ collectors in attendance who gathered to remember Ian Fleming’s legacy and share their incredible memorabilia with the public.
We displayed a massive roomful of posters and ads, models, displays and standees including one-of-a-kind items worth thousands of dollars. The general public enjoyed taking photos and learning from the super-fans in attendance!
The fans thrilled to a private showing of an all-time spy classic in the 270-seat Reitz Theatre.
Did you know? Gainesville, Florida is home to swampy river settings you may recognize from 1979’s “Moonraker” and other great spy films.

Finding Connery: James Bonding in New York

Want to see Sean Connery filming his new picture on location this month? 007Forever has found marvelous contacts for checking out the latest Connery epic…”Finding Forrester” stars Connery alongside F. Murray Abraham of Amadeus fame, plus the lovely Anna Paquin (“Rogue” in the upcoming “X-Men” with Patrick Stewart and Famke Janssen), “Busta Rhymes” and the redoubtable Joey Battafuoco. (!)

We began on Friday in the Big Apple, one of Mr. Fleming`s favorite “Thrilling Cities,” by meeting with Don McGregor, writer and reviewer on all things Bondian and creator of the Bond comix “The Quasimodo Gambit”, “GoldenEye” and the Tomorrow Never Dies trading cards sets. (Take thirty seconds today and log in with Fandom/Forever today for live chat with Don on Wednesday, June 14! Sign in under the button “Sign Me Up” under “Newsletter” or under “Chat”.)

On my way to the meet with Don, I nearly collided with former Clinton aide and author/commentator George Stephanopoulous. (I forgot to ask him if he is a Connery fan or likes Brosnan better.) After a few laughs on the current state of public transportation in NY, not helped in the least by Sean Connery`s latest, “Finding Forrester”, whose crew and fans are crushing the city, we jumped with a few friends into a cab to head to midtown, almost taking out Mr. Tony Randall, who wasn`t carefully watching the lights change before crossing the street. You can hardly swing a dead cat in NYC without hitting a celeb and we nearly struck two before the day started.

Disembarking from the taxi at Radio City Music Hall, where Don had James Bond throw villain “Quasimodo” off of the roof in “Gambit”, industry friends then gave us an incredible Backstage tour of the NBC Studios. We visited the S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-like control rooms of the building and all the major working sets at Rockefeller Center, including Inside the NBA, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Saturday Night Live in rehearsal where we literally bumped into Cheri Oteri and Molly Shannon (not on purpose, honest, I also knocked this week near Carol Kane and Peter Riegert), Dateline NBC, and much more, including a trippy run through the wardrobe of major Bond fan Conan O`Brien. (One of our marvelous tour guides edits Conan`s Bond spoof materials. Conan, of course, besides his late show, added countless references to Bond as a former head writer for The Simpsons.)

We enjoyed dinner in Manhattan and reminisced about Mr. Bond before viewing an incredible local Bond collection including a tuxedo worn by 007 himself to shoot his gunbarrel sequence, Octopussy`s most alluring outfit, two working Bond pinball machines and phenomenal memorabilia and taped 007 footage from around the world. (For my own collection, I tried on and off all week and was able to score a new Girls of James Bond edition hardback, a chocolate Bond Easter Egg filled with jellied tuxedo bowties, Forrester call sheets, a Slazenger golf ball that was a thoughtful gift from a friend, and exciting contacts for upcoming exclusive stories at Forever! I hereby admit that when sightseeing, I had the urge to steal from the Metropolitan Museum of Art like Brosnan did in Thomas Crown so I could mail it to art lover Bruce Glover, “Mr. Wint”, who was in the first “Crown acquisition” with Steve McQueen, but I didn`t, and I also passed on the first edition LALD offered to me in a third issue dustjacket for $2,750.00, thanks very much. Whew!)

Saturday dawned late with Bond chit-chat and lunch at Artie`s Deli, (what would 007 eat from a delicatessen?) and checking out the famous Mysterious Books and Murder Ink all afternoon, before hitting the streets to see the Forrester crew in action. Cast and crew trucks covered both sides of the long block in front of the NY Hard Rock Cafe. Connery`s camper on site bears the Pennsylvania license plate #XB-14737.

