Bond Weekend 2000 – New Orleans – Gala Invitation

For the love of Bond, does millennial fever hold you in its grasp? A year ending in “00” can’t be bad! Save the date of September 29-October 1 for the Weekend to Live and Let Die For! We’ve baited our “butter hook” with 007-ly action in a world hotspot, New Orleans, Louisiana. What more would you expect from the Superdome City but a Super Bond Collectors’ Weekend for fans, by fans!

Wondering if big events are planned for you to meet fellow Bond fans plus 007 celebrities? Well, the third annual Bond Collectors’ Weekend is set to be a blast! Your “fully licensed and bonded” hosts have prepared a sensational time of fellowship, celebrity “chit-chat” and more in the home of Mardi Gras and Southern Decadence. 007 would be proud!

Expect the “human high touch,” great fellowship, great friendships, great conversations…and as with each annual Weekend, great collectibles, celebrities, gifts and opportunities. There will also be free time to enjoy The Big Easy’s big party on your own with friends. Bring the entire family!

Your Bondly Itinerary: The Weekend Is Not Enough!

Friday, September 29, 2000

Noon–6:00 PM, “Meeting you, with a view to a city…”

Your passport to N’Awlins fun begins at our venue, The Queen & Crescent Hotel. (Her Majesty would be delighted at our choice of lodging.) Enjoy the afternoon with your Weekend’s hosts and fellow fans or hit the city, for free time with family and friends. Action fills The French Quarter and Mississippi riverfront around our hotel. Spend time with Bond friends or take the family on a waterfront cruise or to the extensive New Orleans Aquarium and Imax Theatre or the famous John James Audubon Zoo. Perhaps a guided tour of the Superdome suits your fancy instead?

Go aboard the “Streetcar Named Desire” and take the free ferry across the mighty Mississippi to Mardi Gras World or else “Moonraker” fans might want to eyeball free New Orleans School of Glassblowing demonstrations. Don’t forget the St. Charles Streetcar for a trolley ride through the Quarter and the Garden District! All these and more are a few minutes walk from our beautiful hotel and the 007 welcome wagon. Groups arriving early can meet at the hotel for fun or to explore the city throughout the day.

7:30 PM – 11:00 PM, “Just a drink. A martini…”

Meet Bruce Glover on Friday night! (“Mr. Wint” in “Diamonds Are Forever”; “Chinatown”, “The Thomas Crown Affair”, “Johnny Mnemonic”)

We’ll gather at the Q&C’s lounge to meet with Bond friends as the stars shine under the glow of “The Crescent City” along with our sparkling “Diamonds” star, Mr. Bruce Glover. Surprises are on the agenda (but no scorpions) as you meet Mr. Wint, and hear his adventures with everyone in Hollywood from Jack Nicholson to Sean Connery to his famous son, Crispin Glover. Hit the town with 007 friends for fun at night!

Saturday, September 30, 2000

10 AM – Noon, “No, Ma’am…I’m on the economy tour…”

Our group will enjoy a guided tour of the historic Vieux Carre (French Quarter) and its environs. We’ll share “all the time in the world” and visit Louis Armstrong Park near the home of the Jazz great who offered special service to Her Majesty. We’ll be sure to also catch Bourbon Street and a special funeral for a “lucky” CIA man.

New Orleans was the Bohemian home of everyone from vengeful pirates to legendary authors. You’ll be fascinated as we view together famous Jackson Square, the “Solitaire Voodoo Queen”, the outrageous Café Du Monde, Preservation Hall and Pat O’Brien’s, plus the “Court of Two Sisters” (Jill and Tilly Masterson, perhaps?) to name a few stops on our special day. Tour the French Market, a secret of trinkets, Creole tomatoes and gourmet treats, before the big show.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, “Where all the other Bond shows end, this one begins…”

Meet Vic Flick on Saturday! (Lead guitarist for “The James Bond Theme” and “Bond Back In Action”; countless film and recording classics with “The John Barry Seven” and many more)

