Bond Puzzle Secreted: Or Is It?

My new book is out today at Amazon, and other fine outlets. Although it is on a subject touching Bond incidentally, as pool and billiards are exclusively seen in Goldfinger and The World Is Not Enough, nevertheless, I saw fit to hide inside the Picture Yourself Shooting Pool book and DVD a 007-themed puzzle, which Bond fans may solve to win prizes. Call it a “labor of love…”

I am offering sets of Bond prizes to anyone able to read the puzzle printed below and solve the cryptic 007 mystery.

“PERHAPS IF I HAD BEEN ABLE TO READ THIS BOOK before my untimely “accident” in Diamonds Are Forever, I would not have drowned in the pool…

Pun intended…”

– Lana Wood
Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds Are Forever

…While I’m sure you’ll like page 147 of Picture Yourself Shooting Pool, “Diamonds Are Forever” or page 61, “Now Pay Attention, 007”, answer me this, “Who Captured James Bond?”

Chapter 16: The Harder They Fall

James Bond cleared his throat before lighting his first gold-tipped Morland of the afternoon. 007 mused over his options as his smoke drifted lazily toward the ceiling of his hotel room. Blofeld had a high opinion of himself, too high, if you asked Bond.

How was Blofeld building his game? How on earth was he maintaining his personal round table of villainy this time?

It all came down to the century of money, the 1900’s. Green was its color, and it was an effective winding sheet, too. From that time, it was a simple matter of counting correspondence going forward. Sixty (or four times fifteen) gave the score, thought Bond.

Later on, (just a mere page later in our narrative) Bond knew that finding Bob Meucci could yield much the same information. This time it was five steps forward of fifteen missives each from Meucci to the skilled ones.

Another page passed and Bond was willing to pay lots of money for one tip. But 007 discovered nearby that what you’re used to playing with could also lead you to form a false opinion.

In that false opinion, taken from the top, Bond counted letters, four down, three down, three down, five up, one up to know who he was dealing with. His capture was imminent.


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