Bond Weekend 2001 – Chicago – Fan Comments

What kind of event can you expect from the Bond Weekends? We wanted to share with you comments from attendees at our Chicago 2001 event.

“Dear BCW, My first Bond Weekend has passed, but it will never be over. Having met you…and all of the wonderful people that attended the Collectors’ Weekend I am in awe of the great job that you did in putting it together. For a Bond collector like myself, it was the ultimate Bond experience. I’ve already organized the books that I purchased from you into my personal library, such as it is. It obviously pales in comparison to Doug Redenius’ library, but is just as treasured to me. On the subject of Doug, I have to tell you that the trip to see and actually touch so many of the Bond vehicles in one place was a big thrill for me. And I don’t think that it’s a big secret to anyone who saw me while we were in the room with Doug’s collection that I was literally at a loss for words when we walked through the door. I’m sure that my eyes were practically bulging out of my head. Thank you again for including me in your second tour. The way that Doug opened his collection to all of us and shared the joy that only a Bond collector can appreciate in being near a collection like his was truly magnificent. As if that weren’t enough, the luncheon on Sunday with Raymond Benson was the piece de resistance. Listening to the man who has revitalized the literary Bond and being able to get an insight into the processes that go into writing a Bond novel was exciting. His piano concert was not only a surprise but a rare treat, and talking to him and having him sign his latest novels for me was a real rush. If I haven’t expressed my gratitude and thanks enough to you and everyone who made Bond Weekend 4 the great success that it was let me say again what an awesome experience it was and what a great time I had.”—Joe R., Illinois

“As always you did a fantastic job. The vehicle tour alone was worth the trip, and Raymond Benson was a superb cap to the weekend. Thanks for doing it once again. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment — San Francisco, Key West, Piz Gloria, wherever…I have really come to enjoy these events, and look forward to them. It’s almost an obsession…BCWitis. Not a bad habit to catch.”—Bryan F., Missouri

“…The whole weekend, particularly the vehicles and the Doug Redenius collection, was a bit surreal. BCW and the IFF did a very nice job, and I’m glad all of you thought to come to Chicago for this event. I think the highlight for me was Odd Job’s hat. Thanks again for everything.”—Chris M., Illinois

“Whew! What a weekend. It went so smoothly. Needless to say I was not as prepared as I would have liked for this trip. You, and Dave Reinhardt from IFF were quite generous with your trust. It is very much appreciated. Count on my being at next year’s event. I was just dying to ask Mr. Benson for his advice for prospective writers and when I was chosen to submit my question I realized that I was like a teenager around their idol. I nearly froze. I am passing along his advice to my daughter who is getting into the writing craft. Many thanks to you for a fantastic time.” —Dave D., Tennessee

“Hi. I just had to write you and again say that I had an incredible time this Weekend. The efforts BCW put forth bore amazing fruit. Not in my wildest fan dreams did I ever expect to meet such a great bunch of people who just happen to be Bond fans like I am. Your trivia contest was a lot of fun and challenged me to review my Bond fact and study harder for next year. The bus ride over to IFF was a lot of fun especially with the videos. I am still trying to find the words for Doug’s tour and the vehicles. Doug and all the IFF team were so gracious and genuine in their welcome and conversation. I spent a good deal of my time there in stunned wonder. This tour will be a memory I will go back to daily. And to cap the whole weekend with Raymond Benson in person. What an enthusastic and giving Q and A session?! I have always enjoyed Raymond’s books and this meeting has raised my appreciation. Raymond’s Bond music montage was a jaw-dropping surprise. If he ever starts club dates, let me know. I think you may have gathered that I will be at your next weekend. No details yet and I’m already pumped for it. I keep trying to come up with the best way to express my appreciation for all you and Janine have done. All I can say is, Thank you.”—Vernon P., Illinois

“Dear BCW:

“…Her price is far above rubies.”