This week`s People magazine shows Connery`s picture from a Park Ave near 68th Street film shoot two weeks ago…One intrepid fan went to the Bronx neighborhood on a Sunday morning where they filmed on the previous Wednesday night, #299 East 158th Street, in the not-so-safe Melrose area. Around 10 a.m. he was there searching for the nearby small building used as Connery`s apartment when a drug dealer`s lookout/spotter was eyeballing him hungrily! He said, “No way I`m returning there if they shoot at night again, daytime yes!”

Interior work on 57th Street highlighted most of Saturday`s work, (last week featured principal work in a closed Yankee Stadium) but we were able to talk with the crew as they grabbed a late meal in front of Planet Hollywood before an all-night shoot. We then traveled to Trump Place high above the Hudson for snacks, archaic Coleco video games and TiVo before dinner, more Bonding and a very late night shootout at the famous Amsterdam Billiards.

**Tri-State area fans are excited to meet you all this month and enjoy the big SC on location himself! Tom Rossi is coordinating efforts and fan meets on location at Finding Connery Watch.

A normally reticent Mayor`s Film Bureau is giving out information without being bothered with press credentials since they are so busy. (Connery`s appearances have up to 200 press photographers from around the world near the filming at one time!) Finding Forrester`s local Columbia Pictures production office may also be reached at 212.462.1650. Another marvelous reference good for almost any NY-made picture is Radioman, an especially kooky but loveable character who hangs around every film shoot in New York, has been cast in several pictures and may have been a key inspiration for Robin Williams` nutty homeless fellow “Parry” in “The Fisher King”. “The Man” is friendly with Tom and has promised goodies from the shoot. Every NY crew loves him! Radioman`s hotline at 212.714.8045 is considered to be 80% accurate for daily updates on all NY shooting schedules for any film event. Finding Forrester has wrapped for now its work in Toronto, Canada, for what likely were exterior scenes of a private school`s campus, but is going strong all around the New York area this month! Send to us at 007Forever your photos, and anecdotes from the shoot!

**Many special and heartfelt thanks go to Bond fans and friends Alan Labouseur, Ben Licht, Don McGregor, Eric Varca, George McGuire, Janine Sherman, Paul Scrabo and George Ann Muller, and Tom Rossi for a rocking good time in the “Big A” with Bond! What better way to warm up for Bond Weekend 2000, the Weekend to “Live and Let Die For,” than a fans` gathering in Bond`s New York City to hunt down Sean Connery on location, who is “Finding Forrester?”

–Matt Sherman formerly resided in New York for most of his life but reserves the right to act like a tourist when he visits.

Sean Connery Watch

Sean and the gang started filming Connery’s latest epic, “Finding Forrester” in Toronto, Canada and around Ontario for the entire month of April 2000. They then headed to New York City between Wednesday, May 3 and Saturday, June 10. (The “Con-Man” only had a total of eight to ten days’ work on New York sets.) We had a peek at the new script draft to help us find “King Connery”.

The majority of Connery’s scenes were lensed inside NY’s Evangelical Seminary on 10th Avenue at West 21st Street in Manhattan. They crew worked briefly on Saturday, May 6 (Matt Sherman’s birthday!) at East 52nd Street on the famous and well-traveled Park Avenue. Later, everyone moved up the avenue for the remainder of the day at the corner of East 68th and Park where the Americas Society’s building doubles as a private school.

Plans to return the following day to the same location shot were cancelled, and a bit more than a day later, the Finding Forrester crew with Connery appeared at Lexington Avenue just south of East 86th Street. Connery’s powerful visage was seen strolling this expanse with multiple reflections of him appearing on shop windows all over the street! He also did night shooting at the subway steps of Jerome Avenue at the 161st Street and 168th Street entrances (way uptown in The Bronx!) and at Yankee Stadium’s garage plus inside a desolate Yankee Stadium on the field without any crowds present. (You don’t want to visit Yankee Stadium to see Connery’s film location, fans, without armed escort unless there is a Yankee game in town at that time with crowds of people present!)