Meet Jeff Marshall on Saturday! (James Bond’s Artist to the Stars)

Get ready for our annual Sale Day and Swap Meet and bring all your Bond treasures for sale and display! Our special “Live and Let Die For Auction” will feature the talent of Mr. Jeff Marshall, portrait artist to the Bond celebrities and creator of fantastic compositions honoring the Bond legacy. Weekend guests may also arrange for special items to be added to the James Bond auction! Composer and musician Vic Flick will be jamming with us including his unique work on the world’s most famous guitar solo and seven James Bond films from “Dr. No” to “License To Kill”! You’ll thrill to hear of his accompanying great music and film names like Tom Jones, Nancy Sinatra, Burt Bacharach, Diana Ross, and Henry Mancini! Meet Jeff and Vic when you join us at the sale and show for “The Return of Bruno,” “The 0008 Sensation” and other surprises!

1:00 – 4:00 PM (During the Show and Sale), “It’s funny, but I cannot seem to eat while I’m being stared at…”

Traveling with your “Bond man” or Bond fan and want to get away during your Crescent City trip? Enjoy fellowship, one of the best meals in town and fun at The Gumbo Shop, along with the spouses and children of the “die hards” locked in to the Saturday show. At our inaugural Bond Widows and Orphans Luncheon, great times await your traveling companions too pooped to party with Bond!

4:30 – 6:30 PM, “Welcome to my world crisis…”

Meet producer/actor/director/writer Dean Williams, as he hosts the world premiere of his superspy/super spoof documentary sending up Bond’s world, “A Pepper For Tomorrow”. Along with “APFT” enjoy our other film classics, including “Wilson Chance, 00-?” in “The Man With The Golden Eye” and more fun surprises. See classic footage not shown anywhere else!

7 PM – ?, “This is the part I like best…feeding time…”

Since our man James loves jazz and all things French the best, you’re in for delightful free time in New Orleans with friends and family! Condé Nast travelers rate NO’s cuisine as better than dining out in New York or Paris, so Anne Rice’s city is certainly a good place for a delicious “bite” before you explore the nightlife. The Queen and Crescent Hotel is walking distance for you to “Bam” it at Emeril Lagasse’s, sip turtle soup at Paul Prudhomme’s world famous “K-Paul’s Kitchen”, or grab local color with Creole and Cajun at any one of a hundred restaurants in The Quarter. Options abound! New Orleans is famous for seafood, and we heartily recommend the “Fillet of Soul!”

For a meal or quick snack or drinks, the Hard Rock Café or even Planet Hollywood may tempt you, with its rotating displays of movie memorabilia. A giant “You Only Live Twice” gun, Sean Connery’s suit from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, Julius Harris’ fancy “Live and Let Die” suit, Don Adams’ gun from “Get Smart”, Peter Sellers’ (“Evelyn Tremble” in “Casino Royale”) coat from “Being There” and much more await photo opportunities!

After dinner, enjoy a stroll and fine shopping at Riverwalk or suit up in Brioni at Rubenstein Bros., and don’t forget to catch the 24-hour action including the free of charge nightly Mardi Gras Parade and Musical Revue at Harrah’s Casino. Will it be Baccarat, 21 or “Plenty of” Roulette, 007?

Sunday, October 1, 2000

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, “Just being disarming, darling…”

Meet Gloria Hendry on Sunday! (“Rosie Carver” in “Live And Let Die”; “For Love of Ivy”, “Black Belt Jones”, “Lethal Charm”)

Stroll with us on our way to an incredible afternoon high above the city! We’ll dine at the fabulous Kabby’s Restaurant, 30 stories above New Orleans with a dramatic view of the Mississippi. Enjoy gourmet specialties at the place named Best Jazz Brunch by New Orleans Magazine. Andouille gumbo, duck with cane syrup, jambalaya and cioppino bourdin accompany omelettes and belgian waffles made to order, prime rib, crawfish and shrimp. Did we mention a champagne buffet with all the above and more await the Bond Weekend fans? Good times, more fellowship and your personal meeting with “Rosie Carver”, the amazing Gloria Hendry, are on tap before heading for home!

