Brosnan Honored By Irish Hometown

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Pierce Brosnan, Irish star of the James Bond movies, will be honored by his hometown of Navan next week, the town`s council said Wednesday.

“We all admire Pierce and we wish to honor him for his many achievements in film and television… I think it`s fair to say he`s Navan`s most famous son,“ Council Chairman Paddy Fitzsimons told Reuters.

Brosnan, whose latest outing as British spy 007 is in “The World is Not Enough,“ will be accorded civic honors and a reception in Navan on November 11.

Brosnan, 47, was born and grew up in Navan, a small town 30 miles northwest of Dublin with a population of around 18,000 people. The town is the butt of Dublin jokes, immortalized by a hapless backwoods radio character called “Navan Man.“

Fitzsimons said Brosnan, who still has relatives living in the area and whose cousin Donal Reilly has been dubbed 006 by locals, had paid private visits to the town.

“He`s been observed walking the town but we mind our own business here. If a man wants to walk the town, we let him do that,“ Fitzsimons said.

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