One summer evening, nearby the stadium at 229 East 158th Street, at the playground across the street on Park Avenue in The Bronx, Connery’s double was spotted prepping for daytime shooting. Meanwhile, “Mr. C.” enjoyed his favorite sport of golf at the Deepdale Golf Club in Nassau County, Long Island, just off the Queens, NYC border, and stayed in a rented house nearby in the Great Neck area (home of the Great Gatsby and one-time residence of my grandparents–Matt).

Bond version 1.0 also checked on his son, Neil Connery, who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan near Hunter College (address withheld by request for security reasons). Though few outdoor scenes were done on location on New York streets where the fans could watch the goings-on, much of Finding Forrester was filmed in New York inside many different public school classrooms across Manhattan and The Bronx. Greenwich Village’s private and hoity-toity “The New School” was also a rumored location. (It was hard to follow this crew, they moved so fast! The Mayor’s film bureau kept them moving because press and the public jammed traffic on the New York streets!)

“Forrester” was the senior Connery’s first film shoot in New York since November ‘88 when he visited The Big Apple for his “Family Business” with fellow Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick. Connery gave “the Business” during outdoor shooting in Jericho, Queens; Long Island and Jersey City, New Jersey. We recommend a lovely site, Sean Connery To The Stars which features possible future projects of his; the latest, which he hasn’t signed onto, is called “End Game”. Also keep watch here at 007Forever for the latest Bond and Connery happenings.

Aston Martin DB5 Visits Annual Collectors’ Day

We had a blast at the recent Collectors’ Day in Gainesville, Florida at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Bond fan and Aston enthusiast Gordon Clement drove his silver birch beauty in from Atlanta to show to the several thousand in attendance at this annual event.

Many different collectibles were displayed at the big event, a showcase of personal collectors’ wares for the public. This year’s 007 table was no exception and was filled with excitement as we raced a model Aston and a BMW Z3 around the table and between onlookers legs for a thrill. Gordon brought Aston Martin collectors’ club magazines to the show, which he generously distributed to those in attendance. We set up numerous posters and 007 collectibles plus a TV with the latest DVD releases displaying both Bond films and deleted film scenes for the curious. Even some of the museum’s working volunteers stopped by for an hour or more to watch TV and chat with us during the event!

Outside, Gordon’s phenomenally beautiful DB5 shone in the sun, far and away the hit of the show of all the collectors’ vehicles on display. He generously allowed thrill seekers to examine the interior of the vehicle and even sit inside for special photos. Gordon had plenty of DB5 stories to share, from the time as a child when he rode in the most famous of the Goldfinger cars at breakneck speed, seated next to a car dealer rushing the DB to an event, to the rare event of passing other US Aston drivers on the street. (Apparently, Aston owners always pull over when they see each other on the highway to talk shop.)

Gordon has modified his DB5 for a low-suspension ride that is a real thrill if not downright reckless over speed bumps and around the curves. The Aston is fast. All our Bond group took turns riding shotgun or in the back of this beauty. “Most Bond fans are unaware of Aston Martin’s very lengthy history and racing successes even before the Bond films,” says Gordon. “Astons are incredibly well-designed, carefully crafted and unique works of art.”

The DB5 is simply a beautiful vehicle. Most fans upon seeing the little car in person, even after collecting scale models for years, are surprised at its stunning, provocative lines and sexy, sleek look. From head on in front or straight in back, the Aston seems like a mere small and sporty car. From the side, with its sumptuous looking and mega-wide aluminum panels, the car resembles something otherworldly between a gray battle craft for a navy and a streamlined deco fantasy vehicle of the 1930’s or ‘40s. In other words, the car neatly seems to transform its appearance as it makes a turn around a bend. The Aston is an always head-turning, amazing looking car. Gordon’s BMT 216 and British rear plate plus the car’s authentic silver color added still more to the experience.