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to thank you for putting on such a great event! Despite the fact that I have never been to another “Bond event” of any type I would have to call this an incredible success just based on the quality of everything I was able to be a part of and the amount of fun that I had. I look forward to the possibility of joining you for BCW5 (wherever it might be held) and joining you for other Bond events in the future. My thanks again for all your hard work and for the opportunity to spend some fun time with so many other Bond fans. Take care.” —Jeff P., Iowa

“Hi BCW, The dealer’s room surprised me with how many new and cool things I found there. I figure the things I saw and heard about are going to wind up costing me at least $2,000 before I’m done. So it turned into a bit more expensive weekend than I’d anticipated (though for now, my money’s still safe in my pocket). All the best.”—James M., Illinois

“Dear BCW, I would just like to take a small moment of your time to THANK YOU both for your hard work in organizing and running this weekend’s event! For me, being a first-timer and a novice collector, I truly appreciated how you went out of your way to make my brother and I feel welcome and among friends. I must say that the best part for me was meeting a lot of truly nice people!Please keep me in the know about future events. Again, thank you for putting on a very professional and exciting weekend for us! I know that my appreciative words here can never express my true feelings of thankfulness. God bless you.” —Alan L., Maine

“Hello BCW! I really wanted to thank you very much for an incredible Bond Weekend. Everyone had a blast, on so many levels. Some of my friends said that it was a privilege that I was able to find out about it and attend. Thank God for me that BCW4 came at the time that it did, right before training! You guys did a fantastic job welcoming everyone and having us get to know each other with the different events, the trivia contests (Which are the only 2 films in which Bond does not wear a tuxedo?), a great breakfast, memorabilia show, and the ride over to IFF Headquarters. Really enjoyed all the rare video clips–that was great! Wish I brought a few gems that I have. Doug’s personal collection was indescribable, as were the Bond vehicles. I loved meeting Raymond Benson, Doug Redenius, and all the IFF guys, all of whom were very gracious. But, what really made it great was our group; everyone was so friendly and very passionate about our Bond experience, and I made some new friends. A great group of people you brought together. So I really appreciated meeting you guys and had a terrific weekend. Thanks for keeping in touch with me with all of the latest updates. Thanks again to BCW for a memorable experience and wonderful time. Superb job well done! Take care.”—Dave Z., Illinois

“Just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic time at BCW, and am looking forward to next year. As with BCW #1, it was very nice to finally meet some people in person with whom I had only corresponded via e-mail. I certainly appreciate all the hard work that you went to. (Of course, it’s a bit of a miracle that I was able to get home at all, considering all the books and such that bought from you! My suitcase was extremely stressed, and I’m amazed that it didn’t split in transit. Oh well, I’ll know better next time…) Thanks again for everything.”—Bryan K., California

“Hello BCW, sincere congratulations for your nicely organized Chicago event! I wish we could have stayed…Keep up the good work.”—Kevin C., France

“Both Jana and I had a great time and want to thank you again for all your hard work.”—Niels M., Arizona

“Just wanted to let you know you did a great job this past weekend. I hope we can hook up again.”—Fraser E., Illinois

“Dear BCW, Thank you again for organizing such a nice weekend. The book signing was wonderful and it was a thrill to hear Raymond talk. I hope I am able to attend the event next year. Again, thanks for all your efforts and your hospitality.”—Jim C., Iowa

“Hi BCW! Frank and I just wanted to say thank you for rushing all the information about the Bond Weekend to us. We were glad to be able to fit a visit to the dealers’ room on Saturday and we both walked away with a gift for each other. 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you in the future and it really was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks to Ron of Spy Guise and the representatives from Corgi, I have several ideas for gifts for Frank’s birthday in October as well as Christmas gifts.”—Sandi B., Michigan

“It is very kind of you to consider extension of the convention, making it even longer. I spoke to some people in Chicago, and they all hoped for extension. I will advertise your conventions in Japan as well. The Chicago convention was excellent. And it all comes from your love for Bond? …I cannot say right now that I will attend next year, but I know how much I would miss. In the meantime, I will let you know of any interesting news from Japan…I’m sure you are getting thank you notes from many of those who attended the convention. I enjoyed it to the full…In my articles, I will put emphasis on positive aspects, but I don’t want anything to sound deceptive when I say the convention was absolutely wonderful. A whole lot of good things based only on truth…The convention was of top quality.”—Makoto W., Japan

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