Bond Weekend 2001 – Chicago – French Magazine Review

…Join us for BCW5, August 30 – September 2, 2002!

We apologize for anything lost in the translation from the French. This story recently appeared in the French Bond Club’s magazine, “Le Bond” (a word play on the daily “Le Monde”) –Editors

Hello, The weekend of last 21 July proceeded in Chicago the traditional edition of Bond Collectors’ Weekend. Organized by Matt and Janine Sherman (behind the site 007 Forever) and Alan Stephenson of Klaus Ink, this merry event was the occasion for fans to find themselves in the medium of their element, to exchange comments on their actors/films favorites, to emit forecasts on the direction of “Bond 20″, to meet Raymond Benson “in the flesh”, and to visit the impressive collection of vehicles gracefully placed at their disposal by Ian Fleming Foundation.

The Weekend was held in three stages, with making contact in the Presidential Suite of the Senecca Hotel in Chicago, follow-up with a visit to the private workshops of Doug Redenius and the Ian Fleming Foundation the following day, and a meal and official reception on the 95th Floor of John Hancock Tower in Chicago. Promoted as “special guest star” because of his stature as a character in Raymond Benson’s last novel, your servant thus initiated himself with the joys of dedication online, while the erstwhile Raymond Benson was given a photograph dedicated in the name of the author of actress Irene Jacob, direct inspiration of his latest Bond Girl, Tylin Mignonne. We cheer with The Shermans and Alan Stephenson (who cherish already the idea to invade Europe for the fifth edition of its Bond Collectors’ WeekEnd!)

–Story by Kevin Collette

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