A whole day was not enough to learn about the DB5. Bond collectible owners, look at your DB5 models. Did you know the Aston’s headlights are actually deeply recessed and the front eye lenses on the car’s lights are merely protective wind/rain screen covers? No details were forgotten in this prime example of a very fast car merged with the best luxury class car of its day. Numerous celebrities owned Astons before Bond drove one in Goldfinger and the DB5 is still at the pinnacle of pride for its lucky owners. We drove to my home after the event as a group. Gordon was offered six figures and more by a passing rare auto dealer who drove by in a Mercedes!

If you get a chance to see a DB5 in person, indeed any Aston (see related Bond Weekend 2 story) do it. Thanks to the fans who visited with us at the museum and all the Bond collectors in attendance. Special thanks to Gordon for putting many miles on his treasured Aston to share it with all the 007Forever fans. See you at the show next year!

21st Collectors` Day: Our Table Was Not Enough

21st Collectors` Day: Our Table Was Not Enough

“I know you, you are James Bond!” (an auspicious greeting indeed) said a Collectors’ Day coordinator as Michael Kersey and I entered the Florida Museum lot to unload our wares on Saturday morning. Naturally, she was referring to our James Bond memorabilia, but we raised an eyebrow in greeting and continued on our way.

It took but a few minutes to have our table set up with decades of Bondiana including valued first editions, toys, photos of fan events and Bond locations attended around the globe and signed autographs from the stars, binders chock full.

Super-collectors Dan DeKee and Kees Boer met with us for the party and to help greet the thousands in attendance who attended the day to visit collections of all types including Beatlemania, Titanic and Gone With the Wind memorabilia, and more.

We eagerly are looking forward to next year’s meet and Bond Collectors’ Weekend in New Orleans, with more than 100 James Bond specialists in attendance!

–Want to be added to the Collectors’ Mailing List for the third annual Bond Weekend? Send a note to Bond Collectors’ Weekend in New Orleans.

James Bondlist for 02/06/01

**BCW Productions’ Bondlist: February 6, 2001**
“A Community Sharing 007’s Memorabilia, Gossip And News”

In this issue:

*Latest Bond Film News
*Trouble At The Airport
*That’s One Tattoo For Bond, One Book For Benson
*Tim Dalton Drives Wild
*Bond Experts On TV
*007 To Party Hearty
*Bond A Best Buy
*007 Easy As ABC
*Brosnan Doing Either Five Or Six, Like We Always Said
*Christopher Lee Confirmed For French Film Festival
*Collectibles For Sale
*Corgis Make A Splash

**Bond 20 Insider Information

We don’t want to give spoilers but the latest on Bond 20 concerns a certain mad general from a communist country… (As in General Chang of Tomorrow Never Dies? Bruce Feirstein, are you SURE you are not redrafting someone else’s Bond screenplay for the fourth time running?).

For all those writing in to ask where they can visit the Bond 20 set, it will be lensed in South Korea…well, at least it’s not NORTH Korea, 007!

We do have a Bondlist member headed to Korea to check things out and another few friends popping in on the British set in March as well. [Names withheld so please don’t ask.] Meanwhile, Hawaii is set for a teaser or stunt sequence of some type so perhaps Oahu for Bond Weekend V…anyone?

…Would this be a bad time to mention a certain Bond 20’s Gala Brand as heroine (now dropped again) whose name comes from Ian Fleming’s Moonraker? Would it be a bad time to mention that a certain Bondlist member’s treatment
mentioned Gala by name some time ago? And that it further mentioned and highlighted a climatic ice sequence as in the one set to be filmed for Bond 20? No? Great minds think alike!

…Well, then would it be a bad time to mention that BCW’s 007Forever led the charge for the last two years to have a black female lead ala Gloria Hendry and that heading up our list was none other than the obvious choice, Halle Berry, now cast for Bond 20?

…Well, would it be a good time to mention that for several years we have ALWAYS mentioned that Brosnan ALWAYS planned for, and was contract optioned for, a fifth Bond epic? We’ve answered, like, so many emails wondering if Brosnan would quit after GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, etc. (See related story below.)