Today, “Twenty-Double-Oh” (2000)

“Sign up today to join the party!”

From N’Awlins With Love, Your Weekend Hosts:

Matt & Janine Sherman of “Not Stirred Collectors”
Alan Stephenson of “Klaus Ink”
Michael Kersey of “007Forever”
Steve & Kathy Kulakoski of “For Your Eyes Only Books”
Bond Collectors’ Weekend 2000: The Weekend To Live and Let Die For!

Weekend Registration Cost: $150 per person, includes: your intimate time with the 007 stars, paid admission to the Sale and Trade Show, a guided tour of the city, bidder’s/seller’s auction number for Saturday’s big event, admission to all Collectors’ Weekend films and shows, official Bond Weekend 2000 Registration Packet, Weekend gift, hospitality and surprises with Mr. Bond’s friends and fans. Space is limited! Sign up today to meet Bond friends from across the US, Canada and Europe in New Orleans this September!

Contact Bond Weekend 2000 Headquarters to register in the US or Europe and to secure lodging next to your fellow fans at our lovely venue, The Queen & Crescent Hotel.

This hotel with lovely rooms is available to us at $99 double occupancy ($70 off nightly from their $169 rate that weekend! For a comparison the Holiday Inn is $110 that Weekend, this is the best rate to be found in The Quarter/CBD that weekend and a super deal. Call [toll free] 800.205.7131 and ask for your Bond Weekend 2000 block room. You are not obligated to stay at the Crescent to participate in the Weekend.)

We also offer discounted travel arrangements to fly, train or Aston Martin or bathysphere to New Orleans! (Be careful with those taxi drivers imported from New York, 007! Use our discount shuttle service from the airport instead!) Call or write with your group booking questions!

Registration payment needs to be made payable by DATELINE EXTENDED! JOIN NOW! and will be non-refundable after that time. A $15 late fee for processing will be applied for registrations postmarked after that date. Itinerary is subject to change. Please contact the hosts to arrange your display/dealer tables for Saturday’s show or any other needs or concerns. Call, write or email us for more information or with any questions!

Write to us with questions or send registration per person, PAYABLE to MATT or JANINE SHERMAN at:

Matt & Janine Sherman
Attn. Bond Weekend payment
2711 NW 42 Place
Gainesville, Fl 32605, USA

Call with questions: (USA) 352.372.5094

Email: Bond Weekend 2000 Headquarters.

Some unsolicited comments from the second annual Bond Collectors’ Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada:

“…I brought back a lot of memories from the BCW in Las Vegas and I have to tell you again how much I appreciate all that you did as hosts, can`t wait for next year.”

“The most important part of collecting Bond is the friends you meet along the way…what`s the use in having Bond stuff, if you can`t share it?”

“How many Bond fans get to talk with “Plenty O`Toole,” Lana Wood, in Las Vegas’ “The Riviera Hotel” about the movie “Diamonds Are Forever?” How cool is that?”

“My collection got a lot of new plus very rare items! I also want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Lana Wood and my now good friends, guests Don and Marsha McGregor!”

“I enjoyed Bond Weekend 1999 tremendously.”

“I had a great time in Vegas. Thanks for the Collectors’ Weekend. I will treasure the items I purchased over the Weekend, not due to value, but the memories that I have of the Weekend.”

“I wanted to tell you again what a great time I had over the 1999 Bond Weekend. It really was so much fun to get to see old friends and make new ones…so many people mentioned to me that they had a really good time and I wanted to let you know…next time for sure!”

Thanks in advance, Bond fans, for forwarding this story to your lists! Questions? Comments? Need a Bond Weekend 2000 banner graphic to place on your website? Write us at Bond Weekend 2000 Headquarters. See you in New Orleans, 007!

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