…Listen, we don’t mind the Bond community sharing rumors, we just want to let you know our rumors are right! 😉

**Cell Phone Guns Discovered!

In a James Bond-style but alarming security twist, it may no longer be safe to reach for your cell phone at the airport security check in. See why at:

**The Man With The Red Tattoo

“He’s got a powerful hardback,
They charge 15 pounds for a shot,
A Bonded author, whose novels are fun,
The name’s Raymond Ben-en-son!”

Raymond Benson’s The Man With The Red Tattoo is due out this May and is taking pre-orders now. Look at these collectible prices:

Tomorrow Never Dies by Raymond Benson: $250 and up
The World Is Not Enough by Raymond Benson: $150 and up
Zero Minus Ten by Raymond Benson: $150 and up
The Man With The Red Tattoo by Raymond Benson: $21 US now if you pre-order, more (much more!) if you wait. The Benson Bonds have skyrocketed in value in a few short years so collect ’em, and enjoy a great read as you do so.
Word on the street is this one’s the best yet.

Raymond Benson was a special part of our Bond Weekend IV in Chicago last year and shared an incredible Q&A session with the fans along with a wonderful Bond mini-concerto at the piano. We hope to see him again soon.

Pre-order your copy of “Red Tattoo” today on amazon and score a limited, beautiful first edition for a discount on the cover price…

**Tim Dalton, Celebrity Roadster

Timothy Dalton has been mentioned to appear in this year’s nationals as as one of the celebrity speedsters. Warning: Do not let this guy drive 18-wheelers or jeeps! They tend to explode when he is around. Check it out:

Thanks to Bondlist member Bob Collins for keeping us informed.

**Bondlist Members On Tube

Congrats to Doug Redenius and Lee Pfeiffer! Bondlist members and super-collectors Messrs. Redenius and Pfeiffer have appeared on TV worldwide recently in conjunction with Bond 20 related publicity and awareness.

Redenius was at Pinewood displaying some of his massive 007 collection for Good Morning America while Pfeiffer had his expert commentary on Bond’s vehicles and gadgets on a recent 007 special for the History Channel. It’s nice to see Bond memorabilia collectors on TV for a change from Katie Couric and WWII footage! Huzzah!

Doug Redenius had his collection on display for enthusiastic fans at Bond Weekend IV while Lee Pfeiffer’s Spy Guise partner, Ron Plesniarski (and family), joined us for a super show and sale at our hotel venue in Chicago the same day. Spy Guise collectibles and our event aired on WGN in Chicago and with local radio and print media as well.

Thanks, guys, and congrats on being on TV, AGAIN. (Sigh!)

**Best Buy’s BIG Bond Blast

Here are excerpts from a recent press release on the most exciting marketing news for Bond 20 we’ve heard…since it was announced Aston Martin defeated BMW! Thanks to Bondlist member Jeff Kehoe for sharing the news:

“MGM Home Entertainment (NYSE:MGM) and Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today announced a long-term strategic alliance to promote the most successful franchise in film history, James Bond…Best Buy Co., Inc. stores, including
Best Buy, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast, On-Cue and Future Shop, will create special Bond-themed environments within the stores to provide one-stop-shopping for consumers and establish the retailer as a premiere Bond retailer…

…Best Buy will support the effort with a multi-faceted marketing campaign including advertising circulars featuring James Bond that will be distributed to 50 million consumers, a Bond-themed sweepstakes and a Best Buy “Fun Zone” technology truck outfitted as a mobile Bond activity center. In addition, Best Buy stores will host the exclusive retail launch of the Bond 20 trailer…”

Wow. A reason to go shopping at the mall! Hard to get that Ericsson T-Shirt from that contest but most of us should get one of the 50 million flyers! (Is it really 50 million flyers or is it 50 million ads in wide-circulation magazines?)

**James Bond, CMDR, MI-6, HDTV, ABC?

Saturdays ABC blasts Bond on the screen with a vengeance, splashing 007 in HDTV format for the lucky fans with the gadgets to handle this technology.

Meanwhile, TBS is battling back with airing the two Bonds whose rights they haven’t lost, Casino Royale (an incredibly underrated film which is half super-insider Bond jokes and half amazingly droll yet savvy political commentary) and Never Say Never Again (only if we’re lucky will the saying stick this time, though Max Von Sydow is perhaps the best Blofeld ever). D’oh!

Here’s the hit parade for Bond in HDTV:

Goldfinger (Connery): Feb. 9
Thunderball (Connery): Feb. 16
You Only Live Twice (Connery): Feb. 23
Diamonds Are Forever (Connery): March 2
Live and Let Die (Moore): March 9
The Man with the Golden Gun (Moore): March 16
The Spy Who Loved Me (Moore): March 30
Moonraker (Moore): April 6
For Your Eyes Only (Moore): April 13
Octopussy (Moore): April 20
**Bond Party To Rock All Night

We’ve heard through the grapevine that a black tie party will accompany Bond 20’s release in the States, featuring a top British deejay and lots of action including appearances by Bond’s newest car and stylish celebrities. Bondlist will keep you informed as details progress.

**Brosnan Plans Two More Bond Films

“From Our WE TOLD YOU SO Department!”

Associated Press, Jan. 11, 2002 17:10:00, LONDON – Pierce Brosnan said he plans to make two more James Bond films, but worries he may be too old to carry on after that.

The 48-year-old said his contract expires after the next Bond film, his fourth outing as Agent 007. Filming on the as-yet untitled movie begins Monday at Pinewood Studios north of London. “I am honoring my contract here but it would be wonderful to do another one. After that, I do not know,” Brosnan said. “It takes stamina to play this role,” he added. “I would like to get off the stage with grace.”

Brosnan has starred in 1995’s “GoldenEye,” 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies” and 1999’s “The World is Not Enough.” Bond’s upcoming adventure stars Halle Berry and British newcomer Rosamund Pike as Bond’s female sparring partners, with British stage actor Toby Stephens – son of Dame Maggie Smith – as the villain. Directed by New Zealand-born Lee Tamahori (“Once Were Warriors”), the film will be shot on locations in Hawaii, Iceland, Spain and London
as well as at Pinewood. It’s scheduled for release late in 2002.

PS…In the BBC news report on Bond 20 Pierce said he’d have honored his contract with Bond 20, but would like to do ‘five, or six’.

**Stars To Visit France For Film Festival

Bondlist member Kevin Collette has great news for us…

…Caroline Munro, Valerie Leon, Ingrid Pitt, Jimmy Sangster and Ray Harryhausen will be appearing at an upcoming event and Star Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings 2 publicity permitting, Christopher Lee highlight the Hammer Films Festival from March 20-24.

See for more. Kevin has proposed the theme for 2003 which the producers loved…Secret Agents!

**Props For Sale

Please write and we’ll pass on your interest in these props to our Bondlist member:

Pierce Brosnan’s screen used dress shirt with COA, $750
TWINE screen-used three Zhukovsky casino chips and a caviar factory label, $500
TWINE Black and white storyboards from a UK source, $300
License To Kill original storyboards, $250
TND and TWINE color limited edition storyboards, $150
**I’d Heard The Prices Of Corgis Was Going Up, But…

And our award for eBay listing of the year to date is…

…”Mega Rare Corgi Rockets No 978 James Bond 007 Gift Set for the Film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Closing auction price: $3,328.79!

You may or not think Lazenby was the best Bond, but his toys are sure among the most expensive! You can buy a real car from ’69 for that price!

**And Now I Must Remove My Gold From The Late Mr. Solo

To be taken away from the magnificent Bondlist (Why? Perish the thought!) please reply to this email with the subject UNBOND. If you are receiving Bondlist as a forward, try to tell us your name or your old mail list address so we know who you are! (Were.) Cheers!

Matt Sherman 007

Bacon #3 Connery #1 JC #0